January 26th, 2018 at 9:17 PM ^

There was a social media fad called "posterizing" or "dunk cam" a few years ago where an unsuspecting person would get dunked on out of the blue while being filmed. This particular one happened at the U of Houston, where supposively the guy was always late for class so his peers all decided to posterize him, however evidence strongly suggests that it was staged and he was in on it, like many other social media prank vids aiming to go viral.

Here are some more "dunk cams" if thats your thing (some NSFW language):



January 26th, 2018 at 8:20 PM ^

In the past two years alone, 37 reports of sexual assault by MSU athletes have been reported, but not one disciplinary sanction was imposed by school officials against any of the men involved.


Holy shit

Mitch Cumstein

January 27th, 2018 at 8:50 AM ^

‘Rolling back protections’ is a very politicized way to describe the new guidance. Brian had mentioned this article (series of articles) on a podcast and it changed my opinion of the issues (or at least made me aware of complexities).




January 26th, 2018 at 8:25 PM ^

Not to pat myself on the back TOO hard, but I said a few days ago that this "could end very badly for MSU," that once "these things start to get rolling, all sorts of information related and not tends to come out." Welp, it's happening. I was right.

The Lotto numbers tomorrow are 3-7-12-22-68-69! 


January 26th, 2018 at 8:31 PM ^

Big scandals never come out because some private organization or league look into them. The big scandals are almost invariably the result of serious lawbreaking that causes widespread investigations, revealing far more than just the original offense. 

Some of us speculated weeks ago that perhaps the Nassar scandal would cause a deeper investigation of MSU and the local authorities, the stuff many on here felt was being serially ignored. And here we are: Hollis gone, Izzo and Dantonio in the crosshairs and permanently affected, even the NCAA getting burns. 

This is becoming the biggest scandal in NCAA history.


January 26th, 2018 at 8:57 PM ^

Well, not just that. The volume of wrongdoing that is only revealed as a result of the legal action. Stuff that was never even part of this (37 cases BEFORE he was told in 2010, that's astonishing, and except as a vague culture issue has nothing to do with Nassar at all) comes to light because people have found dirt and figure it's time to start cleaning.

At any rate the common thread is that legal investigations with subpoena power are what actually ferret out this stuff. Wrongdoing that does not rise to the level of felony makes it either undetected or with a wrist-slap. Remember, the Ed Martin scandal required the Feds to compel the revelation of evidence. The Reggie Bush issue came to light due to a lawsuit. BALCO and Lance Armstrong were Federal investigations; ARod was also exposed by law enforcement rather than his own league. 

MSU's case is slightly different in that the legal stuff that has now come out, prompting the media reports, was in itself prompted by one article in the Indy Star. But the law still was the driving force to bring this all to light.


January 26th, 2018 at 9:35 PM ^

Attorneys for the victims are going to have a field day. DOJ will almost surely be involved now, and they carry subpoena power, not giving any fucks about the so-called independence clause of state of Michigan universities.

I wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers have on this becoming a RICO case?


January 26th, 2018 at 10:32 PM ^

MSU has been stonewalling and handing over heavily redacted(useless) documents to ESPN to the point that it became necessary to take MSU to the MI Supreme Court. When FOIA requests aren’t enough that smacks of overt attempt to hide the facts. I believe this story was being looked into before anyone publicly knew of Nasser. It’s not coincidence that Hollis “retired” the day that this story was going to be run. OTL presented MSU athletics and Hollis with 11 questions pertaining to the story so he knew where they were going with it today. I can’t imagine the wrath of a parent who’s kid subsequently OD’d after suffering PTSD from a gang rape by MSU football players who were never brought to justice.
The comments by Simon following the Penn St scandal ring hollow. Hollis behavior of handling these criminal actions is criminal itself. Dantonio’s comments of last years sexual misconduct being a first for his tenure as HC is an outright lie. And Izzo had to know of the multiple legal investigations regarding his player’s sexual assault allegations. And he did nothing so as not to jeopardize his run to a final4.


January 26th, 2018 at 10:49 PM ^

At the time, in President Simon’s other role as the chair of the NCAA’s Executive Committee, she said, “People make mistakes, and some of those are purposeful and premeditated, and if you just take the Penn State experience, pretty pervasive.”

She sought to restructure the NCAA’s system of violations “to incentivize people doing the right thing, and the right thing is saying something when you see something and doing something after you said something. It’s really that simple.”


January 26th, 2018 at 10:50 PM ^

the Dunnings case from Ingham County is a significant tie in to how MSU athletic cases always seemed to get dropped going back decades.

Funny how once Dunnings was off the job MSU and Dantonio had his first sexual assault case.  The EL Police and Michigan State Univ police are also pretty pathetic organizations when it comes to student crimes.  No more than Parking meter maids and MIP fine producers



January 26th, 2018 at 11:11 PM ^

EXACTLY. This is the direction this investigation needs to go.

If this thread gets pulled, ESPN/investigators will find that the people who were supposed to be holding MSU and their athletes accountable to the law are also to blame for the sexual violence. Their long history of helping the AD and coaches sweep these incidents under the rug by discouraging charges, not pursuing prosecution, etc, has been one of the biggest factors in enabling this culture of protecting the university’s image above all else.


January 26th, 2018 at 8:29 PM ^

and that was over a 2 year period.  Geez.  That tells me that there's a lot we don't know about.  If the victims speak up, like the Nassar situation, the school may go bankrupt.