Another Edwards coming to UM

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Sorry if already posted, but Berkley Edwards announced he will grad transfer to UM for his 6th year.  He played at Minny and CMU.   He's very fast.  Could be useful at KR or even a little time at RB.



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Maybe. But he hasn't done very much at Minnesota or CMU. He averaged 16.8 yards/return as a kick returner. We have better guys than him.

I guess that's why he's coming in as a walk-on.

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Listen to Sam Webb's podcast on WTKA (Michigan Insider). He talked with Stanley Edward's and he 's doing it for the opportunity to wear the winged helmet, run down the tunnel, and be the third Edward's to represent Michigan. He'll be a walk on and made the decision after he was accepted to U of M grad school. Sounds like he's doing it for all the right reasons.


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Well, even if only for a year, it will be interesting to have another Edwards on the team. He too a pretty roundabout route to Ann Arbor from Chelsea, which is where he went to high school, I believe, but still, glad to have him. 


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The sarcasm is obvious. Hence the "trolling trolls" comment. Especially when it's the same joke every thread over and over again. Some people here enjoy being trolls to other trolls more than reading/sharing actual Michigan related content here.

I can't wait to be the 7th person to say "Ohhhhh I guess Harbaugh/Beilein can't recruit huh bluey/maizen" in the next commit thread. /s...

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Edwards redshirted his first year at Minnesota and then showed some flashes in his RS FR year, but was still probably too small. I always thought RB was an odd fit for him at Minnesota due to his size. He started working more as a hybrid slot/RB type in the spring before he left Minnesota, similar to Norfleet at Michigan, which was probably a better fit for him but maybe not enough to get a good number of touches (particularly with the other talent at RB).

He didn't really do much at CMU, but he has some good speed and he's decent in space. If you want to see how Harbaugh would approximately have used Norfleet, a micro-sized change-of-pace RB/slot in Berkley Edwards is pretty close. He has more straight line speed than Norfleet, probably not quite as much shiftiness to him, but has a good makeup for a returner (though kick returns will be relatively negligible given the new rules, IMO)


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MGoBlog moment of fame: I blocked for Berkley our senior year at Chelsea High school. He was a state medalist in track which definitely did translate in the open field. Quiet, nice kid who played really well when he was pissed off and was able to truck a bunch D3 high school kids. Had good hands and was pretty shifty but probably not elite enough in terms of shiftiness to be that small and perform well at a D-1 college. I really hope he breaks into the lineup somehow, definitely would be cool to see him succeed where his brother and father starred.


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that to me is probably the bigger point/sounds like he's a good kid, with family lineage. His dad was a stud, his brother was talented but had some quirks that just bothered me. It's cool he has a chance to finish his football career at UM. Hope he can contribute in some way, or at the very least have a chance to live his dream. Doubtful he will be in Heisman contention, but I don't think that's his focus.


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Good.  It was stupid when Braylon freaked out about him not being offered, but it's a nice little symmetry that he'll get a final year at UM.