My son was admitted to Michigan!

Submitted by RGard on December 19th, 2015 at 2:31 PM

We got back from seeing Star Wars and my son read his email and found out he was admitted to UofM, LSA!  We wants to be a microbiologist.

I'm thrilled, if he decides to go to Michigan he will be the 4th generation in our family to go there.  

We're out of state (VA) so paying for this will be problematic, but he is applying for scholarships.

I suspect he would rather attend William and Mary or UVA, but hopefully he'll...




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Amazing, congrats to both you and your son!


On the other hand, my sincere condolensces go out to you, your checkbook, and any vacations you might otherwise have taken between now and 2026... ;-)

Blue Durham

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I was also out-of-state from '79-'83 (engineering) and I recall the tuition being a little more than $1600/semester. I recall getting bills in each of the 3 months of each semester for about that.

Virginia is a great state to have kids to send to college. UVa, Virginia Tech, William and Mary, James Madison, and a few others are really great schools for the money in state.

A great way for your son to get a great education and not break the bank, while still attending Michigan is for him to do undergrad in Virginia and then get a masters at UM. For all departments in LSA grad programs waive tuition and they pay for the grad student for teaching.

I live in NC but have been in Madison Heights (across the James River from Lynchburg) the past few months. This and Charlottesville are very pretty.


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I was there from '79 to '83 as well (I hope you too saw AC at the Indiana game).  

He can't go wrong with William and Mary or UVA and then off to Michigan for grad school.  He wants to do research as an undergrad and he can get that at both those schools.  His research now in HS (it's our county's STEM school) is working with cold resistant Ecoli.  Nobody here has had the shits so I guess he's doing it right,

Being totally selfish, I was hoping to have an excuse to attend all the Michigan home games next year.  Of course...I may not have the money for gas then!  :-)

Blue Durham

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That is some interesting stuff, no wonder his is interested in microbiology (I knew a few students that majored in Cellular and Molecular Biology now that I think of it).

You are absolutely right that your son can't go wrong with UVa or William and Mary. Both are great schools in a great environment. You can't ask for any more given the in-state tuition.

Uggghhh, I was at the Indiana game. Saw every play but the last 2 or 3. Being a freshman Chem. Eng. major, I worked all of the time (and was very stressed) and couldn't go to all of the games, and when I did, I had to study after the game. So given the situation, and the fact that (1) it could be difficult to get out of the stadium and thus cost time, and (2) I was frustrated that we were tied with that terrible team, I exited
a minute early.

Heard the ROAR of the stadium when I was just approaching the fence/gate - and couldn't believe that they pulled it out. I knew they did, just not how until I got back to the dorm.

Autocracy Now

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I'm an alum and Michigan is a great school, but so is UVA. Assuming he was also accepted there, the difference in tuition makes it a tough choice. Good luck!

edit: And the same for goes for William and Mary, actually. I always forget it is a public school.


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Congrats...great news.

Both my sons went through engineering at Michigan and I still remember how happy we were when the letters announcing their acceptances were least until tuition payments were due as we were OOS.

Michigan is one of those places that wonderfully hooks you for life.  I have seen that block M in off the wall locales throughout the world, and it never fails to excite me and make me proud.


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I'm in VA also, wife got into VCU/MCV but we are both Californians, it's a great experience to experience another part of the country. We are headed back home after 8 years here, VA is not for us.


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But hard to follow. Our daughter received her acceptance e-mail (how different from the days of the 80s when we attended), but seems set on going out-of-state. Difficult to keep my mouth shut about the $40k per year that I will save, but we've made it pretty clear that it's her choice.

And to lose those season tickets? Painful.


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I love Michigan, but if you live in VA you should go to UVA (unless you get a scholarship). Save the tuition money for a house down payment or grad school (at Michigan, where you'll more likely get money)

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From one M dad to (hopefully) another, congrats! And I know that UVa and Bill and Mary are excellent schools, but when your kid gets a chance to attend your alma mater, you have to convince him to Go Blue. I absolutely cherished all four years my daughter was in Ann Arbor, even when I was making those (OOS) tuition payments. Worth every penny, I have to say. Best of luck to your son on his decision, and on his college career!

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