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06/13/2018 - 4:32pm Those cancellation fees make…

Those cancellation fees make me laugh. If I cancel, I'm not paying them another dime. Good luck collecting that from me. 

With that said, the only reason I still have Comcast is because there's literally no other reasonable internet provider in my area that can provide consistent speeds needed to stream. 

What I'm really waiting for is Direct TV Now to offer a DVR service. When that happens, their channel offerings are better than all others. 

06/13/2018 - 10:34am I'm glad someone posted…

I'm glad someone posted about the App again because I would actually like to see a new app designed and implemented for this reason:

While the site is "optimized" for mobile viewing, it still doesn't replace the functionality that an app can provide. One of the best things about the old app was that you could view multiple titles of headlines on the main page without having to scroll down pages of the Mgoblog site. Sure, the new articles are condensed on the main page with the "read more" button but (I just counted) and it took 7 finger flicks of scrolling on my phone just to get to the 3rd article on the page. If the "unverified voracity" article is 3-4 posts down, you now have to scroll through to find if it even exists. On the old app, you could just see the last 8-10 titles and click on the ones you wanted to read; no scrolling through involved. 

The same thing applies for the forum. It's a little less of a problem because the mobile site just condenses it to titles but you still have to load the main page, click the menu, find forums and then scroll down. 

To be honest, my viewing on mobile devices has gone significantly down because of it. 

06/06/2018 - 9:40am Honestly, there's few times…

Honestly, there's few times when a bigger TV = bad. My suggestion is, unless you truly have a tiny tiny room, buy the biggest one you can afford. You won't be like, "damn, I wish it was smaller". In fact, I wouldn't even worry about a 4k unless you're buying a 50+ inch TV anyway.


06/05/2018 - 8:17pm I’m going to miss the app…

I’m going to miss the app. While the site works fine on phones there’s a simplicity to apps that I like. 

05/11/2018 - 6:17pm has nothing to do has nothing to do with creating shape ups...

05/02/2018 - 11:43am Up and down the Huron river

Up and down the Huron river you'll be able to catch Bass, Pike and Walleye -- though I've only personally caught bass and pike on the River there's supposed to be Walleye in there. Plenty of parks along the river where you won't find a ton of people. You can also rent a kayak and float down different areas. 

04/12/2018 - 5:13pm “The out-of-market Big Ten

“The out-of-market Big Ten Network feed, which was carried on Sports & Entertainment pkg in non-Big Ten states, was dropped in some areas. Big Ten Network in-market feed, available to customers in Big Ten states in the regular channel line-up, will continue to be available. -BT”

04/12/2018 - 5:00pm Just got this message from

Just got this message from Comcast support on Twitter after telling me it was being dropped in my area

“Hi after further research I'm showing if you are in a BIG 10 state you will still have access to the Big 10 network. I apologize about any confusion this may have caused. -BT”

04/12/2018 - 3:30pm The only reason I maintain my

The only reason I maintain my cable subscription is because it has more sports option than non-cable options. If this happens, that will no longer be the case and will force my hand to get something else. At least one Michigan game is on there every single year. 

02/23/2018 - 12:11pm Only question I have is Pep,

Only question I have is Pep, is he still the QB coach? Let's be honest, the QB's were just as bad as the OL was last year. I'm still uncomfortable that he's on staff and might even slide into this, now open, OC roll. 

02/16/2018 - 7:09pm I liked this season way more

I liked this season way more than the first. They brought back celebrity racing in some form and it makes the show way better. Get like it was right where top gear left off.

02/13/2018 - 8:17am It's more about giving

It's more about giving players privacy while they're looked at. I could certainly see this at every HS football game or games where injuries are more likely to take place. If someone has to, say, take off their pants to look at an injury -- they're not going to want to do that in front of a bunch of people. 

01/29/2018 - 11:05am Yeah, but then you're in

Yeah, but then you're in Ypsi. And no one wants to go to Ypsi



01/29/2018 - 10:53am My favorite place is Jolly

My favorite place is Jolly Pumpkin -- good beer and a fantastic burger. Their menu overall is somewhat limited compared to other places. I'd also suggest Prickly Pear for some higher end Mexican (but still cheaper than most main street places). In fact, that's probably where I would point someone to first if you're not looking to spend too much. 

01/17/2018 - 10:03am I'd also like to

I'd also like to submit, 

"Win the GAME!" on a whiteboard 

01/17/2018 - 10:02am (No subject)

01/15/2018 - 8:16am Now with images:

Now with images:

01/15/2018 - 5:22am The Dave Brandon noodle!

The Dave Brandon noodle!

01/14/2018 - 10:19am This is by far the most Lions

This is by far the most Lions thing that the organization could do. What about the offense the last few years made anyone go, "yeah, let's keep that around"? Hell, they finished LAST in team rushing this year, averaging just 76 rushing yards per game. That's insane to me. 

01/13/2018 - 9:41pm I was going to say do

I was going to say do nothing, but this is a much better suggestion 

01/08/2018 - 12:27pm

01/02/2018 - 10:21am Someone broke Brian 

Someone broke Brian 

01/01/2018 - 7:59pm The message board has never

The message board has never been for people to post every opinion about the program that runs through their head. That's what the 247/rivals boards are for. These boards are usefull because their limited to Michigan related news. Actual news and things that relate to the program. If every post was "I think Michigan should do X" or "I can't believe Michigan did X" -- then these would be entirely useless to anyone. 

Those opinions should be saved for comments on articles or posts with topics that relate to your opinion. 

01/01/2018 - 7:58pm No, but my critiques aren't

No, but my critiques aren't worthy of an entire post. I might share them in the comments on something else relating to my opinions. 

01/01/2018 - 7:43pm I think we need to impliment

I think we need to impliment an extreme mgopoint limit to create new threads for a few weeks.....I don't know if I can take these opinion posts for the next month. 

11/21/2017 - 2:53pm I'm not getting my hopes up.

I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm just going to patiently wait until the day comes where we finally beat this team again when we're not supposed to. And then I'm going to go on a social media blasting spree of epic proportions for at least a week. 

11/08/2017 - 4:05pm He's around....see his

He's around....see his twitter:…

10/23/2017 - 3:37pm I trust Harbaugh is playing

I trust Harbaugh is playing the best player. But maybe that's not the best thing to do now? The national title is basically out of reach. The B10 title is basically impossible to win. At this point, we're playing for a respectable season, which still can be great. We could still win 11 games this year. But I find it hard pressed to continue playing OKorn even if he's the best player in the bunch. The only argument people seem to be able to come up with is not throwing Peters to the wolves but I just can't believe players are that fragile that they'd be perminantly damaged by playing in a below average offense. Even if Peters plays just as poorly as OKorn in games, he's at least gaining experience to be better for the future (heck, the future even being the end of this season).

So while I get that OKorn might be the best QB right now, I still don't understand what the benefit is to us in playing him. If he was at least an average QB, ok -- I'd get it. But he isn't, so I don't. 

I'm also not a football coach. I'm just a fan. So I'll sit back and watch the guys who get paid millions to make these desicions. But it's fine if we as fans sometimes don't understand them. 

10/15/2017 - 8:40am It’s not the same situation.

It’s not the same situation. There is absolutely no benefit to playing OKorn at this point. It’s not like Gardner or Speight we’re there was/is upside. At least if someone else comes in and does bad it’s with hope that they’re gaining experience to improve next year.

10/15/2017 - 8:00am I’d say yes. At this point

I’d say yes. At this point OKorn is a worst case scenario. Can’t complete passes, turns the ball over like crazy and requires a dumbed down offense to stay in. I’d say we need to try any other option at this point. Why do three other QBs have full ride scholarships if they can’t at least match this terrible production?

09/26/2017 - 3:09pm There is "Freep warning" and

There is "Freep warning" and a complete ChatSports ban....but nothing else I've heard of. 

09/26/2017 - 3:08pm I didn't have an issue with

I didn't have an issue with him -- and it seemed like the writers here have a good relationship with him based on the way they talk on twitter -- but he works for the Freep now. 

09/26/2017 - 2:28pm I was just thinking that.

I was just thinking that.

09/11/2017 - 9:27am The term "men acting like

The term "men acting like men" is cringe worthy. I'm not speaking to how valid this topic is but trying to write it off with "men just being men" is gross. 

09/09/2017 - 8:26pm I understand it can be

I understand it can be confusing, but people aren't booing players - at least that's the way I understood it in this case. They're booing coaching decisions that they don't understand or have legitimate complaints about. 

I didn't boo, but I did say "god damn it" in frustration a few times. 

09/08/2017 - 9:21am I was listening to it

I was listening to it yesterday and got the exact opposite feeling. I feel like you're trying to spin it to make Braylon sound better just because he's a former Michigan player. I suspect if he was an OSU/MSU fan or something you'd trash his opinion. 

09/08/2017 - 8:19am I don't hate Braylon, but I

I don't hate Braylon, but I think he's wrong. His opinions were pretty negative in general, which I was a little annoyed about. And it made me feel pretty uncomfortable the way he called out Speight. Even if this is Speight's highest level of play, I'm not sure is appropriate for someone to basically call out a kid (from your own school) and say he isn't skilled enough to do better. The way he worded it was offputting. 

IMO he sounded still very butthurt about the program in general, seemingly stemming from the whole #1 thing. 

He was also pretty negative about the team vs. Ohio State -- I wanted someone to call and be like...uh...Braylon....just an FYI, you went 1-3 against them. 

09/06/2017 - 6:03am You need to be mean and/or

You need to be mean and/or funny to write this and I don't think the writer is enough of either. It's just kind of meh. The "It's meltdown time" is basically the same thing but funnier. 

09/01/2017 - 11:57am It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to look, but I'm guessing that most of those guys also had some upperclassman playing alongside them at the other receiver spot. It sounds to me like Michigan might have two freshman WR's on the field as starters, which I can't imagine has happened very often. 

08/31/2017 - 6:10pm Yes, I loved it. It was a

Yes, I loved it. It was a beautifully applied joke. It hit my funny bone spectacularly. 

08/31/2017 - 5:51pm This is possibly one of the

This is possibly one of the best comments I've seen on this site. I can't upvote this enough. 

08/25/2017 - 9:29am I think the things the other

I think the things the other QB's would have had to do to jump Speight were set so high that they never were actually going to do them. It's unlikely they would all of a sudden be better than our returning starter in almost every way from just a few months ago. And that's probably what had to happen for any of them to make that jump. If it were even remotely close in practices, it was always going to be Speight's job. 

08/25/2017 - 9:27am I think that the competition

I think that the competition might have been real to some extent, but the things either QB would have had to do to dethrone Speight were set so high that they were always unattainable. If it were at all close in any capacity, it was always going to be Speight's job.

08/25/2017 - 8:51am I never truly thought there

I never truly thought there was actually a competition. I always suspected it was just talk to keep up the whole meritocracy thing. I, for one, was always excited about the prospect of having a starting QB last year, that performed as well as Speight did, that had two years left. That's important consistancy we've been lacking at the position. 

It's also really not strange that a 5th year senior like O'Korn who's been here for 3 years now is above Peters at thsi point. Just my take. 

08/25/2017 - 5:55am (No subject)

08/24/2017 - 12:16pm Oh good, I'm not the only one

Oh good, I'm not the only one anxiously waiting on mine. I was told the 28th as well. 

08/24/2017 - 6:48am I didn't hate the legends

I didn't hate the legends jerseys -- I hated that they felt like they had to have them all on the field/handed out at once. If you have an elite corner, let them wear the legends jersey of Woodson. If you have an elite WR, let them wear the #1 elite jersey. But don't give OK players the jerseys just to make sure they're all represented at once. Hand them out only when appropriate.

08/23/2017 - 9:53am I hate them all. It

I hate them all. It encourages people to wave a silent towel instead of clapping and making noise. Giving everyone free maize t-shirts looks better and has to be about the same cost. 

08/20/2017 - 8:41am I'm curious, did you see my

I'm curious, did you see my name and rip it off or just randomly come up with the same idea on your own? I'm not suggesting it's impossible, but it seems suspicious since I've had this profile pic since 2008. 

08/20/2017 - 8:14am Yeah. It's now like the

Yeah. It's now like the Glasgow brothers just went through the program as walk ons and are now in the NFL or anything.