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12/26/2018 - 10:21am I live in western michigan,…

I live in western Michigan, next to the big lake.  Love our sand dunes in Michigan.  And of coarse I love the M22 highway, it's a great cruise.  You start in Manistee and end up in Traverse City.  If your hungry you can stop a the Apache Trout Grill. 

11/18/2018 - 7:14pm You are on the 2019 Revenge…

You are on the 2019 Revenge Tour.  

11/17/2018 - 10:08pm Moody did a great job.  No…

Moody did a great job.  No knuckle ball kicks. 

Not to beat up on Nordin, but he was an adventure on his kicks. 

11/16/2018 - 10:46am What's the point on staying…

What's the point on staying on the team if you are not going to play?  Maybe he should have stayed home and done homework instead of chewing the fat on the sideline. 

But I don't think the NFL will care. 

11/10/2018 - 4:16pm Nordin kicks are an…

Nordin kicks are an adventure.

11/05/2018 - 9:21am Make's me really appreciate…

Make's me really appreciate the Frank Beckmann years.  

10/22/2018 - 2:33pm No "Storm Trooper March"…

No "Storm Trooper March" taking us down. 

10/21/2018 - 8:33am "Revenge Tour" continues…

"Revenge Tour" continues with a victory over Penn State.  Then a victory of Ohio State.  Michigan then plays Iowa (yes Iowa) for the Big Ten championship.  Have to revenge over that stupid loss a couple of years ago.  Then we get matched up against ND and revenge the first game loss.  

Then some how Clemson beats Alabama and we face Clemson for the National Championship.


10/20/2018 - 10:46pm The look on Meyer’s face…

The look on Meyer’s face after the score, priceless!

10/14/2018 - 11:10pm His kicks have become…

His kicks have become somewhat of an adventure.  He's made some nice kicks, but I hold my breath every time he kicks.

10/13/2018 - 10:29pm Wow, good guys look awesome…

Wow, good guys look awesome in this second half.   Sure feels good!!

10/06/2018 - 11:34am That's being pretty…

That's being pretty pessimistic, we have all afternoon to wait for a start.  

09/26/2018 - 9:21am I'm an old guy, but you guys…

I'm an old guy, but you guys sure made me laugh this morning!   Great stuff.   

I saw that bear head on TV (it's a bear not a wolverine) and I thought to myself, oh shit, nooooo.

08/07/2018 - 3:13pm This Meyer family seems to…

This Meyer family seems to speak a lot of bullshit.  

08/02/2018 - 9:18am Urban's heart palpitations…

Urban's heart palpitations are returning in full force.  He will be gone within the next couple of weeks.

06/06/2018 - 9:20am Chrome browser on my PC does…

Chrome browser on my PC does not seem to like the new site.  Explorer a bit better.   But I do like the new look!

12/18/2017 - 12:37pm Robot Commando


10/14/2017 - 4:13pm Nice

to get the 500th win.  

But this offense is not growing.  Yeah, Higdon had a great game but our passing game is not very good.  Harbaugh play calling the last 2-3 drives was way too conservative. 

09/30/2017 - 5:14pm Jones

Is good as gone......

09/07/2017 - 4:01pm Always pull for the conference team*

*but no way when it's OSU


09/05/2017 - 5:31pm As a grad transfer QB

I would have though Zaire would have had better pocket awareness.  I mean he's standing in the end zone.   I could watch the play for hours.  

09/02/2017 - 8:19pm You are way off base

to start Peters the next 3 games.  Dumbest comment of the evening.  

Go Blue.

08/25/2017 - 10:14am It's just bait for clicks

It just media bullshit.  Stir the pot.  These assholes love to hate on Harbaugh....

08/23/2017 - 6:01pm I suppose

Joan Baez's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" is probably next.  

08/01/2017 - 9:33pm Lithium Batteries

 Lithium batteries is a dirty business that nobody in the electric car business likes to talk about.  

07/14/2017 - 1:56pm It's all about finances

They had to review the W2s from the both of them.   

06/18/2017 - 10:51pm No

But it's a great road for a cruise.

06/15/2017 - 11:35am Vail Colorado

Met Vice President Gerald Ford, skiing at Vail. I was only 19 at the time.  He was sitting right behind me in the lodge.  Turned around and went over and introduced myself, being from Michigan and all.  It was pretty cool.

12/21/2016 - 9:11pm Congratulations!!

I love hearing stories like yours.  

12/21/2016 - 2:29pm Mason Cole

has worked out very nicely, thank you.  

12/21/2016 - 9:06am I am sure

mom did not print and frame this for the wall at home.

12/20/2016 - 8:43pm Yeah

who ever negged this must be a communist.

12/19/2016 - 9:38pm Lloyd Carr bleeds

character.  Tressel, not so much.

12/19/2016 - 6:37pm Why did he even

stay on the team if you cannot contribute?   

12/19/2016 - 6:32pm Sitting out on the bowl game

seems a little wimpy to me.   I understand not wanting to risk getting hurt, but come on, it's football, it's your team and a bowl game, your teamates.  Sorry, I just don't buy it.  I would be disappointed if Butt or Peppers sat out.  That's why many of the fans go to the game.  They want to see the star players.  It's too bad that this is what it has turned into today. 

The wussification of America continues. 

12/08/2016 - 2:47pm Hoke signed

a 3 year contract with Oregon for 1.8 million.  So he get's to sit and look at his bank account grow. He got $400,000 this year, he will collect $700,00/year, for two more years.   Not bad 

11/30/2016 - 9:21am We avoid no team.

If we can play Alabama, bring it on.   Why should we shy away from anybody?  We have a really good team.  You have to find out what your made of.

11/28/2016 - 10:19pm We are going

to have a huge class coming in.  Maybe close to 30.   Jim likes playing freshman.  We just don't know who all will be in this class.

11/28/2016 - 10:18pm Hey,

Nice Shirt

11/28/2016 - 10:13pm I know what you mean

they were Brady Hoke's recruits.  He did a good job recruiting them and Harbaugh had them grow up and play the game.  Real well!!

11/28/2016 - 10:04pm The league

is never going to admit these guys did a terrible job.  That makes them look bad too.  They believe it will all blow over in a day or two.   The called 2 penalties on Ohilo State.  

11/28/2016 - 9:58pm Good post

You hit about all of it.  It would be interesting if someone could go through the whole game, make a video showing all the non-calls.   

Got to move on...

11/28/2016 - 8:48am The FINE

is coming and Harbaugh knows it.  You can bet Jim has already had conversations with the league and I am sure he called them.  

A side note, you ever think Bobby Saggers will ref a game at Michigan stadium? 

11/27/2016 - 6:46pm WOW, what a trip

Next year come to Ann Arbor!!

11/27/2016 - 12:59pm No doubt turnovers

cost the game, but the refs did not help.  Michigan was flagged 7 times.  Ohio State was flagged twice.  It's looking like the chump who made the call against Harbaugh, Bobby Sagers, is a Ohio State Buckey fan.  Why is this guy even on the field? 

11/14/2016 - 2:57pm No Peppers at RB

Too much chance of getting hurt and we need him on defense.  We have a lot of capable backs that can play.  I just thought the play calling agains Iowa was kind of vanilla. 

11/14/2016 - 2:53pm Your right

and defenses have kind of figured him out at this point.  We need to see a throw down the field if the opportunity rises.  And they should use him more of a decoy. 

11/11/2016 - 11:34am WOW

Rutgers and Michigan State tied for last place.  Purdue has a better record than those two cellar dwellers.  

11/11/2016 - 11:27am I will give

him credit for not being a homer as well.  But I would be surprised if we put 66 on the board, unless that defense just gives up.

10/31/2016 - 8:31pm The thought of a moral victory

is just plain disgusting.   I can't belive anyone would think positive on a "moral victory".   There is no such thing as a moral victory.   You win or you lose.   MSU lost.  Game over.  Maybe they could call it a "moral loss".