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Submitted by KennyHiggins on October 11th, 2018 at 9:58 PM

Absolutely sickening how Izzo acts like he did everything above board, but the rules have changed.

At least ESPN isn't letting go.





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Holy ..... shit .....

“Walton has denied that he sexually assaulted anyone. He never faced sexual assault charges related to the 2010 allegation. He also denied punching the other woman; that case was dismissed in lieu of him pleading to a civil infraction for littering.”

That takes institutional coverup type stuff. Not just a coach or program or athletic dept program.


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Especially in EL considering the long time Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings went to prison for his involvement with prostitutes, using his authority to coerce women for sex, and was involved with but never convicted in other corruption and drug related cases.  He was disbarred, but his successors(!) reviewed his case and determined his "wrongdoings did not affect the office."  Except he got prostitutes out of jail early and used his connections to have other public employees "take care" of other women.  

Once again an internal review in EL found nothing.  And one of his former assistant prosecutors is now on the MSU compliance staff..... It doesn't take a tinfoil hat to think there's a strong possibility of large scale institutional coverup, or at least a handful of bad actors in positions of power showing bias towards MSU athletes. 

The reason Izzo keeps "getting killed every time he talks" is because his non-answers and deflection just make him look worse.  He has failed repeatedly to be a leader and to do the right thing, and now he's clearly lying about it. I ALMOST feel bad for the poor guy, must suck being the victim.  

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At this point for us it's better that he stays at MSU. Beilein owns Izzo and it drives all the Sparties batty because Izzo is supposed to be this god and it does not compute. I'm kind of surprised they still recruit as well as they do because the "Izzo is a has-been" is pretty much universally known in college basketball circles and probably in the AAU world too. It's also known that he doesn't develop players, as illustrated by the fact that he had a Top 5 NBA draft pick last year who could not get on the floor past a walk-on in a second-round loss in the tournament. Oh well, it's going to be fun to watch Charles Matthews and Xavier Simpson torment Tom's "All Big Ten" players Ward and Winston again this season. Forehead meet wall. 


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What a joke!  As happened last year, he subtly changed the subject in the middle of answering the questions - 'every time I answered something, I got killed'.  Ridiculous!  Also, the investigation the NCAA did was centered on Nasser's involvement in the AD - of course the bball and football teams had no involvement with Nassar, they don't play young girls!

The game largely passed Izzo by, but he's still a top-notch sleaze bag.  Dantony is still a pretty good coach, but he's also a prime time sleaze bag that has the national media duped.

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Izzo: "I never got a chance to explain my side of the story in detail! Not fair!"

ESPN: "We made multiple requests for interviews and were denied access. Feel free to tell your story now." 

Izzo: "Nope, I'm done talking about it. You guys are mean."

Also, every time I see another statement by Emily Gerkin Guerrant, I have to wonder if she actually believes what she's saying or if it's really just about PR and spin for her. I have to believe it's the latter, that she's not so naive as to believe all the lies being told. 


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That's rich. Now he's talking about not being given "due process". 

No shit, Sherlock. You weren't given due process. You weren't given process at all, or even so much as an accusation. Nobody did anything to you, you big fat baby.


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It sickens me that men assault women.  Those men should have the shit kicked out of them or worse.  It sickens me even more That douchebags like Izzo cover it up and/or play it off as something lesser.  His statement that now days you’d suspend player just on allegations implies that the woman in 2010 is a liar and a nuisance.   I used to like Izzo in the Mateen Cleaves era.  I hope he gets his comeuppance.


October 12th, 2018 at 5:12 AM ^

It raises a tough issue though.  Is that going to be the protocol going forward, for every team.  That a player is suspended based on allegation alone?  It may not have been relevant to many of the Izzo issues if that was more of institutional coverup, but it is a tricky proposition nonetheless.


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So, you are far more likely to be falsely convicted of murder than falsely convicted of rape.  They say that 2-10% of rape accusations are false, but most of them don't go to trial and in many cases the accusers have a previous history of being a whack-a-do.  A lot of the time it is he-said / she-said, but if he's saying, "yeah, me and my boys trained her and she was into it." and she says that she only wanted to sleep with the one guy, you have a credible case.  

Discerning if an allegation is credible can be done fairly quickly.  Getting to the truth of it may be more difficult.


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Funny thing is, I mentioned something on twitter and MSU fans have the same tired playbook:

1) Blame ESPN/media

2) Ad hominem/personal attacks

3) Say it's all been addressed

Bonus: I was also accused of making a libelous accusation simply by saying MSU has hidden evidence and distorted information throughout this process.  I think it's actually sad that most people will defend whatever institution they cheer for or have ties to regardless of the veracity of the claims against the institution.

In regard to Izzo, he has done an excellent job of playing the victim while refuting none of the specific allegations.  There is no doubt he and Mork contribute to a win at all cost culture that devalues women.


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Old news I know but insanely, the three players begrudgingly tossed from MSU fb (King, Vance, Corley) charged with 3rd degree sexual assault for a gang rape were allowed to plead down to "seduction."   No doubt there must have been some sort of monetary settlement perhaps in union w the school but letting these guys essentially walk that would have put non-fb players in prison, burns my hide.


October 12th, 2018 at 6:44 AM ^

Somebody tell Izzo (and Meyer): It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

All this “I didn’t know about that specific case” smells like the bullshit it is.

I understand the concern about being innocent until proven guilty.  With that said, if the local police and courts don’t bring charges because they are corrupt, that doesn’t exactly mean that these guys are innocent. It means that you helped create an excuse.

Arb lover

October 12th, 2018 at 9:43 AM ^

He's using the same excuses that Urban used.

1) I didn't know

2) some iteration of they were not convicted or found guilty (works well when you have local police and prosecutors in your court/pocket).


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I may be out of the loop but wasn't ESPN supposed to break another big story involving the basketball team earlier this season.   Are was that the George Perles thing?  


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When do we get to talk about how Lacey Holsworth was planted by MSU to deflect from the sexual assault accusations? Lets not lay in the weeds here. 


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Clearly all of the police officers (both EL and MSU), all of the lawyers, and all of the judges are in Izzo's pocket. Add to that, they are paying all of the defendants in the FBI case to keep MSU out of it. 




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Can’t wait til Izzo does his ANNUAL, “This might be my best team ever,” and then MSU fails again to even make the Sweet Sixteen. Gosh I hate that school.


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ya, what a joke.

1. said he never heard of the walton battery (eh hem, littering) incedent.  i find that implausible, given that it was plead down and i have to believe the athletic dept knew about it, since according to other reports, that's where complaints against athletes go.

2. said he never heard of the walton gang rape incedent.  again, too many people knew (AD, asst AD had meetings with the parent and victim).  my guess is that the victim got a 7 figure payment to go away, we haven't heard anything from her after the story broke.

3. payne admitted on tape that he and appling assaulted that victim.  she said no, he said he stopped but appling kept going for more.  again, nothing happened.

izzo is scum.