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03/19/2017 - 2:26pm What a Game!

How sweet it is!

Take that Luuuhvull!

09/23/2016 - 9:17am Always Defensive Coordinatin'

Never give up a yard. #defensivedriving

09/12/2016 - 3:34pm Beer Pong Rebuttal Rules

OK State made last cup. CMU got their rebuttal and somehow sunk both balls in the last cup (before OK State could pull). No rebuttal. Game, Chips.

09/02/2016 - 12:05pm Tampa - St Pete - Clearwater

Ferg's St. Petersburg
1320 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

09/02/2016 - 12:03pm I hear Hogsmeade has a couple

I hear Hogsmeade has a couple muggle-friendly taverns. Watch out for dementors tho.

09/02/2016 - 12:03pm I hear Hogsmeade has a couple

I hear Hogsmeade has a couple muggle-friendly taverns. Watch out for dementors tho.

09/02/2016 - 12:01pm GNV352

Ugh, just got out of 4 years in Gainesville, but thank god I had some Michigan bros to watch games with. No Alum Association there, but people are generally watching the game at Mother's. You just have to deal with random fans of other schools and the obligatory OSU fans. We'd usually just watch the game at the tailgate for the Gators game.

06/06/2014 - 10:22am Brain Drain

Is anyone attributing declining attendance partially to the Michigan brain drain? In particular between 2008 and recently when auto companies (and pretty much all other Detroit-area companies) weren't hiring, alums had to leave the state to find work. I'm sure that's always been happening, but of the major group of people I graduated with in 2009, most of them left Michigan and aren't buying season tickets. At best, we make it back for one game a season, but even that is a stretch.

02/06/2014 - 10:57am Updated...from the FUTURE

Updated...from the FUTURE

11/08/2013 - 4:03pm BEAT OHIO

These losses just give us all the more reason to beat Ohio.

11/07/2013 - 2:21pm Finally! Some recognition!

Finally! Some recognition!

09/09/2013 - 6:23pm I like the "new" jerseys

I think they look great. I'm no super traditionalist, but I think that cursive "Michigan" is awful and reminds me of my little league baseball t-shirts. The simple block M across the jersey is great, and I love the little block M on the shorts(?) like the football uniforms.

08/30/2013 - 1:00pm Amazing Work

I love it. Shared all over my Facebook. The part with Jake Ryan in the stands at 4:37... so good. Great quotes and speeches by Hoke.

08/16/2013 - 2:01pm Gators @ Hurricanes

Don't forget Florida @ Miami (YTM). They have a pretty solid rivalry, and it's been several years since they last met. Florida is highly-touted this year as per usual, but Miami isn't supposed to be a joke this year either.

That being said, I think UTL 1 was all ESPN hoped for and more, so I'm guessing they'll go with UTL 2 for Gameday again. They have the whole rest of the season to kowtow to the SEC anyway.

07/24/2013 - 1:59pm Why ya going to the airport? Flying somewhere?

I saw Antonio at DTW on Friday, and he was decked out in Michigan garb. Not sure where he was headed, but the head-to-toe Michigan gear leads me to believe he's still with the team.

06/21/2013 - 12:05pm Weekend

Ducking out of work at 4 for a round of golf with my other Michigan alum buddy at UF. Probably gonna grab some beers and maybe play Settlers of Catan with friends later. Renting a boat on the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow. Working on my second publication by the pool on Sunday. Yeah, its gonna be a great weekend.

05/03/2013 - 10:37am Brian May

I love how they didn't even attempt to retrack Brian May's solo... or any of his guitar parts.

04/08/2013 - 12:30pm Respect for Martavious and

Respect for Martavious and Vincent. Miss you guys. Give 'em hell in the NFL, and Pahokee has my support.

04/08/2013 - 9:51am Yeah, no kidding man. I was

Yeah, no kidding man. I was tearing up just watching him think of what to say. We haven't even played the dang game yet!

04/05/2013 - 9:28am Western Union

Avoid money transfers with Western Union like the plague. For future reference, you should suspect a scam anytime a wire transfer is requested. If you are to agree to wire money to someone, it's basically irreversible and your fault. :(

A friend of mine's grandparents fell for the old, "it's your grandson, and I'm arrested in Mexico and need $4000 wired to bail me out. please don't tell my parents" scam. That really sucked.

Sorry about your $500. Hope it doesn't break you like it would break me.

04/02/2013 - 4:33pm So glad our conference

So glad our conference decided to pick these guys up! /s

04/01/2013 - 10:38am Gainesville

Gator Grad student checking in here. Definitely watched yesterday's game in the solace of my own home. Didn't want to burn any bridges with the Gator faithful. I would say most grad students here come from other schools with less notorious sports programs, so many of them join the Gators unanimously. They didn't understand that my loyalty lies with my undergrad school.

Sure was satisfying burying the last team standing in the way for our Final Four berth. If we are as on as we were yesterday, I don't think anyone can stop us.

03/31/2013 - 4:57pm WEWON


03/31/2013 - 4:43pm "He Is Risen the form of Nik Stauskas."

Great win and huge confidence builder for the Final Four.

I love this team.

03/14/2013 - 2:49pm Not sure but the following

Not sure but the following links may help you:


03/14/2013 - 2:44pm BTN commentators suck.

BTN commentators suck.

03/14/2013 - 2:32pm All Divisions

I checked out the other divisions:


Division A* Division B*
Anaheim Chicago
Calgary Colorado
Edmonton Dallas
Los Angeles Minnesota
Phoenix Nashville
San Jose St. Louis
Vancouver Winnipeg
Division C* Division D*
Boston Carolina
Buffalo Columbus
Detroit New Jersey
Florida New York Islanders
Montreal New York Rangers
Ottawa Philadelphia
Tampa Bay Pittsburgh
Toronto Washington

I'm totally loving this move. We get to play Toronto and Boston way more often (two original 6'ers), and I get to see more Wings hockey down in Florida!


12/18/2012 - 12:08pm I'll like these a lot more if

I'll like these a lot more if we beat South Carolina in them.

11/24/2012 - 9:45pm I appreciate your optimism,

I appreciate your optimism, but the Big Ten would be fortunate to make it through bowl season above 25% wins. No Big Ten teams would beat any of the teams you listed.

10/31/2012 - 12:55pm Pump-action

Pump-action shotgun. It's not impossible, just very difficult and risky.

10/31/2012 - 10:27am As a fellow L4D2'er, I loved

As a fellow L4D2'er, I loved this diary. Fairly accurate as I always have the most trouble with the Tanks and the Smokers. The rest are pretty manageable. Just try not to get puked on... Very Halloween appropriate as well.

09/27/2012 - 6:09pm INTERNET FIGHT

09/25/2012 - 3:17pm Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm Scream approves of this autoplay.

09/14/2012 - 11:55am That IS a cool story.

That IS a cool story.


09/14/2012 - 11:52am 8?!

UMass will score a touchdown and a 2PC? Or will they kick two field goals and get a safety? Bold call on the 8, BrianGoBlog. Bold call.

09/06/2012 - 11:17am The Air Force one is insane!

The Air Force one is insane! Love it! Maj. Robinson and the HUD are great.

09/06/2012 - 10:07am I don't even think we have

I don't even think we have traditional away jerseys anymore FWIW.

09/05/2012 - 6:10pm HURRRRRRR


09/03/2012 - 1:28pm Why Get Denard Hurt?

It was pretty obvious we were outmatched by halfway through the first quarter. The more carries Denard got, the more likely he would get himself hurt on a game which, frankly, didn't mean much. Maybe I'm just trying to rationalize it, but I don't think Borges is much to blame.

Pick up the pieces, and let's move forward. We've got a Big Ten Championship to win. Alabama is not in the Big Ten.

08/31/2012 - 11:59pm Mean to Buckeyes

I was extremely obnoxious to visiting Ohio fans in the fall of 2007. Our house was right on the corner of Hoover and Mary Street (I have an awesome souvenir of that intersection), and I was yelling horrible insults and obscenities to perfectly obedient Ohioans.

After the booze wore off and I thought about what I did, I realized it is just a game, and they don't deserve that sort of treatment. Regardless of what their fans may do to us, we should not try to return the favor.

08/31/2012 - 1:34pm Tat

That is the worst tattoo I have ever seen.

08/31/2012 - 10:47am You do a bit of coaching

You do a bit of coaching there, 909Dewey? This would fire me up as a little leaguer or high schooler.

08/30/2012 - 5:06pm I Love Kool-Aid

vAlabama - Bama will be too strong to roll. 0-1

Air Force - After a shaky first quarter, the rest of the game will satisfy. 1-1

UMass - Shut out first half, third and fourth string second half. 2-1

@Notre Dame - Four in a row. BK loses his third to Michigan. His head turns colors nobody could possibly predict. 3-1

@Purdue - Similar to our NW game last year. Second half belongs to UM. 4-1

Illinois - Thoroughly rout a fledgling Illinois squad in Ann Arbor. 5-1

Michigan State - MSU is not leaving Ann Arbor with a win this year. 6-1, UM back in the top 10

@Nebraska - A nailbiter against another 6-1 Nebraska team. Toss up on the last drive or long field goal for the win. If the Huskers have improved significantly from last year, we won't win this game in Lincoln. 6-2

@Minnesota - Minnesota gets a few points on the board this time. 7-2

Northwestern - Blue > Purple. 8-2

Iowa - By this time, Iowa will be using their waterboys as RBs. Beat them without controversy at home. 9-2

@Mercy College of Northwest Ohio - Urban doesn't save you this year. Sorry Bucks. If we win, we hope Nebraska loses so we can make the title game. 10-2

IF Nebraska doesn't take the division:
Big Ten Champ v. Wisconsin - Win. Hoke delivers. Free Domino's pizza. 11-2

Rose Bowl v. USC - Loss. 11-3

Rose Bowl v. Oregon - Loss. 11-3

Rose Bowl v. Stanford or other - Win. 12-2

08/30/2012 - 4:48pm FLORIDA PLEASE

Oh god! Florida please! I would LOVE to see Michigan stomp in the swamp!

08/30/2012 - 4:41pm That would be awesome,

That would be awesome, especially if we lose the home opener to them, but something tells me that would not happen because BCS rematches only happen in the POWERHOUSE SEC.

Wish I was /s...

08/30/2012 - 4:37pm Nebraska?

Did you see that game last year? They're too nice in Lincoln.

08/30/2012 - 10:45am "Unbeatable"

I know you're just being sarcastic, but I'm really sick of hearing how unbeatable and unstoppable certain teams seem to be. It's college football, and all of the players are 18-23 years old. Recruiting can only get you so far, and the number of star recruits on your team does not guarantee wins. Coaching, technique, strategy, and all of the intangibles can put a David ahead of a Goliath on any given Saturday. Obviously this relates to games such as UM-Bama. Let's hope we prepared well enough and execute.

08/27/2012 - 1:34am Streaking

08/27/2012 - 1:32am Dynamite

This comment is dynamite. Had to log in just to compliment it.

08/21/2012 - 9:40am At the checkout when you

At the checkout when you enter your credit card info, there's a spot for the coupon code on the right side of the screen.