Anyone heard news about Pipkins?

Submitted by mabrsu on May 28th, 2014 at 2:41 PM

Has anyone heard any news about Ondre Pipkins in recent months?  It seems like he will likely be lost for this fall, since we haven't heard much news.  Has he been able to control his weight? 

If it is in his best interest, I hope they redshirt him to give 2 full and healthy seasons left of eligbility.


Darker Blue

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I heard he ate Subway for lunch. 6 inch turkey no cheese, lettuce tomatoe black olives with lite mayo. 

Pee Wee is going to be fine, its cool to wonder about a player, even cool to ask a message board question about it. BUT don't imply that he's not a dedicated Michigan Athlete. 


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I'm sure he's fine. By the time fall camp starts it will have been 9 month since the injury. My guess is that his playing time will be limited in the early part of the season, but he'll be close to 100% by the time conference play starts.


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I believe Pipkins did suit up for the spring game, although I cannot remember if he played extensively or not - I would imagine not much if at all depending on where he is in his recovery, but I could be wrong. He is also still in virtually every projection to be in the starting front four on defense, and while an article a few weeks ago mentioned that he was "still recovering" from the ACL injury, they gave every indication that he should be at least close to ready by the time the season starts. 


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General rule of thumb for name misspellings:

If you see a name and think it's misspelled, but that misspelling creates the word "pimp" anywhere within the name, it's more than likely that the mistake was not a mistake at all.


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Jake and I had our ACL reconstructive surgeries about a week apart (mine before) and I feel the same way. I've been mountain biking for 3 weeks and playing around with the dogs in the backyard since the snow melted. My knee feels great.

Good news on Jake. Thanks for posting the tweet!


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Him and I had surgery the same day. He is a professional athlete and healed close to me, but runs twice as fast and gets hit. I was back on my skates when he was playing, but it took me an extra 2 months to get full movement. I don't have access to 8 hours a day with a therapist, hydro, electric and injection therapy.


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So because we haven't heard much about him (like every other player on the team) that means he'll be lost for the season? Shoot. I haven't heard an update on like three-quarters of the roster, so, we're fucked.


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Quite hypocritical. Even though it was very poorly done, all the person wanted to know was simply, what's up with Pipkins and you mock them. Mocking someone, one way or another, implies you think they are stupid. It's just passive aggressive. Using the blog to mock someone that you so openly choose not to support by not purchasing an HTTV because Brian explicitly called people stupid one day is hypocritical. Where do you work or what business do you own so people can chose to support or not support it based on your behavior on this blog? At least when Brian makes his comments his identity isn't hidden. I don't have a personal vendetta, but it does bother me when people hold others to a higher standard than themselves.


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I was merely joking, I'm sorry if it came off overly mean, as that was not my intent.  The OP overreacted, and I poked a little fun at him for it.  

I sell an ultrasound device.  If you work for a hospital and are in the market for one of those, check with me and I'll let you know which company I'm with so you know to buy one of my competitors. They're cheaper anyway.  


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I think you're assuming too much based on the fact we haven't heard anything.  I'm sure it's just a simple explanation that the coaches intend to have him lose about 65 lbs and move to fullback, redshirt for a year while he learns the position and his new role in the one-back offense, and will be ready to be a beast of a lead blocker by 2015.


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Good for fall. Was good weeks ago, but they held him out of spring game. He, Earl, Frank,and Beyer will start in first game on DL unless something changes. Horses' mouths. Thank me later.