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Submitted by Erik_in_Dayton on August 22nd, 2013 at 2:48 PM

While making a rude joke about mGrowOld's age yesterday*, I found myself wondering about the demographics of the blog.  I also wondered about this in the last day or two when a number of people said they were at Michigan in the late part of the last decade, which struck me as not too long ago to have still been in college...So, do we have information on the age, sex, place of residence, school (Michigan or other), hand orientation (left, right, amphibious), preferred pagan god, etc. of the average Mgoblog reader?  I vaguely remember something that Brian posted saying that we're a bunch of men, but I don't recall much beyond that. 

EDIT: See Seth's post below.  One snapshot of the readership showed us to be, speaking very generally, a group of 30-something Eurasian men.  We were reasonably diverse in terms of age, race, income, and having or not having kids.  In terms of gender, we were...not so balanced.  


*If it makes you feel better, mGrowOld, you have a lovely wife, while I am left in the same place as Mexican Milhouse.




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Living in Philly, originally from Michigan, attended first game at the age of 5, been a fan ever since. NMU grad, so I guess some would call me a walverine, but I am damn proud to be a UM fan and I always will be.

PB-J Time

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28, male, Philly, Alum (BS, grad school in Philly)...I think the term you're looking for is ambidextrous but I am right handed.

Edit: O yeah the God...Thor


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I am 23, Nebraska-Omaha grad and living in Omaha. Father was military so Michigan is where all the family is from but he took us out here when I was young. I also like long walks on the beautiful Nebraska beaches. I am like a capripcorn or something. Libra? I don't know. I like to cuddle by the fire and watch movies that are based on books by that Notebook guy. Message back if interested ;)


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21, male, Maryland. Went to Michigan for a few years, transferred to Hofstra, right handed, one of the tribesmen. 


tl;dr - a/s/l?


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The busiest day of traffic in the blog's history was November 10th, 2011.  Other than the Offensive UFR of the Iowa game, I can't find what was so special about that day.

EDIT:  Nevermind... looks like it was the day after JoePa was fired.  Interesting that the busiest day on the blog was the result of a non-Michigan related event.

EDIT EDIT:  And it appears that I was wrong... because that is strictly Uniques.  Pageviews were highest around The Process.


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I know that there are a couple threads from back in the day in the Hall Of Fame which contain - in a disorganized form - most of this information, but I don't think it has been compiled in one location before. However, I believe someone a year or two ago did a brief demographic survey of the blog for a class or something, or at least they used MGoBlog as one of many avenues for data - I could be wrong, but it had a fairly impressive response rate, if I am thinking of the right thread. 

Following Chuck Norris' lead (because wouldn't you?): 35, male, married with children, graduated from the LS&A in 2000 (MBA from Eastern Michigan), living in southwestern Wayne County in Michigan but grew up in Northville and later in Saline (forever a Hornet, man), bats and throws left-handed and I am going to stick with Dionysus. 



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22, guy (go figure), lifelong Michigan fan, recent UM Grad (2013, Biochem), metro detroit raised, big fan of those giant rocks in england, sinister.

Also, half rocket, half Zach novak, all sex appeal.


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29 (for one more month), bro, Grand Rapids, high school graduate, right handed, United Methodist

I am the embodiment of the Wal-Mart Wolverine.  I am a lifelong fan who worked at Wal-Mart for about a year and a half and didn't attend UM.  I have several Sparty friends who are dismayed that the insult doesn't work on me.


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19 year old girl looking for an older man to teach me about being a woman.

Wait, what site is this again?

I mean, 58 year old State Supreme Court Justice.


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33; male; Duluth, MN; reared in A2 by Michigan grads; West Coast Baptist College; Christian; right-handed; married with 3 Michigan-fan kids.

Ok, the 14-month-old doesn't know it yet. But the older two sing "Hail to the Victors" unprompted with some frequency.

1989 UM GRAD

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Lifelong Michigan Man; both parents are grads. 45 years old. Grew up in Farmington Hills. Live in Birmingham. One kid in middle school and the other at Quarton Elementary, the alma mater of Seth!


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41, male, Hermosa Beach, CA, native of East Grand Rapids, MI

BA and MBA from Michigan

Right-favoring ambidextrous

All Hail Eris Discordia

Also: married to 39-y-o Michigan BA with USC and UNLV grad degrees.


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48 years old.  Graduated from Brighton High and Western Michigan.  Michigan fan since I was 8 (vividly remember watching the 1973 OSU game at my grandparents house....I was hooked).  Lived in Raleigh, NC for 17 years.  Now in Jacksonville, FL.  Still go back to a game almost every year.  My (well, the team's) record in games personally attended is pretty good.  MSU (1-0), OSU (1-0), PSU, (3-0), ND (3-0).  On the flip side, I'm not so good against Miami (0-1) or Mississippi freakin' State (0-1).  Right handed.

rob f

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pretty much matches up with the first part of yours, only about 10 years earlier.  58 years old, graduated from Grand Rapids West Catholic, spent the majority of my college life at WMU (though I got my degree from Siena Heights University). 

Michigan fan since I was 8 (vividly remember watching the 1964 Michigan Team demolish Oregon State in the '65 Rose Bowl, watched the game at my grandparents house on their big fancy RCA floor console color TV--my parents still had just a 19" B&W TV until a few years later ...that started me on the road of conversion from ND fan to the huge Michigan fan I became).  Attended my first Michigan game in 1974 and have been hooked ever since, went to 2 games in '75, 2 more in '76, and finally started getting season tickets in '77.  Have been firmly anchored in the same seats in Section 36, row 79 since 1980.  Have only missed about a dozen home games during that time, but have somewhat made up for it by traveling to approximately 30 road games over the years.  Have passed my love of Michigan on to many neighbors, friends and relatives, planning on bringing my 4 1/2 year old grandaughter to her first Michigan game in just a few weeks vs. Akron.

Now live in Berrien County, MI and am forced by the FCC to have to endure South Bend area TV stations and their endless coverage of ND.  100% right-handed.  All too often nocturnal,  as demonstrated by my posting this at 2:25 am.


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Ann Arbor born, raised and currently residing (after a 5 year stint in Arizona)
college dropout (after 60 credits and 3.7 gpa at Western Michigan)
Software systems tech
Married with one kid due any day