Jordan Diamond in AA today

Submitted by bluebloggin on June 15th, 2011 at 7:17 AM
Per his twitter he and a couple teammates are on campus today. Crossing fingers and hoping for some more gold feces from Hoke.



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This guy IS a douche.  He did a promo at a bar I used to work for.  He was an unbelievably cocky douchebag.  Sorry for the brahnguage, but he's a freakin' tool.


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So that will make it especially impressive when he commits this weekend?

Are you basically saying you think he's silent at this point?  Because with all the other OT prospects we're in on, no way he can wait as late as Bryant did and still have a spot (without being silent, of course).  


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This is interesting. How do you know this? I'm from Chicago and we all know Simeon to be a pretty strong football and basketball program. I can't imagine Simeon athletes would need more exposure. Simeon has, after all, produced such recent stars as Martez Wilson (football) at Illinois and Derrick Rose (basketball....duh).

I hope this doesn't come across like I don't believe you. I am just curious where you know this from because Simeon is regarded as a pretty strong athletic program.


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Sam Webb on today's Recruiting Roundup (podcasts here--they actually seem to be working today) said that Jordan Diamond will also be attending (but not working out at) the Sound Mind, Sound Body football camp, which is being held today and tomorrow at Southfield High School.

Sam said that James Ross, Terry Richardson, Shane Morris, Royce Jenkins-Stone, and Matt Godin will also be attending. He also talked at some length about another attendee, Steve Elmer, a 2013 OT prospect from Midland High School.

The entire Michigan coaching staff is supposed to be participating in the camp at some point, along with coaches from numerous other colleges. Josh Helmholdt has a Free Press article on the camp, and he mentions another Michigan connection:

“The special thing about this year is we will be recognizing Brandon Graham (Philadelphia Eagles) and Joseph Barksdale (Oakland Raiders), the first two guys from our program that went to the NFL,” [camp director Curtis] Blackwell said. “They are two PSL kids who were also U.S. Army All-Americans, and the U.S. Army is our lead sponsor this year.”


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Our helmets got wings!  What else is there to think about?

I think this guy goes Blue...and I know he has been saying he may wait longer, but just have this feeling he may pull the trigger. 


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Same for me.  I saw it on my phone though.  I'll describe it:

Jordan Diamond, far right, looks like a normal sized person (even though he's 6'6" and about 280), then there are a bunch of kids who are seemingly 12 years old or so (but I'm sure are HS football players), then there is a human mountain named Chris Bryant all the way to the left.