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Brian October 16th, 2012 at 1:43 PM

Sponsor note. I get a lot of emails from lawyers and guys with three letter acronym jobs, because it's the internet, where lawyers and blankEOs are everywhere. I assume some of you are big ballers. This Is Michigan, after all, the kind of school that spits out big ballers left and right, often from Ross. If you're one of those people who instantly zips to the end of any paragraph about ticket prices because it's just not relevant, I may have a watch for you.


I got lunch with Shashi Mara to talk about an advertising relationship and was impressed with the risk he was taking. He dumped a nice job for a pair of crampons he wandered around Switzerland in, finding wizened old men with amazing dexterity and inch-thick glasses to create an exclusive line of officially-licensed watches. He did this with absolutely no idea how it would work out, and still doesn't, but he was clearly thrilled just to have the things he'd set out to make. His attention to detail resonated with me, as did his desire to create something of his own.

If you're a big baller who has gravitated here, you may appreciate the similarities between what this place offers and the ethos behind MaraWatch. If you're at the point where you've rarely got opportunities to turn a number in a bank account into something you love, something you might get excited about handing down to the next generation in your family, a mutual accord to transfer numbers and goods awaits you at MaraWatch. Visit the site, email, or call (617-833-3819) to lock down one of just 50 pieces in this year's collection. You'll have to beat everyone to #16.

Bring it back man. MVictors scored some pictures from the old locker rooms painted by local artist Jil Gordon:


You can feel the Bo emanating from the walls.This one is from the hockey locker room:


Also, hello, I am six years old in a library.

Patrick Omameh a nice guy. He was one of 11 players on this year's Good Works team:

"I was in the room, and it was my first time meeting the kid," Kovacs said. "And then Patrick walks in. It's this kid's 13th birthday. And as soon as Pat walks in, this kid's face just lights up.

"It's just unreal, the spark in the room. It was a special moment."

Click through for awwww picture.

MSU injury checkup. Dion Sims is still not on the MSU depth chart, which generally means he won't play. I don't think we'll know until MSU's first offensive snap what his real status is; it seems doubtful he can return from what seems like a high ankle sprain in two weeks. In lieu of Sims MSU went with a lot of three-wide I-form against Iowa, FWIW.

Also, MSU starting safety Jarius Jones didn't dress against the Hawkeyes; guard Blake Treadwell only saw a snap when Chris McDonald's helmet popped off. Either could be available this week.  Jones is listed as Lewis's backup; Treadwell is behind Jack Allen at LG.

Michigan is fully healthy save Countess and a couple backup DL, knock on wood.

Nebraskethockey. Corn Nation discusses the possibility of a Cornpack hockey team after an AP writer suggested it was going to happen:

After hearing Eichorst give nod to Mark Johnson, I predict#Huskers will play B1G hockey within next 6-8 years

Opinions are split down the middle. The situation at Nebraska is fairly attractive, though.  Lincoln already has the USHL's Stars, who lead that league in attendance with a respectable 3,900 fans a game. They'd have a natural in-state rival in UNO, would get to join the Big Ten, are in the heart of USHL country, and could use the Stars' rink. A major gift has already been made for a couple of rinks near campus, and while those are not D-I ready a push from the athletic department could alter the course of that development. A new downtown arena has put in piping for ice facilities, as well.

If the Huskers became competitive—and if UNO can do it there's no reason UNL can't—they'd be an attendance success, I'm betting. We'll see what Eichorst wants to do—if he can find the money (and everyone has ALL THE MONEY these days) I bet he goes for it.

Lewan rising. Plz no leave think of the Jake Long?

Taylor Lewan*/T/Michigan: Lewan is the first of three offensive linemen rising up draft boards and an underclassman who continues to impress scouts. He looked outstanding in all areas against the athletic Illinois defense. His skills in pass protection were outstanding as Lewan had no problem controlling defensive ends or oncoming blitzers. Watching the big left tackle easily move down the field blocking in motion was especially impressive. There's a very good chance Lewan will be the first offensive tackle selected if he enters the 2013 NFL Draft.

Ah yup.

Levert right now? Rothstein on Caris Levert:

4. Expect at least one surprise

With this much talent on the roster, there is bound to be a surprise one way or another. So in that vein, pay attention in exhibition games to freshman Caris LeVert. His teammates raved about him during media day, and it did not sound like empty hype. Instead, it has been a consistent theme throughout the summer -- Michigan's final piece to its five-man recruiting class has a chance to be really, really good. He has already put weight on his thin frame since arriving at Michigan and while he might not make an immediate impact, he could be a surprise for the Wolverines sooner than later.

Zack Novak followed that up with a tweet: "I'll go ahead and ruin the surprise on 4. The kid can play." Michigan did essentially dump a ready-to-commit Amadeo Della Valle for Levert, and ADV ended up at OSU so they weren't tossing a scrub aside. Levert also won an Ohio player of the year award with a pretty nice track record:

JJHuddle Players of the Year
2012: Caris Levert, Pickerington Central (Ohio)
2011: Trey Burke, Northland (Michigan)
2010: Jared Sullinger, Northland (Ohio State)
2009: Jared Sullinger, Northland (Ohio State)
2008: William Buford, Toledo Libbey (Ohio State) & B.J. Mullens, Canal Winchester (Ohio State/Charlotte Bobcats)
2007: Jon Diebler, Upper Sandusky (Ohio State)

I'll take two, thanks.

Dumb punt of the week. BONUS: I reminded the Mathlete of the Dumb Punt of the Week, which I missed dearly, and he promised to revive it. Last week's—as in games on the sixth:

Midway through the first quarter Akron faced a daunting 4th and 3 from the Bowling Green 32 and elected to punt the ball away.

Special note goes to Randy Edsall who punted from the 48 on 4th and 2 trailing by 1 in the 4th quarter. They later went on to score and go up 5 with about 5 minutes left and then kicked the extra point, to protect against two Wake Forest field goals in the final 5 minutes. Of course Maryland missed the PAT.

These make me feel wonderful about Brady Hoke.

inigomontoya.jpg. Fuggin' Walverines:

In Ann Arbor now, f'ing hate these &$¥+&&. Such arrogant snobs

A-maize-ing. Every idiot is wearing their colors today and the nurses and docs that know I'm a huge MSU alum/fan are all consoling me over the weekends games.... They're all like. ... Well this weeks game will be close.... Blah blah blah... We're not that good.... Maxwell is the next Cousins...... Illinois is horrible.... Blah blah blah

The nerve.

[After the JUMP: Josh Furman's gonna kill that poor woman, Walter.]

Via Ace:


Etc.: Offensive checkup at the halfway point. Michigan's big round number wins. The stadium late at night. No one is sexing on the 50. 2001 outrage recapped. We Are ND vs OU Anthem: fight. Slippery Rock explained.



October 16th, 2012 at 2:16 PM ^

Looks like somebody took the time to figure out the demographics of the average Mgoblog reader skewed pretty far into the affluent territory and might be worth a few shekels to a potential advertiser.

Next stop - BMW ads!


October 16th, 2012 at 2:28 PM ^

Dude shows up at a U-M medical facility, sees doctors and nurses wearing their maize and blue unis and this surprises him? What a fuggin' idiot.


October 16th, 2012 at 4:27 PM ^

Man, Rivals needs to improve their data consistency.

Donnal is from Monclova, not Monclavia.

He goes to Anthony Wayne High School, named after the general who commanded troops against Native Americans in the Battle of Fallen Timbers.  

(they recently built a mall on the site of the historic battle)

Anyway, Rivals... pick up your game a bit. 


October 16th, 2012 at 2:37 PM ^

so he placed them around the dial to correspond with the hours.

Otherwise, I think it's pretty humdrum, design-wise. I question whether anybody willing to drop a big box of cash on an out-of-date piece of technology would wear something like this, but then I wouldn't even spend $60 on a jersey myself, so what do I know.

1989 UM GRAD

October 16th, 2012 at 5:15 PM ^

...has one of those Casio calculator watches.  We were shopping at American Apparel and he spotted it among their watches.  He's had to listen to repeated stories about how we had one of those when we were his age.  Kudos to him for keeping the eye-rolling to a minimum.

Reno Drew

October 16th, 2012 at 2:54 PM ^

Q  What is the difference between a watch and a time piece?

A.  About $10,000.

Need to start an over/under on the watches.  I'm guessing the base watch starts at about $7500.  Kind of pricey for stainless steel cases on all three models

Reno Drew

October 17th, 2012 at 1:33 PM ^

I was pretty close.... just got an e-mail...

-    The Game Changer (limited to 30 pieces): $7,995
-    The Rainmaker (limited to 12 pieces): $6,995
-    The Risk Taker (limited to 8 pieces): $6,995
-    Custom handmade straps: $200 to $350 each

Can't figure out why the more limited ones cost less....


October 16th, 2012 at 3:50 PM ^

I guess I just don't get men's jewelry.  I don't think there's much difference in a nice expensive watch, and say a $10k watch unless there are diamonds in it and stuff. And I can't see why you need diamonds on your watch.  The thing's there to tell time. Even a really nice suit, you can often seen the difference in quality compared to off the rack (though you make the great point elsewhere you can get a suit just as well tailored overseas for cheap). With tech, the thing actually does stuff. Do people pay a little more for an iPad than another tablet for name value? Sure, but it's not thousands, and usually there some usability factor in there too. If I'm getting a Lamborghini, it's not for the name and the hood ornament. It's for a cool looking car that goes really fast. (For the same reason, while not quite the same class, I wouldn't get a BMW because your paying for the name...and some reliability....but other than a few models the looks and performance are awful compared to other high end cool cars). 

A ridiculously expensive watch isn't a sports car that I can actually do something with; it a gold plated toilet that just says "look how much money I have!"