MGoPodcast 10.2: Return to Hat Sender

MGoPodcast 10.2: Return to Hat Sender Comment Count

Seth September 10th, 2018 at 7:28 AM

1 hour and 53 minutes

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1. Offense

starts at 1:00

Booing after the first drive is a new level of grumpiness. Deatherage is the greatest football last name. That cut that Chris Evans can make should be a regular part of the offense. Four or five Shea Patterson throws were very impressive. Redshirts and backup hour.

2. Defense

starts at 30:28

At what point does it become not okay to crack a shutout with a field goal when that can't help you win? It was blocked, but ethically permissible. The 3-tech rotation is Kemp now. Hill in the slot is pleasing. Hawkins played well again—working his way onto the field—he's the next safety up after the starters. Ross is now leading that WLB race. Brian doesn't believe we call Watson #Swatson so he owes me a candy bar. Backup hour: Carl Myers played before Jeter, concern at DT depth now?

3. Special Teams & Feelingsball

starts at 50:34

Nordin misses a 40ish-yard field goal—doesn't make us feel fuzzy. Will Hart punts for 170 yards on three punts tho. If he's going to average 56 yards per punt they can put a redshirt on Robbins. Props to Western Michigan's big big boy at tight end. God bless everyone who doesn't say dumb stuff at a football game.

4. Around the Big Ten wsg Jamie MacMillan

starts at 1:06:36

Jonathan Taylor fumbles, Wisconsin still rumbles. Illinois wanted more flair out of their last win of 2018. Rutgers can now score on Ohio State, plays Kansas next. Antoine Winfield Jr.'s crazy notwithstanding, a bit close for Fresno, but their walk-on QB is better than guys they had before. Penn State pulled away in the 2nd half in the rain, Pitt is only running and their Aussie punter can't hold onto the ball. El Assico shoulda ended 6-3. Indiana football has completed DeBorded. The Golden Age of Eastern Michigan football. Northwestern loses the Quiz Bowl. Nebraska almost beats Colorado and almost doesn't lose their only quarterback. MSU El-Assico went to whoever learned to stop running first; State's secondary is not good. I don't want to know who the Arizona State running back is.


  • "September"—Earth, Wind & Fire
  • "PDA"—Interpol
  • "Do the Bartman"—The Simpsons (w/ Michael Jackson)
  • “Across 110th Street”


    This is like the Brady-Henson situation except Henson is a potato


    MGoPodcast 9.23: The Inspiration Story is Playing Over the Lottery Pick

    MGoPodcast 9.23: The Inspiration Story is Playing Over the Lottery Pick Comment Count

    Seth March 20th, 2018 at 8:22 AM

    1 hour and 7 minutes


    seriously who did this?

    We are back at the Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown which has a new conference room now that Notre Dame has one more Big Ten championship than Rutgers.

    We Couldn’t Have One Without the Other

    We can do this because people support us. You should support them too so they’ll want to do it again next year! The show is presented by UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan there would be VERY long hiatuses between podcasts.

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    1. Staeenfraude

    starts at 1:00

    Syracuse is not a good basketball team. Josh Langford with 20% usage and 37 ORtg. MSU with 29 OREBs and still losing. Ben Carter ain’t Mitch McGary, Tom. Touchdown, Billy Taylor!


    Texas A&M Preview

    starts at 16:40

    Bombed North Carolina so bad people thought we might rather face North Carolina. This is definitively not true: A&M is a bad shooting team that had a crazy good shooting night until UNC got desperate and allowed a lot of runouts. Good at running you off the line—they contest shots, don’t go for steals, rebound and shotblock well. Lost starting PG (the Marquette transfer) was lost at mid-season and replacement is an offensive hole with Rob Gray usage. They play the way they make you play: will challenge Wagner and Robinson in the post and try to get them in foul trouble. Get to 1 PPP and stop their transition and win.

    The Rest of the Region

    starts at 37:04

    FSU: coach in the tournament who looks the most like a character from The Wire, spectacularly large big men with spectacular names. Xavier turned the ball over a ton, which was out of character for them. But it’ll probably be Gonzaga, who’s a much tougher matchup. Stretch five knocking down 48% of his threes. They’re all foreign, they’re all tall. Kentucky is the team it’s likely to end against if it gets that far. But start making shots guys.

    Gimmicky Top Five: Worst Commercials during NCAAs

    starts at 52:27

    Difference of opinion on the Spike Lee, Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson buddy film. I’m glad they brought up the awful lady who throws all her stuff out the window. Get Doris Burke. Insurances we can’t buy. Ace’s bloody Great Clips experience. Nationwide upper middle class white guy ballads because we’re all still singing “Nationwide, that kid just died.” Yelling “dilly dilly” is a very little brother thing to do.



    • “No Scrubs”—TLC
    • “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”—Neutral Milk Hotel
    • “Poets”—The Tragically Hip
    • “Across 110th Street”


    If I was Jaren Jackson and someone asked me if I was leaving for the NBA draft I’d be like ‘I just played 15 minutes in an NCAA tournament game. Yes I’m gone.’”


    MGoPodcast 9.4: Pogs Tackles

    MGoPodcast 9.4: Pogs Tackles Comment Count

    Seth September 25th, 2017 at 7:48 AM

    1 hour and 18 minutes


    [Bryan Fuller]

    We recorded this podcast once again at the Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown. Their rooms for the remaining home games are booking up very quickly so get on that or wind up staying somewhere where the closest thing in walking distance is a Burger King.

    We Couldn’t Have One Without the Other

    We can do this because people support us. You should support them too so they’ll want to do it again next year! The show is presented by UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan we’d be talking to ourselves.

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    1. The Offense

    starts at 1:00

    We welcome our new version of John O’Korn overlords. All hail the practice hype. Especially nice that we don’t have to worry what happened to Brandon Peters anymore. Throw the ball to Perry and the tight ends: easy. Chris Evans also took back his job. Offensive line…that’s a discussion.

    2. The Defense

    starts at 23:06

    We welcome back our Don Brown overlords. We’re not allowed to sacrifice unto linebacking god Devin Bush until we have properly performed the ritual reading of Purdue’s second half drives. Praise also unto the secondary, McCray for not getting edged in this game, and even the refs, if backhandedly.

    3. Special Teams and Game Theory

    starts at 37:27

    Brad Robbins has a prospectin’ name: Ol’ Quinn Nordin. Long speculation on the maximum number of players Michigan can reasonably have in the box score wearing number three. Also Brad Robbins has the punting job. Purdue’s punter erased DPJ. Crawford kickoff grumblin.

    4. Talking Big Ten with Jamie Mac

    starts at 48:20

    Just Ace and Jamie since sick Brian was done being a jackhammer. What happens in a game versus Vegas hopefully stays in Vegas. What happens at night in Kinnick fortunately stays there too. Maryland on its fourteenth starting quarterback in six years loses to Scott Frost, who’s going to have a better job than UCF next year. Speaking of, Nebraska is horrible. Michigan State nearly loses their quarterback in a valiant attempt to win with dignity. Blocky-catchy offense FTW!



    “Freak on a Leash”—Korn

    “Domesticated Animals”—Queens of the Stone Age

    “Vinca Rosea”—MF Doom

    “Across 110th Street”



    Hello: Deron Irving-Bey

    Hello: Deron Irving-Bey Comment Count

    Ace December 19th, 2016 at 4:06 PM

    [Dave Nasternak/MGoBlog]

    Four-star Flint Southwestern DL Deron Irving-Bey committed to Michigan this afternoon to end a long in-state battle between the Wolverines and Michigan State. The Spartans were long thought to be the leader in Irving-Bey's recruitment. SpartanTailgate expected him to be an imminent addition to the class after MSU offered in May:

    Per a source, Michigan State had the lead for Irving-Bey even before he had an offer from MSU. Michigan State co-defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett has been in touch with Irving-Bey since January and has done an outstanding job recruiting him. Irving-Bey plans to visit Michigan State again very soon. A source added that if MSU stays on Irving-Bey that he’ll end up a Spartan soon.

    In October, SpartanTailgate posted a slideshow of MSU's top five most-wanted recruits. Irving-Bey topped the list*:

    Some recruiting insiders are hearing Irving-Bey is leaning towards Michigan, but a source close to him told Spartan Tailgate, "I know he loves Michigan State and I'm surprised he hasn't already committed." Irving-Bey plans to take an official visit Tennessee later on this month. We are also told Irving-Bey plans to visit Michigan State again in the near future. Irving-Bey is a high priority for Michigan State because he has the ability to play the same positions for MSU as Malik McDowell does. He can play multiple positions on the defensive line and with McDowell likely to declare for the NFL after his junior season, Irving-Bey is a must get for the Spartans in the class of 2017.

    By that time, however, Irving-Bey had become an increasingly frequent visitor to Ann Arbor. A visit to East Lansing (for the Michigan game, incidentally) was sandwiched between an October unofficial and December official visit to Michigan. As Crystal Ball picks to Michigan came flooding in, SpartanTailgate sources changed their tune:

    According to a Wolverine source, "The only way Michigan doesn't get Irving-Bey is if he waits too long."

    Irving-Bey has taken official visits to Maryland on Dec. 3 and Michigan on Dec. 10. Irving-Bey is announcing at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and likely to select Michigan but could still visit MSU.

    A source close to Irving-Bey said, "Deron is still looking at Michigan State and plans to visit there in January."

    A separate source said, "A darkhorse in Irving-Bey's recruitment is Maryland." ...

    247Sports ranks Irving-Bey as the No. 5 strong-side defensive end in the country. Michigan State is recruiting to Irving-Bey play defensive tackle.

    A source added that, "Irving-Bey's senior film wasn't that impressive and doesn't play with a high motor."

    Spartan Tailgate was told Irving-Bey is not likely to end up at Michigan State unless they miss out on several other defensive linemen targets ahead of him. That's one of the reasons why Irving-Bey hasn't taken an official visit to Michigan State yet.

    Here are a couple totally unrelated screenshots:

    Here is a full list of 2017 Michigan State commits on the defensive line along with their 247 Composite rankings:

    Three-star SDE Jacub Panasiuk (#26 SDE, #641 overall)
    Three-star WDE Lashawn Paulino-Bell (#39 WDE, #709 overall)
    Three-star WDE Donovan Winter (#73 WDE, NR overall)

    The Spartans do not have a defensive tackle in the class and zero of the 13 DTs in the 247 database holding offers from MSU are listed with more than "cool" interest in the Spartans. Seven of them have already committed to other schools, including Michigan commit Phil Paea. The remaining six don't have a single MSU Crystal Ball selection between them. The only strongside end listed as "warm" for MSU weighs 215 pounds and is ranked 1240th overall. They're expected to pick up a commitment from a 230-pound weakside end they offered yesterday who's ranked 2106th.

    But, yeah, I'm sure they passed on the consensus four-star from Flint because he was too far down their board.

    A source tells me Irving-Bey is not expected to make that January visit to East Lansing.

    *The rest of the list: #5 Christian Cumber (Colorado State commit), #4 Lynn Bowden (Kentucky holds large lead on Crystal Ball), #3 Ambry Thomas (heh), and #2 KJ Hamler (Penn State). I'm noting this both for the lols and to save for posterity in case it mysteriously disappears from SpartanTailgate's archives.


    Scout Rivals ESPN 247 247 Comp
    4*, #24 DE,
    #279 Ovr
    3*, #18 SDE 4*, 81, #18 DT,
    #258 Ovr
    4*, 93, #5 SDE,
    #186 Ovr
    4*, #9 SDE,
    #270 Ovr

    Scout and ESPN both have Irving-Bey at the tail end of their top 300 lists; 247 is the bullish outlier, Rivals the bearish. His position rankings are all over the place because there isn't a consensus on whether he'll wind up on the inside or outside of the defensive line. Like fellow 2017 commits James Hudson and Donovan Jeter, Irving-Bey could be a DT or SDE at Michigan, and like Hudson he even has some potential as an offensive tackle.

    Irving-Bey is listed at 6'5" by every site save ESPN (6'4") and somewhere between 265 and 284 pounds to every site save Rivals (a comically low/outdated 245).

    [Hit THE JUMP for scouting, highlights, and more.]


    One Frame At A Time: Michigan State

    One Frame At A Time: Michigan State Comment Count

    Ace November 1st, 2016 at 5:23 PM

    If I were simply hoping to sum up the game in GIF form, the above would suffice. But y'all had requests. So, so many requests. I appreciated each and every one of them.

    Before I get to those, though, I have to acknowledge one reader who went above and beyond this week. The MGoStaff will all have physical copies of Monday's peak self-burn State News thanks to user TitaniumTim, who responded to my call yesterday and confirmed today that a shipment is headed our way. We cannot thank him enough.

    And now, there are 70 more GIFs to post.

    [Hit THE JUMP for a single-game record number of MGoGIFs.]


    MGoPodcast 8.8: The Situation Trophy

    MGoPodcast 8.8: The Situation Trophy

    1 hour and 17 minutes


    [Eric Upchurch]


    A big thanks to our sponsors. The show is presented by UGP & Moe's and frankly would not be happening without them; Rishi and company have been on board here from almost the beginning. Shopping with them helps us and supports good dudes. Check out the new Bo Store on Main.

    Our other sponsors are also key in the expanding empire: thanks to Homesure Lending, Ann Arbor Elder Law, Liz Crowe, the Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown, the University of Michigan Alumni Association, Michigan Law Grad, Tailgater Concierge, and debuting this week, Deo Bookkeeping, in the darkness.

    1. Offense

    starts at 1:00

    Higdon is better than Weber. That unstoppable offset draw. Braden at left tackle. Speight puts himself back on the Rudock trajectory. A wild Wheatley touchdown appears.

    2. Defense

    starts at 22:15

    Eh, it was the usual. Hurst bellyrub and the likeability factor, Glasgow running a quarterback out of bounds for no gain. Nitpicks: Metellus suspectedon the Turner catch over Gedeon, Winovich blamed for that one long run, and random chance finally answering a prayer blamed for the TD.

    3. Fifteen minutes of giggling over Ohio State

    starts at 36:44

    This was an upset, but lol: Ohio State has a loss—kick six part of an uncharacteristic special teams meltdown. Barrett shut down as a runner.

    4. Talking Big Ten With Jamie Mac

    starts at 52:38

    Perry Hills: no picks! Funniest part of MSU-Maryland? Eastern Michigan is ahead of Michigan State in S&P+ rankings. Iowa could backdoor cover that 7-win threshold this year with a bowl win. Wisconsin appears to be legit; Nebraska hasn’t really paid anyone. Clayton Thorson: unstoppable throw god 2.0; Austin Carr could have something to do with that. Lagow took the chaos out of chaosteam; their right tackle is a problem spot. Rutgers-Minnesota was an even game. Commissioning Rivalry Trophy for Rutgers-MSU.


    • “I Want to Go Back to Michigan”—UM Marching Band
    • “I Want to Go Back to Michigan”—Judy Garland
    • “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
    • “Across 110th Street”


    Dear Diary is Waving Like He Just Don’t Care

    Dear Diary is Waving Like He Just Don’t Care Comment Count

    Seth October 14th, 2016 at 4:49 PM



    Happy 10-year anniversary, Anthony. Anthony? You can get up now. Seriously you guys just scored or something I think.


    The conference win probabilities in Ecky Pting’s mid-season B1G Expectations say Michigan is likely to make it to The Game undefeated and has a 37% chance of winning out. Also it’ll be an uphill battle for one adjacent rival to make a bowl according to S&P:


    State’s expected conference wins is now at 2.7, meaning if they’re a little bit lucky they’ll finish this season 5-7. Everybody in the B1G West is mediocre except Illinois leans pretty bad and Purdue is awful.


    BlueBarron is Patrick Barron, whose photography was first featured in HTTV Hockey-Hoops several years back when he was on the Daily, and who’s now part of our staff. He went to Rutgers and wrote a photo journal capturing the electric atmosphere of a night game in Piscataway:


    Okay surely they looked more excited AFTER the game started.


    See? There are two dudes behind the field goal who even have their arms in the air.

    Also David Nasternack, who’s our do-everything behind the scenes guy, wrote up the first hockey game.


    As Brian mentioned in his game column after Rutgers, the last time a team got beat as badly as Rutgers by Michigan, it was 1939, and the University of Chicago (HINT HINT) shut down its football team shortly after. The grandson of 1939 Michigan player Fred Olds wrote a diary about his grandpa’s team and how the OP became a fan. Those pre-War teams do still get together, though there are very few of them left.

    MGrowOld has continued his own historical series, the badly titled “Forgotten Blue”, about Michigan greats that nobody has forgotten. The latest was mono-paw pitcher Jim Abbott. Fellow pitching great Jennie Ritter was before that. Rudy Tomjanovich was before that. Who’s that?

    And finally on Wisconsin week we were treated to a trip down Badger Memory Lane, which was quite pleasant thankyouverymuch until 2005 ruined everything.


    Blue Indy earned undying MGoRespect for coming up with a statistical comparison of Speight’s first half versus Rudock’s last year. Remember when we thought Rudock was miserable, and that put a hard cap on how good the year could go? It’d be nice to have some way to compare those. I thought to take Indy’s stats and chart against opponent pass defense:


    Good pass defenses are on the left

    The big differences came early: even if UCF ends up much worse than they look to S&P+ right now, that game and the Hawaii one were more efficient than any Speight played in the first half of last year. Rudock got two really bad pass defenses and was middling; Speight blew his away. The rest are non-opponent-dependent meh performances.


    I’ve been waiting for this series to come up with some good ones before throwing them all out there.


    Unfortunately Rutgers players mostly look like Rutgers, all Wisconsin players look the same, and Penn State players…we’re not going there.

    REDSHIRTS REMAINING: Redshirt tracker is down to Peters, Walker, Spanellis, Ron Johnson, and Quinn Nordin. Keep your eyes out going forward for some of the burned shirts who might yet get a medshirt if they didn’t see the field against Penn State or after. Candidates include Davis, Nate Johnson, Eubanks, Dwumfour, Uche, Kemp, Gil, and Mbem-Bosse.

    ETC. This might be a good future roundtable or a sad one. Softball ain’t played nobody.

    Your Moment of Zen:

    Courtesy of Red Lee.


    WTKA Roundtable 10/13/2016

    WTKA Roundtable 10/13/2016

    45 minutes


    [Patrick Barron]


    Things discussed:

    • Brown played a lot of the game in a dime-ish package with three down linemen—looked like Michigan practicing against Ohio State. Odd fronts, Taco at LB depth.
    • Josh Metellus might be a find; Devin Bush Sr. is angry he wasn’t more recruited. Devin Asiasi almost certainly is.
    • DL salivation: Taco is into the backfield before you can say Ta. Finally seeing Mone too. Mo Hurst is basically back; for Godin to start over him is wow-ish. Both holding up to double teams well.
    • What’s up with State? Last year they were more like a lucky 8-4 team that now lost Burbridge and Cook. MSU/Northwestern has M00N potential. Ohio State vs Wisconsin looks like flipside of Michigan vs. Wisconsin.
    • Peppers Heisman diagnosis: excellent arc block plus Rutgers is bad plus Denard vibe. If he can singlehandedly beat Ohio State and build 1200 houses there’s a chance.

    You can catch the entire episode on Michigan Insider's podcast stream on Audioboom.

    Segment 2 is here. Segment 3 is here.


    Unverified Voracity Schedules Self Behind Eight-Ball

    Unverified Voracity Schedules Self Behind Eight-Ball Comment Count

    Brian March 22nd, 2016 at 12:08 PM

    Kind of a big deal. PG recruit Xavier Simpson won the Ohio Mr. Basketball award after averaging 27 points and 6 assists a game. You may remember that one Trey Burke won Mr. Basketball in Ohio, an award that comes with some heft. Recent winners include Luke Kennard, Burke, Jared Sullinger, William Buford, Jon Diebler, OJ Mayo, and someone named Lebron.

    Both Beilein and Simpson welcome the Burke comparison:

    "With me going to Michigan and seeing the success they had with [Burke]. What I'm hearing, from out of high school no one ever thought he would go to the NBA. And Michigan put the ball in his hand and helped him make the right decisions and get better as a player. That prepared him for the next level, so hopefully they can do that for me."

    Simpson is a much higher rated recruit than Burke was, but I think we'll take Trey 2.0.

    Let's stop doing the dumb RPI thing. College basketball RPI is broken. Broken things can be exploited, and the Pac-12 did that so successfully that they got a bunch of ridiculous seeds in this year's NCAA tournament. Those teams all bombed out of the tournament save Oregon, which got a one-seed everyone thought MSU had on lock. Ask the Spartans if that mattered, assuming you can keep a straight face while doing so. (You cannot.)

    This was not an accident. In both men's and women's basketball the Pac-12 has made a concerted effort to game the RPI. It started with the Washington women's coach, and the league is so proud of it they've put up articles it on itself:

    Neighbors’ work developing a mathematical picture of success for the Pac-12 inspired conference coaches to change the way their programs scheduled in the non-conference seasons and has strengthened the conference from top to bottom.

    “It’s one of the most productive things we’ve done,” Close said. “The best part about this story is Mike’s selflessness, but also the coaches putting the conference above themselves.” …

    “He came in with this huge packet, with color-coded graphs. The message was, ‘Everybody needs to get eight or nine wins (in the non-conference) and you need to play the best teams you can beat’,” Close said. “Everyone was brainstorming. Everybody understood this has to be bigger than just your team. We have to help each other.”

    This worked, as the Pac-12's evidently mediocre teams got seeds they did not deserve. Meanwhile, a 15-3 Big Ten champion got a five-seed, and Michigan was relegated to a play-in game largely because the Big Ten didn't put anyone in the 50-100 range of the RPI. Some of this is the Rutgers effect. (Thanks, Delany.) Rutgers was a mandatory anchor on every schedule in the league. But some of it is the fact that the league is playing far too many voluntary games against Rutgers equivalents.

    I complain about this just about every year. Four years ago I put a post together titled "How To Schedule In College Basketball" after a selection controversy between Drexel and Iona. What leapt out at me was Michigan's nonconference SOS. It was objectively much tougher than either of those teams but when it came to numbers it was barely better than Drexel's miserable schedule and far worse than Iona's mediocre one.

    This is because Michigan fills out the bottom of their schedule with the very dregs of college basketball. Jason Lisk:

    Then, you look at the non-conference. Michigan played Xavier, NC State, Texas, Connecticut, and SMU. That’s more top quality games then most programs played. But, from December 12 to December 23, they also played Delaware State, Northern Kentucky, Youngstown State, and Bryant. They won them by an average of 40 points. Each of those teams is at 275 or below in the RPI. Those teams are collectively 28-90 against Division I teams, and play against other low level teams (that whole opponent’s opponent’s record thing).

    That’s killing Michigan.

    How much?

    If you just took out two of those games, and replace them with home games against mid-level MAC teams like Eastern Michigan and Toledo, the RPI goes from 66 to 55. With just that change alone. Heck, even if they lost one of those games (and they would be heavy favorites at home), the RPI actually goes up slightly. That defies logic.

    For years I'd assumed this was a Dave Brandon thing. Towson is cheaper than Richmond, end of story. After Brandon's departure it's clear that John Beilein is the guy lining up Delaware State (#348 in Kenpom) and Bryant (#345) because he doesn't want the slightest chance at a loss.

    This hurts Michigan and the Big Ten because the chance Michigan loses to the #200 team is also negligible. For example, per Kenpom Michigan had a ~94% chance to beat then-#203 Minnesota when the teams played at Crisler in January. Despite the very small gulf in likely outcome between a game against a bad team and an awful one, the RPI assigns very different values to those games.

    The committee does attempt to see through these flaws, but everything is framed by RPI. Your RPI. Your record against the top 50 and top 100 in RPI. Conference RPI. Gaming the system clearly works; Michigan is doing the exact opposite of that. It just about cost Michigan a bid this year. It's well past time for the school and the league to figure that out and exploit it.

    Precisely, good sir. Harbaugh on Sankey's Think Of The Children campaign:

    “I thought it was fake outrage. I thought it wasn’t really real,” Harbaugh told Mike & Mike when asked his reaction to their reaction. “The moral high ground of the sanctity of spring break, that’s what people chose to use as their moral stance? I thought it was fake. I thought it was fake outrage.”

    January February Middle Tennessee April. Pat Forde in the aftermath of MSU getting Giddy Potts'd:

    Here’s what might also have played a part in Middle Tennessee’s calm reaction to shocking the world: the Blue Raiders knew they were no 15 seed. That was a joke, and part of a major choke.

    By Michigan State, yes. But also by the NCAA tournament selection committee.

    All hail MTSU, which put Murfreesboro, Tenn., on the map Friday. Its 90-81 upset of the Spartans is one of eight all-time victories for a No. 15 seed over a No. 2 seed – but Middle Tennessee never should have been a 15.

    That’s on the committee.

    The facts that Forde marshals for his argument are ridiculous. One: the winner of CUSA has never been seeded that low. CUSA used to have Memphis in it. This version of the CUSA had zero top-100 Kenpom teams. Forde cites the fact that CUSA was the #21 league at that very site without considering the fact that teams are not leagues. MTSU was not even the best 15 seed per Kenpom—that would be Cal State Bakersfield. The only teams in the tournament rated lower than MTSU above the 15 line were a couple of 14s.

    MTSU was off by a seed line at most, which they promptly demonstrated by getting hamblasted by Syracuse.

    Well, yeah. Kyle Connor left Penn State in a state of disbelief:

    "I’m a firm believer that Kyle Connor is the best player I’ve ever played against and I even told him that in the handshake line,” Goodwin told reporters after the game. …

    “[Connor] does everything very, very quickly,” Guy Gadowsky told reporters. “It’s amazing how he just gets himself into such an offensive advantageous position. I think it’s just what you can’t really explain that just makes him so darn good.”

    After a few years of struggle against PSU, Michigan put the hammer down in 2016. They scored at least six goals in each of the five games, culminating in 7-1, 6-1, and 6-2 demolitions.

    I mean I guess I'm not surprised. No idea if CBC News has the inside scoop on Kyle Connor but I'm not exactly expecting him back next year, and neither are they:

    The focus on him is certainly justified and if Connor decides to leave school once his season wraps up (no decision has been made in this regard, though it would be a shock if he chose to stay at Michigan), signs with the Jets and eventually settles into the NHL game at the level that's expected of him, then let the good times roll.

    I would assume that comes from the Jets' camp and indicates they intend and expect to sign him. I always think NHL teams are shortsighted to do this because the CBA accelerates free agency for players under 20; grabbing a kid at 19 is removing a year of team control at 27. But nobody seems to care for whatever reason.

    Hockey incoming. NTDP forward Will Lockwood draws notice from NHL draft expert Kyle Woodlief, who names him a rising prospect:

    Will Lockwood (U.S. NTDP U-18) — Showed lots of speed and was buzzing all over the offensive zone at last month’s Five Nations tournament, where he was one of the best U.S. forwards.

    Lockwood is one of seven scholarship skaters* Chris Heisenberg shows as committed to Michigan next year; they are scheduled to lose two guys to graduation. Even if Connor, Werenski, and Downing** are all signing there's quite a logjam. Michigan has eight D this year and is set to carry nine next year even minus Werenski and Downing; they'll add an extra forward as well.

    *[F Lukas Samuelsson is also listed but Michigan did not acknowledge him when they announced their incoming class. Generally that means the player is a PWO.]

    **[Ben Clymer and Random Verb Guy were talking about Werenski and Downing like they were both out the door to the NHL after this year. Werenski we all expect to go; Downing hasn't been talked about much. I'm guessing they got word from someone or another and were impolite enough to repeatedly reference it on the broadcast because they can't talk about gritty grit heart for literally the entire thing.]

    Etc.: More satellite camps: Dallas and Waco are on the table, with the Waco event a stop at Baylor's camp. That company that runs the summer soccer friendlies briefly listed Chelsea versus Real Madrid at Michigan Stadium on July 30th; it's since been changed to TBA. Harbaugh clinic notes.


    Friday Evening NCAA Tournament Viewer’s Guide

    Friday Evening NCAA Tournament Viewer’s Guide Comment Count

    Alex Cook March 18th, 2016 at 5:44 PM


    [clears throat] and now on to the evening games:

    thomas walkup

    Thomas Walkup

    Third Window

    7. Wisconsin – 10. Pitt (6:50, TNT)

    In one of the better games of the day, Wisconsin takes on Pittsburgh in Greg Gard’s first game as the head coach of the Badgers. UW had been playing extremely well until the Big Ten Tournament, where they dropped a surprising L against Nebraska. Wisconsin is the type of team that can grind it out against Pitt: Nigel Hayes, Vitto Brown, and Ethan Happ are a powerful front line, and all three can score from multiple places on the floor. Wisconsin’s calling card is still its impressive defense – the Badgers actually have allowed a very high % on opponents’ three-pointers, which would suggest that their defensive efficiency is weighed down by that randomness. It’s still kind of hard to get a grasp on Wisconsin because of their iffy guard play, but they should play better than they did against Nebraska.

    Pitt was a middling team in the ACC this year, but between a good non-conference showing and a few solid wins in conference play (including three wins over former Big East rival Syracuse), they made it safely into the field. Contrary to what you’d expect from a Jaime Dixon team, Pitt is actually better on offense than they are on defense; predictably, their strength on the offensive end is derived from a strong collective offensive rebounding presence led by Michael Young and Sheldon Jeter in the frontcourt. The Panthers’ best offensive option is swingman Jamel Artis, though Young is definitely an able sidekick.

    As far as 7/10 games go, this one is pretty even – Kenpom gives Wisconsin a 56% chance of advancing to the next round to (probably) face Xavier.

    [After the JUMP: the rest of the 1st round]