Dawson has top two

Submitted by death by wolverine on October 28th, 2012 at 8:08 PM

According to Eleven Warriors, Dawson has a top two of Ohio and MSU.

[Ed-Ace: This is relevant information, but let's just say the discussion didn't go well. Locking this down.]



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Fine. But you know what other fanbases tweet shit at recruits and current athletes? All 120 or however many FBS teams there are. The UM fanbase is no better than anyone elses, we have good fans and we have idiot fans. The sooner we stop thinking that we are Michigan and we must be above these lowbrow shenanigans, the better we'll be and can stop worrying about it or burying our heads in the sand thinking that those fans don't account for a portion of our fanbase.


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I'm sorry, I know some sour grapes exist between the two sides, but to act like it's not a big deal if he commits to one of our rivals is asinine. I take a specific interest in the recruting efforts of our rivals and I certainly don't want to have play Dawson down the road.


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This kid has turned into a "me" guy. We are al about "team" guys. He would not fit in with the type of individuals that Hoke is recruiting. I hope he goes to MSU, it will be enjoyable to put the beat down on him over the next 4-5 yrs.


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Kid threw away his commitment to Michigan because he thought he'd have a spot at Florida. Then that's not 100% and decides he wants to stay close to home. Nothing like teenagers.

NYC Blue

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A kid picking OSU or MSU over Michigan means something fishy is going on?

Please.  Spare us all.

The kid changed his mind.  He is allowed to do this.  Let it go.  Not everything is a conspiracy.


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Real sick of these threads but I have to admit it's baffling that he went from loving Michigan to  liking both of our biggest rivals.  Maybe it turns out he just doesn't want to go to Florida after his visit and now wants to stay close to home again, but has already burned the bridge with Hoke.  Or it could be something completely unlike that.  Hence the worthlessness of threads like this.  If he said why this has all happened then I'd be interested.


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be all the idiots tweeting at him making M look terrible. It drives me bonkers that people are out there tweeting at DD like they know him and questioning his decision. He made his decision, I'm fine with it. I was excited about seeing him play for M, but I understand he has to make a decision that is best for him. So frustrating to see people give our fans a bad name.

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Every fan base has idiots, he is  using ours to feel better about no longer being apart of this class.  I hate the idiots that would even say anything to him about his decision and talking about his Dad is totally classless.  I hope he is able to land on his feet and if that means playing for a rival and losing to Michigan 3 or 4 times in his career so be it.


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Did Florida say no thanks? INteresting.

Edit* I think this thread is post worthy. Especially given the weak depth we will have next year, esp if Lewan declares early. Wouldn't mind repairing that bridge.


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I stopped following him a while ago but the kid keeps mentioning how Michigan fans trolled him including one who mentioned something about being glad his father died or something along those lines. Ever since then Dawson has had it out for Michigan. Sometimes I wish our fan base would just shut up and use twitter the right way or not at all.


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Agree with that sentiment, but who knows if it was a real Michigan fan or a troll. If twitter must exist, then the only thing our fans should be tweeting them are compliments, congratulations, and warnings that just because a follower has a block M as their picture doesn't mean he's a Michigan fan.  Trolls are getting organized.


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There are certain type of guys that I just don't care to see end up in a Michigan class.  Dawson is one of them.  After following his situation since he committed, he loves drama.  


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Kalis loved OSU for so long and committed there. Then after time, he switched his commitment to us. Best of luck to Dawson 11 games out of the year wherever he plays. And he can enjoy losing whenever he plays us. Go BLUE


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I hate when people make this comparison.  Kalis decommitted while OSU was embroiled in a massive scandal and the head coach who he had been planning to play for was forced out.  Neither of those things are true in this situation.  By some accounts it sounds like Dawson actively lied to (or at least misled in one way or another) our coaches to take visits they didn't want him to take.  Please don't compare this kid to Kalis, who I should mention, is now ON OUR ROSTER, and thereby deserves wayyyy more of our love / respect than some uncommitted recruit.  Kalis =/= Dawson at all

Perkis-Size Me

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Wow. This kid must seriously have a personal vendetta against UM now. What the hell happened that makes a kid go from loving Michigan to de-committing and naming its top two rivals as his favorites? This isn't a simple "I want to re-think my options." Someone did or said something to piss him off.

NYC Blue

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a) It takes a particular brand of egocentric thinking to believe that "how can I screw Michigan" is even in this kid's top 10 reasons for picking his future college.  That OSU and MSU are rivals is just one thing they have in common.  That they are both midwestern schools with major football programs, strong tradition, good facilities, rabid fanbases, good histories of getting players to the NFL, and are close to home are also things they have in common and probably have more to do with it.

b) if he DID chose based on how to screw Michigan, it would be childish, but given some of the tweets from Michigan fans described above, I would understand why he might feel like doing that. (though again, it is a terrible way to make such a huge decision and I doubt this has anything to do with his choice)