James Hudson Update: You don't know what you thought you knew

Submitted by Bodogblog on August 8th, 2016 at 9:20 AM

Quick update.  Sam Webb said this morning on his recruiting insider update that what he's hearing coming out of the BBQ is a toss-up.  He talked to a Toledo reporter last week who knows Hudson well, and that guy thought it was Michigan.  Also says an announcement of a decision date/time during a visit is usually a very good sign.  Also that Hudson is definitively a take for Michigan, they put Rashan Gary on him at the BBQ and the coaches were all over him. 

ALSO.  Sean Scherer, the 247 Sparty guy, put in a crystal ball for Michigan as of this morning.  He's typically pretty good.  And look now, Steve Wiltfong and Magnus have also turned their ballz. 

Announcement coming sometime today (or IS it?)   



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The problem here is that Michigan is not known for its BBQ sauce.  Perhaps the caterer, though, knows about Southern BBQ sauces, or has been successful in BBQ competitions?  You can't just pop open a bottle BBQ sauce from a grocery store and impress 'croots, you know...


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This is a good question because admittedly I am in the same boat - aside from knowing the name, I did not know much else about this particular recruit. 

Having said that, it makes the whole statement "you don't know what you thought you knew" one which rocks you to your epistemological core. 


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I've been aroung the block more times than the ice cream truck and Jenny has had that number since I was 16. Tell me, is she still staying busy or did her granddaughter take over the family business? Always a nice girl and a great supporter of the program. Only problem with her was she didn't care which program. Good kid though. 


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Seems like most are projecting him to DT when it's all said and done. Seems like we've got enough guys there (Paea and Solomon) unless they're planning on moving Paea to the OL.


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Hudson is projected as a SDE or 3-tech. In any event, M is still not done at DT as they are in hard pursuit of a Samoan out of UT or CA. (Blanking on the name)
M loses Wormley, Glasgow, Charlton, and Godin off the line for sure next year....and there is a decent chance Hurst and Mone have opportunities to declare early for the NFL and at best hang on through 2017. (Hurst rated best or second best on the line last year by PFF). Aside from true freshman, the remainder of the line is Shelton Johnson, Reuben Jones, and Lawrence Marshall.