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11/21/2017 - 1:32pm I have 2

Section 7, Row 57 with a reserved parking pass. If interested, contact me at toph9701 at gmail dot com.

10/09/2014 - 11:28am Coaching

Coaching and talent development: they has it, we don't.

Their offensive scheme is cool and works at all levels. Ours: nope, nice try. 

It's kind of funny that we recruit at the same levels, but we suck at developing players and they can stick true frosh QBs into the lineup and keep rolling. So funny I want to punch myself in the face. 

10/08/2014 - 6:29pm The people

Were not hobos nor bottles of coke, although that would have been delicious. We were at a golf outing after the Minny game. One person told the rumor I repeated here a couple of times. Not to grab attention or to show off, but more like sharing information. After he was done, another guy in our group said he heard the exact same rumor. Uncorraborated.

Now, they could have both been full of shit or all a figment of my desire to get attention on a message board. Either way, my point was that the dominos (see that) are starting to fall in that direction, albeit very early tea leaf reading.

Rumormongoring is fun. As opposed to watching this team attempt to football, this is the most fun I've had this season. Brian's posts on coaches were far more fun than reading the UFR today.

10/08/2014 - 5:14pm It's all falling into place!

In a thread a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a rumor I had heard from two people:…

To summarize:
1. Brandon is gone soon (could even be in October)
2. New AD is hired (at the time it was between Manuel or Bates - seems Bates is leading candidate now) to work with Hoke on an exit that is nice and not a firing.
3. John Harbaugh is announced as the new HC. He doesn't want to follow a guy who's been fired, hence the buyout/walkaway/resignation agreement with Hoke
4. ???????
5. Profit

The pieces seem to be falling into place...excellent...excellent

10/01/2014 - 9:18pm Who

The person that told me is a friend. As They were laying it out to a group of us, someone in the group said that they had also heard the same rumor. Two independent, separate corroborations of the same rumor. I didn't necessarily believe it at first (John Harbaugh, really?). But after reading Bacon's inside info, it seems like the first pieces are falling into place. DB will be gone this month. Hoke will be allowed to finish off the season while a new AD (Manuel, Bates, someone) is hired. Like UM often does, they will allow a coach to "resign" and then hire John H who will then fill out the rest of his staff. Maybe Mattison stays? The two of them have a working relationship.

At this point it is all rumor, but the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.

10/01/2014 - 6:27pm Rumor

While we speculate, I want to share a rumor I heard from two separate people. At least one of whom is not a figment of my imagination.

Rumor as of Sunday afternoon: John Harbaugh has already agreed to coach next year under three conditions: 1. DB is gone. 2. Hoke is allowed to resign at the end of the year (he doesn't want to follow a fired guy, especially Hoke). 3. UM agrees to keep up the pay for assitant coaches.

Mark it down. It's as good as anything else I've heard...

09/18/2014 - 1:19pm People Magazine?

Who the hell reads People magazine?! I'll tell ya, my mom and sister read People. Dear god, I hope DB and staff don't get any (more) dumb ideas...

03/28/2013 - 1:46pm Someone please teach Frank

Someone please teach Frank Clark the "Frank the Tank" dance from Old School. Perfect sack dance...if we ever actually see him sack anyone.

Student section cheers, "Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank!" as Frank goes into his patented sack dance.

Hell, think of the t-shirt possibilities.

03/20/2013 - 1:34pm Great article. I'll be there

Great article. I'll be there cheering on the team tomorrow too. Your seats won't be as good as press row, but the ability to let loose will more than make up for it. 

Imma just leave this here...

03/08/2013 - 4:02pm My bestie LeRhonda called me

My bestie LeRhonda called me at work one day...

Those people on hold just had to wait while I read up on the Freep Jihad.

01/24/2013 - 4:52pm What does it say about me

What does it say about me that in the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" section has the following:

- Best of Hasselhoff CD
- Men on My Couch: True Stories of Sex, Love, and Psychotherapy
- AMSCAN Face Paint
- The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China
- Remington Oil Pop-Up Wipes


11/09/2012 - 12:03pm I'm surprised they didn't

I'm surprised they didn't blame the refs.

Boom Staee'd

03/20/2012 - 4:55pm Ah, that jogged the memory.

Ah, that jogged the memory. He came over after the second period thinking the game was actually over (ya know, like two halves in basketball or something). We kindly reminded him that hockey plays 3 periods and to walk away from us. I don't remember if we finished the C-Ya chant with the proper chain of profanities, though he definitely deserved every one of them. The Sharkeez Shark Bowls are a helluva drug...

10/21/2011 - 5:00pm Mr. Bacon.

Your ideas

Mr. Bacon.

Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. In lieu of a newsletter subscription, I will add your book to my Christmas list and unwrap every gift with a giddy anticipation that it may be inside.

Good day sir,

10/14/2011 - 12:22pm 921


09/29/2011 - 7:42pm I haven't seen a tweet from

I haven't seen a tweet from @mgoblog in the last couple of days either. That is usually my bat signal when new material hits the front page. 

09/27/2011 - 11:18am Everytime I see "JMFJ" I [Rob

Everytime I see "JMFJ" I [Rob Lowe Parks and Rec voice] literally laugh out loud. As for Trouba, until I see him in the maize and blue on the ice with the team, I remain skeptical of high-level hockey commits. I guess it's good that we're still getting high-level commits, even if they don't stick...take that Sparty!

09/22/2011 - 11:07pm Mostly just stuff I hear

Mostly just stuff I hear around the interwebz from insiderz and stuff. I'm not trying to fan and rumor flames or anything, just thought I'd pose a recruiting question in a recruiting themed thread as opposed to starting something new. We'll all find out for sure with regards to O'Brien in a couple of weeks. I find it odd that we'd take a pass on a player at a position of need, but I'm not our coaches. 

09/22/2011 - 11:03pm Good points. I like Yuri

Good points. I like Yuri Wright and hope he goes Blue. I think we'd find room for Dunn with a nice firm handshake to Mike Cox after this year. #noiwillnotmakeacoxjoke

09/22/2011 - 10:57pm That is awesome news. Now on

That is awesome news. Now on the flip side, there have been some pretty good sources saying that we've cooled on O'Brien and he is all but assuredly choosing Tennessee on the 6th. I guess that means we have room for Darboh too?

09/20/2011 - 1:20pm Did Eastern motion the TE

Did Eastern motion the TE over to the far side pre-snap, pre-video? Our defensive alignment is off. RVB, the SDE is lined up to the weakside of the formation along with our SAM Ryan. Hawthorne and Roh are over the strongside of the formation when they are both weakside players. I wonder why we lined up this way if we knew off the bat what was the strong and weak side of the offensive formation. 

09/13/2011 - 11:14am I think they're going for

I think they're going for Bronze. They added a bronze accent to the jerseys when they went all "300" with their logos and stuff. Which on a side note, I still can't find funny enough that they constantly play the "SPARTANS!" and other clips from that homo-erotic movie with no sense of irony or shame. I guess people in glass houses (Pop Evil) can't cast stones though.

09/13/2011 - 11:12am I agree in that it's asking

I agree in that it's asking for trouble, but there was a pretty sweet picture of Gallon I think going up for a ball and the Maize block M's on his gloves were really visible. I wish I could find the screencap or something from it to show you. I flipped back the DVR to make sure I wasn't hallucinating...

09/03/2011 - 9:59am I bet it's nepotism. That's

I bet it's nepotism. That's huge in the train industry...

09/02/2011 - 9:09am posted from iPhone

Poor Karsch. It's like carrying the ball to the 1 yard line and having someone else punch it in.

09/01/2011 - 11:17am The thought of Danny Hope's

The thought of Danny Hope's mustache catching fire made my day. I imagine him running around looking for a tall glass of milk to put out the flames. Then conducting his next press conference sans the ol' soup strainer. Gold, Jerry.

08/31/2011 - 5:14pm NTTAWWT


08/31/2011 - 5:02pm Is it weird for a grown man

Is it weird for a grown man like myself to like a college football player I don't even know and am not related to this much? I keep telling myself there's something wrong with me, but man...that kid is something special. 


08/29/2011 - 4:32pm It's good to see Wile has a

It's good to see Wile has a good leg, but I wish they'd just go for it instead of kicking the 50 yard FG. I understand if it's 4th and 15 from their 33, but I hate to see the FG team trotting out when it's 4th and 1. DR at QB and MANBALL should be able to get 1 yard. It's better than punting at least. [Insert Mathlete's graphs here]

08/29/2011 - 11:35am There was a 4th and 1 play

There was a 4th and 1 play for Michigan's O that the chains came out. The refs couldn't tell if it was a first down, so they took a 3x5 card down the pole and slipped it between the ball and the chain pole. 4th down was not converted and ND got the ball back on downs and went on to win the game. Never before or since have I seen refs use a 3x5 card to determine whether or not it was a first down. Forever known as the 3x5 card game.

08/26/2011 - 4:19pm Woodson, Adami and Renes.

Woodson, Adami and Renes.

08/25/2011 - 4:35pm I did see him in Colorado

I did see him in Aspen once...he must work out.

08/25/2011 - 1:21pm I haven't been counting, but

I haven't been counting, but I think that's 87 straight CtK videos that either feature the Dong Forest prominently or as a backdrop. I want to know the Dong Forest's agent and how the negotiations went to get so much camera time. I bet Blocking Sled and 2-Wheel Ball Shooter are super jealous.

08/25/2011 - 12:54pm Good luck coach. Here's to

Good luck coach. Here's to hoping you land on your feet. I base this next quote from a line from the movie Face-Off (horrible movie, I know), "I'm happy to see you go, but I hate to watch you leave."

08/25/2011 - 9:54am I believe he and Zeke Pike

I believe he and Zeke Pike were 7on7 teammates and he was after him pretty hard. I had heard rumors of Barnett being homesick (in addition to when Koger mentioned it on CtK). This is too bad really. I thought Barnett could have been a great TE in the new offense. 

08/20/2011 - 2:39pm I disagree. First, we didn't

I disagree. First, we didn't "throw up home run plays every down" as we ran it 70% of the time. Secondly, I think every team from Navy to Hawaii wants to win on 1st down and not leave yourself 3rd and 15. Just because Navy chooses to run and Hawaii chooses to pass doesn't change that fact. The strategy on offense should be to score points and nothing else. "Managing the game" is coachspeak so as to say something without saying anything.

08/20/2011 - 2:18pm So in that game, should our

So in that game, should our offense have slowed things down to keep the score lower? Was it the offense's fault Illinois scored in the 60's because they scored so fast? It's the defense's job to stop the other offense and not our offense's job to keep the other offense off the field. TOP as a strategy is a flawed strategy and I would love to see a team purposefully not score because it wouldn't take enough time off of the clock (end of half/game situations excluded for obvious reasons).

08/20/2011 - 1:31pm I hate TOP!. The goal of the

I hate TOP!. The goal of the offense is not to waste time in between defensive series. The goal is to score points. If TOP was that important, we should all yell for Denard to take a knee after a 25 yard run instead of taking it the distance. It's the defense's job to get off the field. #frustratingfootballtalkmakesmefrustrated

08/20/2011 - 11:27am OT: What's with the scarlet

OT: What's with the scarlet red boarders around everyone's avatar? Did I miss something, or is my computer just melting down. It's like I'm on an Tsio board. Brady Hoke would not approve of this much red. It is not tremendous.

08/09/2011 - 3:51pm Darryl should just be glad he

Darryl should just be glad he got suspended and that Hoke didn't decide to Stonum. That wouldn't Khoury much favor in Ann Arbor though, which I hear is Avery liberal town.

08/09/2011 - 3:41pm Roh, no! The puns are coming.

Roh, no! The puns are coming. I'm gonna Molk this for all it's worth.

08/06/2011 - 12:58pm Was there a sign on the wall,

Was there a sign on the wall, left of the projector screen that had the days since we last beat Ohio? It was around the 6:20-6:30 mark of the video. I thought the number was 2811 or something. I heard we had countdown clocks, but didn't know we had a "days since" calendar as well. Nice that it is front and center, staring the players in the face when they are in there for meetings. I can't wait until that number is 0 after this year.

-Beat Ohio!

08/04/2011 - 6:41am posted from iPhone

I read your comment and all I could hear in my head was fat Bart Simpson saying, "I wash myself with a rag on a stick." I would post the video here, but I haven't figured that out via the app yet (if it's even possible).

07/15/2011 - 1:42pm Cupholders? We don't need no

Cupholders? We don't need no stinking cupholders. #flaskofwhiskeyinpants

07/15/2011 - 1:32pm Poor Consuela. If someone

Poor Consuela. If someone would just buy her the DAMN LEMON PLEDGE she's been requesting for years now, maybe she'd lighten up a little. You try to dust a house full of nice wood furniture without Pledge. Try it! It's frustrating. #lemonpledgeisadustersgiftfromgod

07/12/2011 - 12:29pm Man, Brian. Marriage has

Man, Brian. Marriage has already turned you into a cynical bastard. Quick honeymoon, eh. How dare you use your "research" and "data" to dash my wildly overestimated dreams of what this defense will be next year with the Mattison's Magic Defense Dust sprinkled all over it.

Aw, Hamburgers...

07/12/2011 - 12:23pm Here you go:
07/11/2011 - 8:48pm posted from iPhone

I want this to be the new 'snake oil'. I drink your milkshake. DRINK IT UP!

06/24/2011 - 3:11pm That's too bad. I was hoping

That's too bad. I was hoping his milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard.

06/24/2011 - 10:03am Other than Jeremy Clark from

Other than Jeremy Clark from Kentucky, yes I think this wraps up the DB recruiting. Sam mentioned this morning that the coaches may offer Clark a scholarship early instead of the greyshirt if Wilson decides to go elsewhere. We're battling ND and PSU for Wilson's commit, so there's good competition for his services.