Jimmy Johnson goes fishing with Urban Meyer, hates Harbaugh to Michigan

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Need a reason to hate/dislike Jimmy Johnson? Now you have one, mgoboard. Apparently he hangs out with Urban Meyer and thinks Jim Harbaugh going back to Michigan is lame.

Via Houston Culture:

Jimmy Johnson jabs Bill Belichick, claims Jim Harbaugh took easy way out as he roars into Houston with Heart
The guy who turned the Miami Hurricanes into the most feared program in college football — and a cultural touchstone that's still relevant today — has become something of a coach guru. He goes fishing with Urban Meyer — with the Ohio State coach seeking out his expertise and bringing his son Nate along.
For all his wit and his current relaxed vibe, Johnson carries a strong sense of what's right and wrong in coaching.

That's why he's not going to join the chorus praising Jim Harbaugh for leaving the NFL to take on the Michigan job.

You want to call that move courageous? Please. Jimmy Johnson does not hesitate to paint going to a program as storied as Michigan as something of the easy way out.

"You look at the top schools in college and there's the chance to win 10, 11, 12 games and play for the national championship every year," he says. "The difference between the top schools and everyone else is just so huge.

"You're guaranteed by just showing up that you're going to win eight or nine. On the pro level, that's not the way it is. It's a grind."

If you are still wondering why Jimmy Johnson never returned to coaching despite some serious courting over the years, the way he talks about the extreme toll of NFL coaching now is instructive. "You have no life other than coaching in professional football," Johnson says. "In college, you at least have some opportunity to spend some time with your family."




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What a tool. 

He says NFL coaching is an unending grind and collegiate coaching allows you a life--but when Harbaugh makes the NFL to collegiate switch it's a cop-out. 

He describes coaching a top 10 collegiate team as cowardice when when it comes to Harbaugh--yet he chooses to go fishing with Urban Meyer. 

Piss off, Jimmy.  At least make a cogent argument if you're going to shit on fellow coaches.


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Just three weeks ago everybody who was anybody connected to the NFL was saying Jimmy wouldn't leave the NFL because coaching college football was the real grind.  Between recruiting, practices, film sessions, recruiting, games and recruiting, the head coach had less than a spare minute over the course of the year.

So why wasn't Jimmy Johnson putting his peers straight about the drudgery of coaching NFL football compared to the breeziness of college football?

And another thing, Howard Schnellenberger is the coach that took over moribund Miami (FL) and put them on the map by leading the Hurricanes to the 1983 MNC.  Jimmy Johnson took over in 1984 and it wasn't until 1987 that Miami won their 2nd MNC.

Give credit to Johnson for turning around Dallas, but he get's nothing but caretaker status for Miami (FL).


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Isn't he kinda dissing his buddy Urban Meyer and all other college coaches by suggesting that pro level coaching is much harder than college coaching at elite schools?

Dat logic. 


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He also admits that he left the NFL because it was "a grind" and says college gives coaches the ability to see their families a little.

sounds to me like college is a good compromise and maybe Jimmy regrets not going that route instead of retirement.


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This is just so amazingly stupid that it's not worth the time to dig up all the seasons blue-chip programs have had over the last 20 years with six wins or less.

As a former Cowboys coach, it's entirely predictable that Helmet Hair would take a swipe at a former 49ers coach.


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Harbaugh basically said as much about the family reasons. I don't think it's the easy way out, but it's clear that family played an important role in his decision. Why the fuck would you fault someone for making a decision that they feel is best for their family?


January 19th, 2015 at 11:08 AM ^

not fucking Sticky Hair.  He took the ez way out after getttin his ass handed to him by OU every fucking year at OSU, then going to Miami where the table had already been set. What a fucking hypocrite. 


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This was the full quote that got shrunk.

"If your at a top school,  in the most talent rich area in the country and you pay your players with money from local rap stars all you have to do is show up and win 8-9 games a year."


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Hahaha, was about to say the same....the broadcast booth was truly the "easy way out". 


He sounds like a cross of being butthurt (leaving the shield) and parroting the worry of his good ol pal with the "heart condition" Urban.


Jimmy is a big has been of hot air. Never liked him and never will. So not surprised by his douche bag comments. Someone sounds like they needed some 15 minutes of fame