The MSU Dam is Breaking - Trustee Calls on Simon to Resign

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I know we've been following this closely, moreso b/c its MSU, but maybe Simon isn't going to survive this after all.  Per a just-released article on ESPN, MSU board member Mitch Lyons said: 

"I do not agree with our statement of support for President Simon," Lyons said. "As I expressed repeatedly to fellow board members during our discussion Friday, I don't feel that President Simon can survive the public outcry that has been generated by this tragedy and even less so after hearing the testimony of these brave survivors of Larry Nassar's abuse. I feel that our best recourse is for President Simon to resign immediately."

The first victim to disclose this abuse had this to add: 

"No one at Michigan State has listened since 1997, and still no one is listening. It leaves me so concerned for that campus and for little girls everywhere. If they are unwilling to listen, this is not going to change."

Maybe some more heads will roll.  Seems like a lot of people should be out of a job and looking for defense counsel on this.  

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Bad Ju-Ju all the way around.  Perhaps justice is headed to MSU.  




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I thought he was one of her big defenders. If he is saying this (and Breslin is not running again) it's only a matter of time until she resigns.


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"Sane" is maybe stretching it.  Lyons is the guy who leaked the MSU football sexual assault whistleblower's identity.  Also facing misdemeanor assault charges from last year.

And is also not running in the fall, because the state GOP would really rather not have these two running anymore.

I mean, credit for the statement, but it was a seriously low bar.


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MSU's leadership needs to be launched into Neptune.

Boyce, however, is no longer holding out hope that MSU president Lou Anna Simon will be on hand to witness her testimony. Boyce said she introduced herself to Simon during the president’s brief appearance in court on Wednesday and asked her for a personal favor. I would really like for you to come when I give my statement, she told Simon. I want you to hear it in person. “And she said, ‘Depends,' ” Boyce recalled in an interview with The Athletic on Thursday. “ 'I don't know if I can fit it into my schedule.'


Lemke (the Spartan gymnast who confronted Simon), all 5-foot-1 of her, ended her gripping testimony with a fiery warning: “Larry, I hope you, Lou Anna Simon, Kathie Klages, John Geddert and all of USAG are scared,” Lemke said. “Because you have pissed off the wrong army of women.” This no longer seems to be about simply finding peace and healing.  The residual anger was palpable from many who addressed the courtroom on Thursday. These women want consequences and accountability. Several levied indictments toward Michigan State and decried the university’s lack of action. People were told, complaints were filed, and yet Nassar was allowed to continue. Why?


The more you hear about this story, the more you want to burn MSU to the ground.  And I would say the same for Michigan if we are ever 1/10th as awful as MSU is being right now in a similar situation.  The only upside here is that there's some hope for the future when you see 21 year old girls ovarying up and showing the intergrity and character that the supposed leaders at their school so utterly lack.


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I saw a pic of Otis Reese and Harbaugh on instagram and man I think that visit went well. He looks jacked and ready to play now. And those jerseys look sweet. Too lazy to link it but just thought I'd share that w you guys.


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Lol I mean true but 90% of the topics today were all of the same. It would've been better if we had an open thread of this msu/asshole nassar shit and just let the facts and opinions roll there. So I guess if I had to thread jack a thread, I really didn't have too many options.

Btw, I'm assuming you were jokin but I definitely have no sympathy for this POS and anyone else involved (I.e msu). But yea I prolly could've used better judgment but whatever shit happens


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Lol? There’s nothing funny about what you just did. While I love Michigan football as much as anyone, this is the kind of garbage that needs to stop. I know there are almost no other threads on which you could choose to share your little tidbit of information but really?! Your tidbit was MORE important than the discussion about the deepening quagmire that is MSU right now? The reason crap like Larry Nassau and MSU happens is because we as a society don’t pay enough attention when victims speak.

“But yea I prolly could've used better judgment but whatever shit happens”

Yeah, you could’ve used better judgement but this shit should never happen and that starts by not undermining the discussion so you can talk about football. I’m sorry if this seems dickish but man was that really poor form.


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Btw sensitive one, the "lol" was admission that I shouldn't have thread jacked this thread and it was more of a "yea what an idiot". Don't be such a tough guy on a message board and don't lecture me about today's society. Yes you are a dick and a very ignorant one.


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Listen, I’m not trying to be an internet tough guy. All I am saying is the sooner we stop making light of situations like this, intentionally or not, the sooner we stop having them. I take it a little bit personal because I have a niece who is an aspiring Olympic gymnast and she could’ve easily been a victim of this monster. That’s all I was trying to say. Perhaps I could’ve said it better. I’m all good if you are.


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First concern is that Simon won’t survive public outcry? Shouldn’t have been on the board’s minds yo begin with. Only the lack of leadership at the university and how it led to a horrific era of despicable crimes.


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Someone in Mitch’s family or circle finally got to Him and said he has to bail now (and first) if he wants to survive this on just a personal level, let alone business. His company does financial planning here in W MI, and he stands to lose much by going down with the trustee boat. #burnalltheboats

Didn’t see him as the first one to do or say the right thing. Just very unfortunate that it took this kind of outcry to do it. Should have been done a long, long long time ago.

Time to see how much grace he is afforded by the survivors and the watching public for his statement/decision, or if it ends up being a little too late. Still a CYA move imo.


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I don't see very much grace in his future from them.  He says she should resign because she'll never outlast the public outcry.  That's a long way from saying she - and the BoT - botched the entire ordeal - which is closer to where the truth resides.

If I were one of the abused, I would not settle for a resignation based on public outcry.  I'd probably call him out on it, actually...


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I see this certainly as a good political move by Lyons -- the sign of a good sense of self-preservation.

Maybe he always has genuinely felt (or, at least, does now genuinely feel) that way -- maybe.

Chuck Norris

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All right I'm just gonna say it I'm uncomfortable with the glee some of y'all are taking in this. This is not a "rivalry" thing. This is not a "thing to shit talk MSU fans about."

We shouldn't be happy because this makes them look bad, we should be horrified that someone like Nasser sexually assaulted women and girls for fucking years and wasn't brought to justice until now, and we should cheer with MSU fans together every time someone culpable for letting this happen is brought to justice.


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And I have newfound respect for the majority of MSU students and fans who justifiably want their president to DIAF and I can only hope every other school in the country, Michigan included, takes heed of this farce and proactively makes sure they don't become the next Penn State or MSU because there will absolutely be another predator lurking at another university and I don't want him to rape any more kids because some other university official tried to keep things on the down-low.

Chuck Norris

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Oh the majority of people are fine and justifiably angry at this situation, but I've seen a good amount of poorly disguised glee that boils down to "a bad thing happened to our rival and they look bad." If this exact scenario played out at, like, EMU, there would not be this many posts on the blog about how bad the school's administration looks, how all their board members and coaches and trustees are cowards, etc. etc.


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This is more about them denying anything and pushing blame off themselves.  I enjoy it when anyone gets caught in a lie, doubles down on their story, and is burned for it.  One of the first victims came forward in 97 and they're still saying yah we did all we could.  It is disgusting that the most prominent member of their AD, Tom Izzo, comes out and says about the Nassar case that he "hopes they got the right guy".  Tone deaf, insular thinking at the highest levels of their AD and University leadership have put them into this situation.  An MSU alum forwarded me an email statement that Simon penned yesterday and her approach to the situation still has not changed.  Burn it down.


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People need to stop giving credit to a guy currently being investigated for assault and battery AND who named the whistleblower who told Dantonio about the sexual assaults last year.  He seems like an opportunistic piece of shit who 100% doesn't care about anything other than his own ass.  And based on the current political climate in this country, he knew he was going lose election as a trustee as well.  

Nobody in MSU's administration has done really anything commendable in this whole ordeal.  People looking for silver linings are just going to find garbage.