Elton John's "Rocketman" and Motley Crue's "The Dirt" Trailers Dropped This Week

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I always have trouble getting things to embed in the OP for some reason and getting a few different embeds seems like it's going to be impossible.  Anyway, both trailers are great and I will be seeing both of these movies.  I encourage everybody to watch both of the "Rocketman" trailers because the second one touches on Taran Egerton and his actually singing Elton John songs for the movie.  Also, as the Motley Crue movie looks like it's going to be C+ and I still can't wait to watch it. 

I will embed all of the trailers in the comments in the next few minutes. 



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So this is the next movie trend, half-true stories about bands/famous musicians?!  Not a shot at you, OP.  I think part of my negativity is my outlook on movies/cinema in general nowadays with the advent of tv show series being able to capture and story tell much better than a 90 minute jam packed, one liner heavy, cinematic endeavour.

Elton John could be a good one, I'm a fan and have seem documentaries on him so much of his coming-up I know about already.  I haven't seen the Queen movie yet but my good friend tells me it's good but also contains quite a bit of fictitious story telling...which to some is okay I suppose.

Also, it's not another comic book nor Fast and Furious movie, so, be happy about that B-Nut.


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In the near term though, Bohemian Rhapsody made mad bank, so I would expect a lot of other iternations on the formula.  We'll have to see how Dirt and Rocketman do.

Wife and I loved Rhapsody because we are huge Queen fans even though the movie wasn't without its flaws.  This is only my take but even though I noticed a lot of the screenplay's cut corners, I think Freddie wouldn't have minded playing a bit loose with the truth in order to tell a more compelling story, so spiritually the movie was quite true to who he was.  In the end though, Rami Malek just nailed Freddie Mercury so hard that even if the rest of the movie was twice as bad it'd still be worth watching just for his performance.


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Rap did this 15 years ago.

8-Mile, Notorious, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'...more recently Straight Outta Compton.

This formula has been tried. Now they're just going with a new target audience.

15 years from now it'll be Britney Spears, Gaga, and Destiny's Child/Beyonce. I'm actually shocked they haven't done a blockbuster Madonna movie starring Miley Cyrus.


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Good point about hip-hop doing this already...that sort of crossed my mind typing that earlier.  I admit I never saw Get Rich or Die Tryin'...8 Mile was a nice movie, only have seen parts of Straight Outta Compton.  I do now wonder if that's where the inspiration for doing these with white people music came from and why it's taking off.

I'm Batman

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La Bamba, The Buddy Holly Story, Bird, Sid and Nancy, the Doors, the Coal Miners Daughter, The Runaways, Selena, Great Balls of Fire, Whats Love Got to Do With It, Purple Rain, The Glenn Miller Story.

Yeah this is totally a new trend in movies. Thanks Bohemian Rhapsody, for blazing the trail for others to finally come forth and tell the story of music.

yossarians tree

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I'm excited about the Elton John movie. I saw him last year in Detroit and was amazed at how powerful his voice and playing are still in his 70s. It was a fantastic show.

I was never a Crue fan and don't know their music, but I read The Dirt on a recommendation and it was pretty fascinating but in whole parts a fiction. For instance if Nikky Sixx did as much heroin as he claims there is no way he would A) be alive or B) be able to remember what he did while he was shooting heroin. Much of that book was a fantasy they want people to believe.

Nothing Special

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Save yourself some time when it comes to the new Queen movie. Like you said, a lot of what happened in that movie is fictional and the rest that actually did happen is so randomly put together that it doesn't go into any detail on how the band functioned. Literally, one moment Freddie is looking at cows in a field and the next he's producing the track Bohemian Rhapsody with no dialogue taking place from one moment to the next. No insight into Freddie's thoughts or anything. 


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While I don't really care about either of these shows :-), I've been meaning to mention this on the board the past few days, but didn't, and this seems like a good spot to add it in without starting a new thread...

For those of you who grew up in SE Michigan in the 70s, there is a new documentary out on Investigation Discovery called "The Children of the Snow." It's about the Oakland County Child Killer that killed 4 kids in 1976 and 1977. Now, I do not remember it directly as I was born in 1972, but my sister (1968) remembers it vividly. My mother REALLY remembered it when I mentioned it, and told me it was a horrifying time and it changed how she and everyone else parented a lot.

It gets even more interesting from my end, as I was raised mostly in Grosse Pointe and my mother is a 5th generation Pointer. The person they tie to the crimes in this documentary (only two of four episodes have aired yet) was from a very wealthy and prominent GP family, the Sheldens. My mother knew this guy, Francis Sheldon, and his family well. He was indicted in 1977 for luring young boys to his private island near Traverse City under the guise of a summer camp for troubled kids and then brutally abusing these boys and filming it for distribution with a group of other wealthy and powerful pedophiles. Once indicted, he fled the US to Amsterdam - but not before cleaning out his Ann Arbor apartment, where he had lived after leaving Grosse Pointe - and never returned. Some say he died there, others that he is still alive (he would be 81 or so, I think).  

Anyway, through the first two episodes, it is really, really gripping stuff. I would highly recommend it... 

Mike Damone

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I read "The Dirt" a few years back - one of the craziest Rock Biographies ever!  And there have been some wild ones - "Hammer of the Gods" about Led Zep, "No One Here Gets Out Alive" about Jim Morrison, to name a couple.

And of all those Rock Biographies - the craziest story I remember is from The Dirt.  When Ozzy was on tour with The Crue, he asked Nikki Sixx for a line of cocaine at the pool, and didn't get one.  Ozzy then took his credit card, lined up a huge bunch of red ants, and proceeded to snort them.  

When Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee tell you that you are getting too wild - you know you are getting out of hand!


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How sad that an entire generation will grow up without Behind The Music...

Then again, Behind The Music for the new generation will pretty much be: "So then I took a hit off my Juul, opened up a new midi pack for EzDrummer and a couple of the samples just took the beat to a whole new level." 


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That's the thing...I don't think any of the hair bands (Motley Crue, Warrant, Poison, etc) actually thought they were playing exceptional music and trying to push the boundaries of their art.  They played bubble gum catchy rock and wanted to get chicks.  Period.  To that end they achieved their goals to an epic proportion.


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Whenever I want to remember the gawdawful music that I was constantly subjected to in Markley in the early ‘70s, Elton John and David Bowie will do very nicely. 


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Not a fan of Motley Crue at all but everyone knows how crazy those guys were and I bet it will make for some good mindless on screen entertainment.

Bill Bafferty

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Not a huge fan of Crüe, but don't hate them. I read the book and they definitely have a story to tell. I'm waiting for the Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Pink Floyd, and the Metallica movie. 

Goggles Paisano

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I'm looking forward to both.  Always been an Elton John fan since I was a little kid in the early 70's.  I remember listening to his albums while I played Intellivision with my brother.  

Then grew up a fan of the Hair Bands and got to see Motley Crue at Cobo I think with Whitesnake.  Too Fast for Love came out in 1981 and I listened to that for a bit in the early 80's.  I have to disagree with Mr. Appleton's comments above.  I think Motley Crue was a good band (not great but good).  They have a lot of hit songs and some that still are popular.  Now Poison...they are my least favorite hair band.