Dee Hart rumors...anyone, TVH?

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GBW pay board is freaking out over a rumor from the freeboard that there is a D_Hart anouncement (change) coming soon...anyone?



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Everyone who follows college football with anything more than a passing interest knows that Rodriguez is on the hottest of hot seats because he's gone 15-21 over the past 3 years and failed to beat MSU or OSU even once at one of the best programs in the country. Recruits know this. So yeah, I doubt that the fire Rodriguez crowd had anything to do with Hart decommitting.


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I've got a friend who is pretty connected, and Dee had told him that he fell in love with Michigan, not Rich Rodriguez.  However, things do change.


And also, it is the internet, so take everything you read with a grain of salt.


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This would be a totaly blow to the balls if this is true...maybe he is just messin with everyone again...who knows...I mean 2nd semester is only 4-5 weeks away.


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Poster is usually pretty good and not a goof. Someone else posted earlier on scout about hearing from Dee that he was switching to Bama. But they both said in posts that maybe Dee was going to switch back at the Army game. Cross your balls folks....


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Shouldn't be surprised, his original commitment was contingent on RR being the coach.  That said it isn't official yet, things can change quickly in recruiting.

You can probably put Sousa in a similar place as if I remember correctly, his decision had a lot to do with RR's offense.  It should be clear over the next few weeks who is committed to the school and who is committed to the coach.


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Dee Hart Speaks and His Words are Reported

"I liked Michigan either way and if [Coach Rodriguez] were to leave it wouldn't affect me because I think I can play in any offensive system. So it really wasn't my concern. That being said I wanted to make sure everything came together. He's winning ball games right now and the future looks good so it's coming together."


For him not to be concerned about it, its odd he goes out of his way to address it, and refer to how good the future looked. Do you think this is the good looking future he saw back then? The whole reason this well established UM lock didn't commit was because of the coaching situation since last winter. If it wasn't an issue, why is he supposedly committing to bama tomorrow?


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You can interpret that however you want..he say right there it would not affect him. I know the internet say he his decommitting..and the internet is always right. I mean RR was fired on Monday and ND ruturned to glory this year right? Oh..well we can't take Dee at his word, so even if he does change his committment I guess I have no reason to beleive him.. Irish says he doesn't always mean what he says, so no matter what he says I will assume he is actualy coming to UM


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He's directly contradicting what you said above, but feel free and try and spin it in such a way that his words don't mean what they say by reading his mind or whatever.  If there's a resident expert at fear of losing commits amid coaching changes, it'd be you.


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You're wrong about having any idea, one way or the other, what his original commitment was contingent upon.  You said above it was contingent upon Rodriguez being coach.  He's the coach.  You offered a quote where he said it doesn't matter and suggested 1) he was talking about it just because it happened to cross his mind, although I'm sure it's in response to a question and 2) that it supported your previous comment, which it did not. 

So, you are wrong.  Don't pretend like you have any idea why he may or may not be switching.  You're speculating which is fine.  Just don't state it as fact or pretend that you were somehow right with your comments two posts ago. 


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No I am pretty sure you want me to be wrong

Why are people blaming Brandon for this?  I mean the only big thing he will be deciding in the next few weeks is whether RR is going to be the coach at UM.  They must be crazy to think that way.  And why would one of the top 15 players in the country be all that worried about who is going to coach them for the next 4 years of their life, its only the biggest decision of his life.

Lets totally disregard all that, what is that worth?  Probably just throw in how long it took him to commit, he was just a UM lock since last year at this time.  That spring/summer visit he made with his mom so she would be ok with the coaches; amid the ncaa crap and the coaches job security before the season started, obviously indicators of nothing.

We could look at what has changed at UM since he made those quotes on Oct 12, but what would that really.......oh 2 of 6 well no that can't have anything to do with it.  So that all just reflects on RR's coaching status but it can't mean anything 

Just spit balling here, is Hart an EE?  With Brandon not deciding on RR till after the bowl game do you think that has anything to do with his decision?  Lol, what am I asking that for it was just an idea I had.

Trader Jack

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People are blaming Brandon because part of what is killing recruiting is all the uncertainty about RR's job status, and it would be nice if he would make a statement supporting the head coach. & if you read Dee Hart's quote, he says "I liked Michigan either way and if [Coach Rodriguez] were to leave it wouldn't affect me because I think I can play in any offensive system. So it really wasn't my concern." It sucks that it souns like he's decommiting tomorrow but pretending like you actually know why is idiotic. Now please go back to your favorite ND board where your team can't beat Michigan and hasn't been relevant since 1993. Thanks.


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He's having a fair conversation and you bring up a totally unrelated death of a student at his school? That is fathoms below cool.

Dee Hart wants to enroll in school in January. We won't be able to tell him who his head coach will be until after that. Irish is right: Hart's statement on Michigan regardless of who's the coach isn't as cut-and-dry as we were making it out to be.


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Did he "go out of his way to address it" or did some journalist just ask him? They're more obsessed with a potential coaching change than MLive commenters, and it's probably the first question asked of every recruit at this point. That said, anybody who thinks a potential coaching/system change won't influence a recruit is being naive. What's Dee supposed to say? 'Uh, yeah, if RR is gone, so am I.' May as well keep it bland and avoid controversy than become the Jimmy Chitwood of Michigan football, saving the coach at an angry town hall meeting.


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I would like to address the theory that all DB has to do is hold a press conference and everything is hunky-dory and Michigan can go forth and haul in a top 5 recruiting class.


Unfortunately, thats not the case. Announcing a press conference just makes DB look weak by changing his course of action to pander to the mob. And stating that RRod will be back next year won't stop the negative recruiting, because it will look like he only has one more chance, and other coaches will call it a lame duck situation. Recruits want a coach that will be there for all 4-5 years.


I don't think RRod has gotten a fair shake, but unfortunately this is the situation that the program is in. DB has been upfront with the process he will employ, I think he should stick to it.


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I don't necessarily agree with they way Brandon is conducting this, but he has said from the beginning of the year that this is how it would play out, even back when we were starting the season 5-0. Can't fault him for staying true to his word.