The New Yorker on Harbaugh and the Mania of Michigan Football (Also, swap your own stories)

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A nice New Yorker story on the writer's experience of finding another UM alum in post-civil war Mozambique, which leads into a profile on Harbaugh's summer.

I've traveled the world and have had several experiences with other UM people:

  • I met the UM glee club at the top of Table Mountain in South Africa this summer
  • I ran into a couple players in Paris a couple years ago
  • Watched games with people in places like Costa Rica and Istanbul

Anyone else have awesome encounters/stories?



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a slight stretch but related....a good friend of mine (Auburn alum) lives in rural northern Alabama.  I took him to a UM:ND game (under the lights II - the sequel) and got him some Michigan gear for that trip.  A few weeks later at Halloween he was passing out candy at a church-sponsored trick or treat while wearing his "M" cap.  After he handed some candy to a ~ 5 year old boy, the boys mother prompted him saying "What do you say to the nice man for the candy?" to which the little boy replied "Go Blue!"


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I've watched Michigan games in at least a dozen different countries, sometimes in bars or hotels at the strangest times of day, and have always found others doing the same. It's a weird cult... 


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Michigan and its fans = religion

OSU and its fans = cult



That's at least what I've been telling my 14 year old nephew.  


His grandparents, from my brother-in-law's side bought him an OSU sweatshirt when he was like 10...  (They have to affilition).... We were down in Sarasoto, FL all visiting at my parent's place, when I ran into him wearing it.  Well, it seems my dad had already gotten a glimps of that and knew that was not going to go over well with me at all!  So, he him pulled him aside and coached him on to respond to my reaction.... well it took $60, but I got that damn sweatshirt off of him.  Was going to burn it, but just gave it to good will.


PS: He just got forwarded that article

True Blue in CO

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Always get a "Go Blue!" when I am out on my road bike wearing a Michigan Cycling Jersey. Will wear a Michigan shirt while touring in Rome in 2 weeks and it will be fun to see what responses I receive.

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The hatred is real. I went to undergrad in Ohio and had full beer cans thrown at me on multiple Saturdays while walking down the street wearing an M jersey.

I wasn't in the strip mall taken to its logical conclusion that is Columbus! There a girlfriend of mine went to a game in a PSU jersey and was slapped in the face by a man before a game for the offense.


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But then another day at the local market the girl ringing me up noticed my M shirt and asked if I was a fan. I told her i'm die-hard what about her? She said no. I said there is still time to convert you


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I found Istanbul to be a delightful city, and I'll be disappointed if I never get to go back. Is this a joke that I just don't get? Or do you have a personal problem you need to work through?

Or are you an Eastern Roman Emperor and still sore about 1453?


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So please, noooo politics either way on this.

It was the 2011 OSU game, and it was something like 10p, which is basically past everyone's bedtime in the old city. I wandered around looking for bars to watch the game, which is not very easy in an Islamic country. Finally in a completely dark and quiet alley, I overheard some cheering. I followed the sporadic cheering until I finally found a bar that was open, and sure enough, there were about 8 people, 5 of whom were UM fans watching the game.

You can find UM people everywhere.


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Went to a small lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  Sure enough a family of Michigan grads in the same lodge, from Dexter.  Had a great time chatting with them over those next 4 days.


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I was at a bachelor party down in Port St Lucie, watching my beloved Mets.  I had an LSA shirt on (which was from probably around 2002, that shirt has held strong) and as i was in the warmup area by the players, a man looked to me and said "Go Blue!" We spoke for a little, it turns out he's the current Dean of Students for LS&A and was invited by the Wilpons. 

I also met David Cone (Yes our beloved White Rapping QB) in Atlanta once as well.  Very nice guy, super chill to talk to.


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Great article! She managed to squeeze a ton of anecotes and information all in a well-written peice.

P.s. I got a go blue! On the street in Dublin. Also it seems pretty much every time I'm in an American airport and wearing apparrel, which is usually my go to with at least a hat or t-shirt while traveling it happens.