Football recruits on hand for win over OSU

Submitted by Magnus on February 18th, 2018 at 9:17 PM

I would prefer a football win over Ohio State to get some recruiting mojo back, but Michigan had a bunch of 4-stars on campus for today's basketball win over the Buckeyes. The atmosphere in Crisler Arena couldn't have hurt their opinions of playing in Ann Arbor.


On a side note, 2019 C/OG commit Nolan Rumler earned an invitation to the Under Armour All-American Game today.



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Not sure if that avatar is going to work for me Magnus 

EDIT: I saw the clip of Rumler, looked good.  But was at center.  Is he a center, or a guard who can play there if needed? 


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I agree re: the avatar, Magnus. 

When I'm scrolling through the endless array of salty hot takes and want an original and reasonable opinon I looked for the smiling face of Brandon Graham to offer some respite (it was Brandon Graham right?). 

This one does not pop out from the crowd - might hurt your brand or require me to cntrl-F <sigh> ;-)


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I never understood how a football recruit attending a b-ball game or a b-ball recruit attending a football game is gonna be the deciding factor to get that player to commit. I understand it gives the athlete a feel of the fan base but it doesn’t play that big a role


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we got 2-2 in 2017 (Ruiz, FIliaga and Honigford can play inside or outside)

even Mayfield can play inside or out


Rumler is definitely interior

If we get a total of 2 inside and 2 outside that would be great

we could also just take 3 OL - we are only slated to lose JBB assuming he returns - everone else would be eligible to return, but Newsome or Uluzio may not


right now we have 14 scholarship OL - 13-15 is probably the ideal range


February 19th, 2018 at 8:10 AM ^

well I do think we need at least 1

from the 2017 class, we have Solomon, Paea, Jeter and DIB who all play inside I believe

I don't know id any of the 3 SDE's we took in 2018 can play inside as we have Chris Hinton who is listed as a SDE as well for 2019 - maybe Magnus knows where all these guys can play but seems silly to have 6 or so SDE's on the team so I assume some can play inside


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Notre Dame is always going to recruit well. It's not about Brian Kelly - it's about the helmets and the Catholics and the TV deal.

MSU has been good every year besides 2016. One down year isn't going to tank your entire recruiting effort for years to come. But I'm interested to see how they recruit in the next year or two, because of the Nassar/Dantonio/Izzo stuff.


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Except according to Michigan 'fans' we no longer have any cachet with recruits and are doomed to mediocrity forever. Oh and I almost forgot to mention Drevno and Pep suck as coaches, recruiters and human beings and Harbaugh has lost whatever mojo he had due to depression and injury and having a young family.