Dee Hart Transfer Rumors-Michigan Potential Destination

Submitted by MichiganMan2424 on August 20th, 2012 at 9:09 PM

In the past hour rumors have been swirling on twitter about Dee Hart potentially transferring. This tweet from @UMGoBlog was the first one I found that wasn't some sort of retweet;

Michigan Football @UMGoBlog

Rumor: Dee Hart named 4th RB @ Bama. Considering transferring to AUB/FLA/MICH.

Now I don't know how much validity there are to these rumors, and I don't know how reliable UMGoBlog is, but this is interesting if true.



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Further twitter searches bring up a different rumor:

DyeHardAU ‏@DyeHardAU
@wilson_shannon the point is you don't even know about Dee Hart bringing a knife to practice when another player whipped his tail.


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On the flip side....why wouldn't he consider Rich Rod and Zona where he would easily start next year in an offense tailor made for him.


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I was going to scream at both of you about malformed xml, but then I realized that the limping just never ends at Iowa. And my apologies to the other guy if he has TB or something.


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Don't see the point of taking him unless all other recruits we want fall through.  He would have been great for an RR spread ala Steve Slaton, but he's not a manballish back, and we already have Hayes and Norwood with which to scat it up. 


August 21st, 2012 at 8:48 AM ^

there was a Wall Street Journal article on NFL players cutting weight but maintaining strength because the pass happy NFL is moving away from manball, and even the running plays are more misdirection than power. So the front seven have been shedding bad weight, to gain speed.

Having watched the 1993 Rosebowl on BTN recently, I was noticing how big the linebackers were back then (hard to tell completely with the oversized shoulder pads), and how slow they looked. We won that game, but let me tell you, the pass happy Gary Moller thing is a meme, unless of course you had been watching Bo for years and Gary Moller really was pass happy by comparison (but still nothing near the West Coast offense we faced, and had trouble keeping up with, every Rose Bowl).

The Carolina Panthers played RVB a lot on Friday. He played both at tackle and at end (at least it looked that way). No sacks, but he knocked down at least one pass, and deflected another. Looked to me like he was playing pretty well. Anyway, I was surprised to see him at tackle as I didn't think he had the weight. (Though he did look heavier than the Sugar Bowl - maybe it is the loss of flow.)

Anyway, my point is, maybe manball is a capability to have when Roy Roundtree gets tackled on the 1, but West Coast is the primary. I which case a smaller back is OK. And even then, JMo, Mike Hart, those guys were not big beasts.


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talent you can't turn down. I know this thread is going to get a lot of, "he didnt choose Michigan so Michigan doesn't need him, hes not a Michigan man, rabble rabble" but Id take him. Heck even if he never sees a down its worth the risk ( like taking a transfer, especially fresh off an ACL tear). 

With that said, I just don't see Dee Hart coming here especially after seeing how Hoke had no interest in PSU players transferring. And M has rarely been known for taking transfers (FuckLion transfers dont count. see Marques Slocum) Also, I find it humorous that Auburn is a potential destination. A little (real little) Justin Boren of the south.