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02/28/2013 - 3:33pm To be fair, FSU did lead for

To be fair, FSU did lead for Blanding for awhile before FSU lost almost their entire defensive staff.  Not sure any FSU insider thought Blanding was an option after Stoops left.  I'm just glad he isn't a Buckeye.  I would like for Michigan to get more of a presence in the 757.

02/12/2013 - 9:25pm I don't think we're close...

We still very much lack natural pass rushers on this team.  Ojemudia is still at least another full year and half away from contributing effectively.  Taco is the one I'm looking forward to seeing.

02/12/2013 - 6:15pm Not sure.  I do think

Not sure.  I do think Michigan is starting to get personnel to give them the opportunity to be more 3-4.  I don't think it'll happen formally.  Mattison, I believe, wants to become more multiple. I could very well see more of a 3-4.  I see a heck of a lot more 5-techs on this roster than 9-techs.

02/12/2013 - 6:11pm Well

No one is saying that he's a super recruit.  I don't think he's ever going to be a top 5 DT.  But, some staffs DO get on prospects earlier than others do.  That fact doesn't cease to be the case just because "under-the-rader" recruites are becoming rarer.

02/12/2013 - 5:49pm Funny...

It's funny how different people can see different things on film.  My thoughts are almost precisely the opposite.  I think he uses his hands very well but doesn't seem to have great speed or quick-twitch ability.  He looks more like a plugger to me than a penetrator.

02/12/2013 - 5:44pm The "Michigan got in early on

The "Michigan got in early on a prospect who was on the verge of blowng up" is essentially accurate.  Mone has slowly been adding better offers as time goes on, and Michigan got in on the ground floor.  You're not seeing SEC power exactly knocking down his least not yet.  You seem to take it as an insult to get on a kid early.  I think precisely the opposite is the case.  A good recruiting staff can evaluate talent.  Your chances at landing a prospect dramatically improve if one can identify talent and develop relationships early.  You really do not want to use other programs staffs as your evaluators.  That typically doesn't work out in the longrun (unless you are Alabama and they are famous for doing it).  

I personally don't see much of the Mike Martin comparison as I think Mike was more athletic than Mone but Mone is a LOT bigger.  If they stood next to each other, you'd wonder how they could be playing the same position.

02/12/2013 - 5:38pm Good pickup

I agree that it looks like we got in pretty early on a guy that is going to start garnering some bigger offers.  I like his size and his use of hands is surprisingly good.  I don't see great athleticism on film and he doesn't look like a penetrating type DT at the next tackle.  I see him as more of a 2-gap player that would fit in well  on a 3-4 team.  At Michigan, I think he's a 1-tech all the way.  Looks strong as an ox, and a guy that is going to maintain leverage.

02/10/2013 - 5:11pm We have a great shot at

We have a great shot at McDowell.  We have very, very little shot at Hand.  As of right now, Hand is a VTech/Bama battle with VTech as his leader.  Everyone else is WAY back.  Things can change, but people are getting their hopes up on him probably isn't wise.

02/07/2013 - 9:30pm Blanding

Blanding's a great player that the Michigan coaching staff likes a lot.  I think they will push for him.  Right now, he's a pretty heavy Virginia/FSU lean, but things can always change.  He wants to commit very in this spring, so Michigan better act fast if they want to get in the game.  I'm less plugged into the Brown recruitment.

02/07/2013 - 9:25pm Wow...

Do you guys honestly think this is any different than what the commitments of any other school are doing?  All these kids are doing the same thing at every school.  Some of you act as if you started following recruiting yesterday.

02/07/2013 - 9:19pm Well

While it may be an "opinion" that Hand is not going to end up at Michigan, it is a VERY sensible one.  I would be utterly shocked if he ended up anywhere other than Virginia Tech or Alabama right now. Does Michigan have a shot?  Sure.  But, we are WAY, WAY behind right now in his recruitment and that is not merely an opinion.

01/30/2013 - 9:49pm Very skeptical

Which coaches SPECIFICALLY visited Da'Mario from Alabama, FSU, and Georgia? I'm 99 percent sure that at least 2 of those schools did not have any coaches in the state over the last 2 weeks.

12/30/2012 - 10:11pm I've been talking about the

I've been talking about the FSU momentum in regards to McQuay for sometime.  It's going to be close.

12/19/2012 - 9:41pm Not surprised by this at all.

Not surprised by this at all.  The hire at Pruitt at FSU is what is causing the delay.

12/18/2012 - 12:03pm Not a fan of those uniforms

Not a fan of those uniforms at all, but I've always despised our move from maize to electric yellow.  I'm surprised more traditionalists don't complain about the very fundamental problem of Michigan no longer wearing its true colors uniform design or not.

12/18/2012 - 11:57am As mentioned before, I feel

As mentioned before, I feel he ends up at FSU.  We will see what happens.

12/15/2012 - 4:12pm No, I don't know everything.

No, I don't know everything.  Just letting you know my opinion.  

12/15/2012 - 3:04pm OK, I didn't mean to say that

OK, I didn't mean to say that McQuay isn't interested in Michigan.  He is.  I would put Michigan as the 4th most likely school for him to land at right now.  

12/15/2012 - 1:57pm McQuay...

I don't believe Michigan is/was ever a very serious player for McQuay.  I think that until somewhat recently it was a Vanderbilt/USC battle.  However, I would not at all be suprised now if he ended up at FSU.

1.) It is in-state and there are many people around LM3 that would like to see him stay closer to home.

2.) While it hasn't been very widely reported, he was extremely impressed with his official visit to FSU.

3.) While FSU losing DC/DB Coach Mark Stoops to the Head Coaching job at Kentucky set FSU back in their recruitment of McQuay, the persistent rumor is that FSU will be hiring Alabama DB Coach Jeremy Pruitt.  Saban considers Pruitt a future star in the industry and he's one of the top 5 assistant coach recruiters in the United States.

4.) There has not been a lot of contact between McQuay and the Michigan coaching staff recently.

07/24/2012 - 10:42pm I like this commitment a

I like this commitment a lot.  We have been on the outside looking in for both Fuller and McQuay for quite some time.  Waiting any longer would have most likely resulted in us getting a much lesser player at CB than Douglas.  And Douglas is a pretty darn good player in his own right.

07/24/2012 - 10:33pm Careful about homerism...

A couple of things:

The Elite 11 is not chosen by Trent Dilfer alone.  It is a collaborative effort of all the QB coaches at the event.  It is inaccurate and unfair to blame Dilfer alone if you disagree with Shane being left out of the Elite 11. 

The Elite 11 is a "process-oriented" camp, and from what I've read, Shane is a "results-oriented" QB prospect at this point (not a good thing). 

Good process + Good result = Expected.

Good process + Bad result = Bad Luck.

Bad process + Bad result = Expected.

Bad process + Good result = Luck.

From what I've heard and read, Shane made a ton of good throws at the camp but repeatedly went to the wrong place with the ball.  It may have looked good to some scouts but not the coaches.  Making a throw to the wrong place is generally NOT what you want a QB to do even if his physical skills will sometimes allow him to get away with it.  When you have success by making the wrong decisions and reads, you are typically getting lucky.  I think that's what happened here at least from the coaches' point of view.  This is what I've read anyway.  I'm sure it will not change opinions.


07/10/2012 - 10:04pm Hoke's policy is not typical..

Most major programs do not have the "no visit" policy.  There are advantages and disadvantages to it.

07/10/2012 - 9:55pm As others have mentioned...

This type of event does not a suit a player like McCray.  He's not going to wow anyone with he speed and athleticism running around in a 7on tournament.  I really don't think his performance out in Oregon should affect his rating.  You want to see this kid in pads taking on and shedding blocks.  What COULD affect his ranking, though, is the fact that he's only 6'1".  He is a lot smaller than most of us believed he was.  I'm not familiar enough with McCray on film to tell you whether his lack of size will have much of a negative effect on his college career, but I do know scouts are pretty sensitive to kids who end up being a lot smaller than their HS coaches report. 

07/10/2012 - 9:47pm Take a look at 247's

Take a look at 247's evaluation.  They say he is more athletic than people give him credit for which presumes that people don't think he's all that athletic.  Not sure where you get the idea that virtually everyone says he has high athletcism when 247's scouts believe they are going against the grain by calling him athletic.  I think he's going to be a really good player.  I just wanted to mention what I think is the chink in his armor.  I only mention it because I often see a ton of completely biased homerism when evaluating recruits.  If you see good quick twitch athleticism on film, I suppose we are looking at different players.  I'd say it's his biggest weakness (he doesn't have many).


"He reads the play and is more athletic than people give him credit for, and is one of those guys that if you go to a camp or see him at a 7-on-7, maybe he is not as high on your list, but you put him in pads and you can really see this guy having a great college career and playing a lot in the National Football League." 

07/10/2012 - 9:16pm Maybe..

He probably runs the 40 yard dash a full second and half faster that Erik Anderson.

07/10/2012 - 9:11pm Not to piss on parade...

Farrell's review of Charlton matches what other guys who were at the event told me.  Take it for whatever it's worth.  It shouldn't be surprising, though.  It had already been well known and well demonstrated that Taco is not very good right now from a technical standpoint.  However, he's got a nice frame and good athleticism (not a "freak" as some above have stated.  That term is overused).  Let's just say athleticism is one of his strengths, and he's one of the most athletic DE's in Ohio this year. 

His review of Shane is a bit perplexing to me.  I would agree that he had the best arm strength at the camp, but I'm not generally a huge fan of Shane's mechanics.  His relatively low release point and pushing motion can sometimes lead to inconsistency.  It leads to great days (Columbus) and very average days (Dallas).  With that type of release, you are not sure what you are going to get on a given day.  That said, he was probably the most physically gifted QB there along with Max Browne.  I thought Hackenberg looked the smoothest and threw the best deep ball, but he made a ton of poor decisions.  Speaking of mechanics, Browne has precisely the opposite problem that Shane has -- very high release point and an exaggerated over the top motion (very slow).  It's a similar problem to what current Florida State QB EJ Manuel had when he came out of HS.  Both Shane's and Max's problems with mechanics are fixable with good coaching and a lot of hard work.

07/10/2012 - 8:49pm Chink in his armor

If there is a chink in Bolden's armor, it's definitely his athleticism.  He's not really a quick twitch athlete and is a bit stiff in the hips.  Not sure how Helmholdt or others could miss that on film.  That said, he's not a bad athlete, just not a great one.  I think he could be really good.