OT- Ezekiel Elliot suspended 6 games

Submitted by 615Wolverine on August 11th, 2017 at 12:14 PM
Let's add this to Urbans resume, he will probably appeal it and get 4 games



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This has been going on forever obviously, but in fact I'd bet it's actually happening less now than in the past. Why? Because it's only really been the last 30 years or so since striking a woman has been taboo. Want proof of that? Watch movies made in the 40's and 50's--it was routine, that if a woman was "hysterical" the man would slap her. No one thought twice about it. 


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Exactly my point. Domestic violence is a huge, enduring, major issue that needs to be addressed much more vigorously. However, to treat it as some kind of "new issue" or "current epidemic" is to ignore the progress that has been made, while still acknowledging the work that needs to be done. It was not long ago that husbands could do virtually anything to women in this country without repercussions. In large parts of the world, they still can and do. 


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"it was routine, that if a woman was "hysterical" the man would slap her. No one thought twice about it. "

She would come around and stop acting hysterical after the slap thereby reinforcing the act of the slap was a good thing for her.

I've never hit my wife or any other woman.  I never saw my dad hit my mom.  I never heard any rumor of either grandfather hitting my grandmothers.  I'd like to go back in time and find out when any of my ancesters hit women.  Then I'd risk the grandfather paradox.


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A person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving a certain image, or counter-image, to the point where it is obviously contrived. Rather than achieving an image through genuine personality, the try-hard consciously attempts to fit a certain style through deliberate imitation, forced style, or scripted behavior. That is to say, he/she is trying hard to create an image.


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Yeah, not to mention the text messages of her asking her friends to lie to the cops about it. Also a sworn affidavit from the girl's friend saying it was untrue.

I already think Elliot is a slimebag, but I'd really like to see what Goodell found that the police didn't


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But I was surprised that the NFL is allowed to operate outside the normal judicial system and form their own investigations.  I mean, it's not any diffiernt than what the University did against Brendan Gibbons, but I guess I never really thought about the legal implications at the time.