Does Lloyd Brady still go to games?

Submitted by snarling wolverine on December 10th, 2013 at 7:30 PM

I know he's graduated, but is he still able to go to games?  Any sightings this season?



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UM football was elite before Lloyd Brady entered the scene.  Then he shows up and the program craters and now we're all trying to dig out from under the mess he left behind...  I blame Lloyd Brady.

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Also, depending on how far you plan to take it, maybe you shouldn't have posted that comment.  /EXTREME S

Thanks for owning up to the Buckeye thing...I was married to a Sparty but I "corrected" that problem in 2003.  (No, not THE SHINING translation of "corrected.")


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No, there was the 2003 Outback Bowl win, the 2004 B1G title, the win over Penn State in 2005, the 2006 season, and the 2008 Citrus win.  2005 had an all-too-familiar ring, but I put the decline more in the 2007-2008 period.  In 2006 Michigan was one fifteen yard penalty, a scoring drive, and a stop away from playing for the title, and was as talented as any team in the country. 


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no question that the peak of Michigan's elite-ness took place from 1997-2001.  Our teams during those eras could be compete and beat anybody nationally.  The John Navarre teams were still strong, but I began to see depth issues on defense beginning around 2002.  The Tennesee bowl game was a real eye opener.  The 2004-2005 teams were talented but very young.  The 2006 team was our best team since 2000 but it was not as good as we believed while it was taking place.  Our defensive secondary was patchwork with the exception of Leon Hall, and while our defensive line was strong our linebackers were not elite.  I believe the Big Ten had taken a step by that time but it was not yet evident.  We have not seen the caliber of players we were fielding in the late 90s since, with the individual exceptions (Woodley, Hall, Graham) being the exception rather than the rule.


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I was tailgating at MSU this year, and telling my brother-in-law about this meme, and who walks right through our spot...this girl. I talked to her for a moment, and asked if she knew of her internet legend. She is quite attractive in person, contrary to several of the comments she received after that gif.


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at the very moment someone introduced me to the site.  But I am well, well past that. 

The blank face / shifty eye guy meme and supporting comments are the main entertainment reasons I find myself on here.  Despite the piles of BS, name calling and other sorted crap that goes on, I cannot get enough of the great lines and gifs posted on this site.


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I could be way off, but I believe they had an interview with Lloyd Brady last year in which he hinted at uncertainty regarding future attendance and relative frequency because of the potential for an out-of-state move for him. He had said something to ESPN (the interviewer, in this case) about looking fo work in finance or something along those lines.