Todd Grahm leaves Pitt for ASU

Submitted by The Baughz on December 14th, 2011 at 12:50 PM
Its all over twitter and espn. Im on my phone so cant post the links from twitter.



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so, including the DUI guy and supposing they have an interim for the bowl previous to the real hire, PITT will have 4 different head coaches over the course of 13 games?

Leaders And Best

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Rich Rod gave Graham his first opportunity in college football. People forget that is a primary reason so many of Rich Rod's assistants landed there after his firing at Michigan.  Should be an interesting rivalry to follow between UA and ASU.


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Ironically... Pitt plays SMU in the bowl this year.

Arizona State almost hired SMU coach June Jones; Jones even thought he had a job; then ASU said, uh, on replay, nevermind.  Instead, they go out and hire Graham from Pitt.

And now, Jones and SMU play Graham-less Pitt in the bowl game.

Uh, just an irony.

Mr. Yost

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For those like me that doesn't have twitter...barely know what it is. But find this amusing and want to keep reading:!/Buc_So_Nasty24


Can't you block the public? I mean it seems crazy that I can google "Cullen Christian Twitter" and all of this comes up. If I'm a coach or AD, this is CRAZY!? Can't you at least make it like Facebook where only your friends can read your page?

The Baughz

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I got to watch one of Shell's games in person this year and the kid is an absolute beast. It will be interesting to see what he does. Although I think it'd be tough to poach him away from Pitt. He is a diehard Pitt fan and had offers from almost every big time program and turned them down. You never know, though.


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Shell was, by all accounts, set for Ohio State until the Tressel/Pryor saga. Everything out of the kids mouth for the past few years was frothing about how much he idolized Pryor.

I wouldn't be surprised if he heads elsewhere, but it all depends on how fast a new coach gets hired there and who the coach is. Michigan is highly unlikely (I'd set the percentage at 0%) to even get on Shell's radar.

Marlin Jackson…

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This little nugget has been added to his Wikipedia page.  LOVE it.

"Graham will become the head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils beginning with the 2012 season. However, Tow truck ENT founder Oliver Aaron has yet to be consulted on the matter making the hire strictly hearsay at the moment because we all know Tow-truck runs ASU. "


Leaders And Best

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Feel bad for those kids, but the "Hold the Rope" jokes are just awesome:

Cullen Christian

Hold the ROPE though
Cullen Christian

Tomorrow ima floss my ass with the ROPE
Number 5⃣

I stop pulling that rope months ago, and thinkin about that pitt way and I knew there was a reason why I just wasn't sure!
Devin street

Man fuck that rope lol RT Talk about pulling the rope hahahah
Adam Lazenga

Talk about pulling the rope hahahah

1 hour ago

Zach Brown

Ima still touch the rope tomorrow I just like the way it feel. Lol

Leaders And Best

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He brought it here to Michigan and was even painted in the locker room.  It looks like Todd Graham adopted it from his time with Rich Rod at WVU and took it with him to Pittsburgh.  Now he left the Pitt players holding the rope while he got out of town after one year, and the Pitt players as expected are not too happy about it.


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Once Rich Rod got a new job all of his former assistants were going to follow him. I wonder if Graham took the Pitt job knowing it was going to be a temporary situation.


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Street has been going to town on Graham too (here's a taste):


 Devin street 

I'm literally sick.. That man pulled me in his office one on one and lied to me
 Devin street 

Hmm Penni (The Liars Wife) twitter magically disappeared
 Devin street 

 The Liar got his Colors on already
 Devin street 

Just to let yall know he just told us he's here to stay when Coach McGee left .. Said him and his coaches have 5 year contracts
 Devin street 

He's the one who made us look average I ran 3 different routes !


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You mean the kid who transferred away from Michigan?  The one who signed a NLI to be a student-athlete at a Big Ten school only to transfer away after one year?  Yeah, calling out other people for not sticking with the program...he's a real hero.


December 14th, 2011 at 8:56 PM ^

Yeah, that's right.  Bad-mouth 18-year-old kids that don't know what the f-ck they want instead of grown adults that sign formal legal contracts and then breach them in order to make a lateral transfer, leaving over 100 kids (not to mention staffers and fans in general) in his wake.  Sounds like the way to go to me.


December 14th, 2011 at 3:29 PM ^

I just spoke to a friend of mine who grew up in Pittsburgh.  His words were "Pitt needs to fire their AD immediately."  First, the moron hired Haywood without conducting a background check and thus was unaware that he had been arrested on domestic assault charges.  Next, he chooses Graham over Bradley. 


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talk about random players that don't play for michigan, could you, yaknow, put it in context.  Like maybe his position, year, ratings... or in other words, why the fuck should I care?  

This is what I read "Blarny Gimp transfered from Fluffingarph to Weeble State"

Is this guy Pitt's starting Runningback?  Is his loss going to affect that team?  Why is he transferring?  Did he have bad grades?  Is he following a coach? What's the story?  Are we going to play either of these teams?  Will I be watching film of anyone affected by this?

Or is this just Richrod soap opera stuff that I can safely ignore? 


December 14th, 2011 at 10:57 PM ^

As a current Pitt Student, this is very disappointing.  Not just the fact that the team was mediocre at best this year or that they should have beaten a mediocre Iowa team and a underwhelming Notre Dame squad but with the fact that he jumped ship after 1 year.  When the AD fired Dave Wannstedt (Pitt's AD, Steve Pederson, is famous for hiring Bill Callahan at Nebraska and canning Frank Solich), he initially hired Mike Haywood who was summarily fired only a few weeks into the job because of allegations he beat his girlfriend (high character, I know?).  Then he hired Todd Graham and here we are.  Other candidates include PSU's Tom Bradly and one with ties to Michigan:  Teryl Clark, who may or may not be responsible for Steve Breaston ending up at Michigan.  Anyways.  Its really tough to see the whole student body and community worked up especially after all the hype and excitement associated with the season after the firing of Wannstedt.  3 coaches in the span of a calendar year...The Steelers have had 3 coaches in 42 years.  Its embarrasing and hard to stomach but just like Michigan, we'll move on.


December 15th, 2011 at 12:08 AM ^

can't stand one another-- supposedly there was some real friction on RR's first WVU staff. On the one hand, this would seem unlikely, since Rodriguez promoted Graham after his first year, but given that Graham left for the same job at Tulsa after year two, and that Rodriguez seems to have difficulty with any defensive coordinator not named Jeff Casteel, I'd say there might be something to this. Once Rodriguez hired Gibson, Dews, and Magee away, Graham may have decided he wanted a job where a major measure of success would be beating Rich Rodriguez every year.