Time to Believe

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I think this article is worth a read, and reflects where a lot of our heads are at after Saturday. 


The way 2016 ended, and how 2017 went pretty much from Penn State on, plus incessant media talk about road and rivalry woes made a lot of fans wonder if things were really turning around.  This was true despite the fact that 2015-2017 was, arguably, our best 3 year stretch since the early 2000s. I had to look it up, but the last time Michigan had double digit wins in consecutive years before 15-16 was 02-03.  Anyway, sometimes belief requires more than numbers and logic.




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I'm in the firm believer camp. I noticed a lot of our Blue Brethren clutching pearls about MSU hanging in the game Saturday. That shit is over. Sure, they'll beat us again in the future (history and odds dictate that), but when they do, it will be the exception, not the rule. Onward and Upward to Improvement Week, and then Penn State!


The Revenge Tour rolls along.


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I believe we are currently the 3rd best team in the country.  Yes, ND beat us, but basically for 1 quarter in the first game of the year on their home field.

I think Vegas would probably favor us by 2-3 on a neutral field right now against ND.  My top 6, based on the eyeball test are...




2. Clemson

3. Michigan

4. LSU

5. Georgia

6. Notre Dame


The space between BAMA and Clemson is there for a reason....I think this is an historically great college football team they are fielding with a top QB.  Yes, we have the top defense in the country, but given Bama's all around talent and exceptional play in all 3 phases of the game, it would take a miraculous evening to beat them for any team....that said, stranger shit has happened.



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I wouldnt argue that except the sec in general sucks and I don’t believe Bama has played anyone with a stout D. I gave the hillbillies from Columbus a 5% chance back in 14 and was as stunned as Bama was at that game. I’m not here to say we’d win but I guarantee they’d know our D showed up. 


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Bama is doing it different this year. Their D is definitely not up to their normal standards. But that offense is a big WOW.

I dont think much separates Michigan and Clemson. Im not sure about LSU. I really dont think they are all that but you cant ignore the dismantling of Georgia. So maybe another small gap between Mich/Clemson to Georgia/LSU.

ND would lose by double digits to any of the aforementioned teams. 

Oklahoma could be scary because of the offense but they arent stopping anyone. Better be prepared to outscore them though.

Texas LOL lost to Maryland. Cant take them seriously.

OSU is still in it and with the talent on that team could turn it around on a dime.

I think those are the only serious contenders but I do like Iowa as a dark horse. Their defense is legit and getting better.


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I agree except after Indy. I mean, expectations are looking up now, I like our program and am proud of our players. But I haven't really ever "believed" in the championship potential of our program, since I starting watching in the 90's. I was happily wrong in 1997, but apart from that we have been a 9-3, 8-4, occasional 10-2 program for 25 years (eliminating RR and Hoke). I hope I'm wrong again of course and in future. 


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How do you follow this team with that attitude?   You just described the elite of college football.    "we have been a 9-3, 8-4, occasional 10-2 program for 25 years."

How many programs can say that?   The RR/Hoke thing definitely but a ding in our overall consisitency but look across the country.   Who else would you have rather been a fan of for the last 50 years?    You can have OSU, Florida, FSU, Miami, Bama, USC, LSU,  Nebraska and Oklahoma who have won multiple National Titles instead  of our 1.   A lot of those schools have suffered thru massive stretches of unwatchable football and scandal.  

You need to raise your glass to at least a quarter full to make watching this game each Saturday even remotely healthy.   Imagine being a Tennesee fan the last 20 years. 



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Oh I can't imagine and will never be anything other than an M fan, M grad, etc. My point is that I'm not one of those "we should win Championships" or NC's or any of that. What I want for M is to be elite, consistently, (and it's arguable whether 9-3 meets that standard). That definition is different in my mind than "believing in championships." 

matty blue

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so...the only way you'll say this has been a successful season is if we...not only make the conference championship game but actually win it?  am i getting that right?

you say you hope you're wrong - i call bullshit on that.  i think you think that being all gloom and doom, all the time, makes you some sort of voice of reason, or whatever.  

news flash - being unrelentingly negative doesn't make you honest, or realistic.  it just makes you unpleasant to be around.


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I completely agree with this. But I don't think my long history here shows that to be the case either (mistaken/bad positions and posts aside). And my point is the opposite of your first paragraph--on the contrary, I don't expect a championship, so finishing say, 11-2 this year will be a year I'm happy and pleased with. 

The Man Down T…

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Black Pit Of Negative Expectations.   Where you expect everything that can go wrong to actually go wrong.  Like when MSU snared that one handed catch, everyone just KNEW it was going to be a TD drive.  Or when they scored and then UM fumbled again, everyone KNEW that was the end..  That feeling.  You know, what Michigan fans have had since the horror...


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BPONE won't allow me to believe UM makes it to Indy unless OSU loses another game before UM plays them and UM beats PSU.  

If the only thing standing in the way of Indy is Rutgers on the road and IU at home, I believe UM gets it done.  If OSU is still standing in the way after Thanksgiving...BPONE


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Yea im ready to focus on Psu now, Sparty week was an emotional one, I think the bye week is coming at a good time. Im all for celebrating this one for a while but keeping our heads down and focusing on the next game. If we can beat Psu it will be Osu for all the marbles. 


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We have a gifted and dedicated head coach.

We have outstanding assistants, and an AD willing to pay what's needed to keep them or satisfactorily replace them when needed.

We've been recruiting good players and consistently developing them at a rapid clip.

We've remained a clean, law-abiding program while many of our rivals have descended into truly outrageous scandals.

Michigan can expect a good finish to the 2018 season, but even if it doesn't work out we'll be right back in contention in 2019 and 2020 and on into the future because what we are seeing now is sustainable success.  


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I agree with you. I don't know if this is the year that Harbaugh wins the B1G, but it's clear that this is a program that's trending up. Last year wasn't fun to watch, but it's pretty clearly a statistical outlier. We also had the one down recruiting year, but I think that's going to end up a blip too. 

Harbaugh took a mediocre Hoke QB within a foot of going to the CFP and then did his best with what he had last year. The future looks much better than the past to me. 

yossarians tree

October 23rd, 2018 at 2:31 PM ^

Yes, with the course we are now firmly on we can expect to compete for the B1G every year. We may not win it every year, but we will have hope and excitement for every game and we will be beating the Suckeyes at least 50% of the time. And I believe we will have a chance to play for the NC at some point soon as well. The program is now as good as its ever been since the '70s when Bo and Woody and their bazillion scholarships were ruling the Big Ten with an iron fist. 


















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Absolutely. Enjoy the ride guys. Sports is supposed to be fun. A release from real world expectations and pressures. Like the old baseball song: 'root, root, root for the home team: if they should lose its a shame'. A shame. Not the end of existence. Dont tie your self-worth into the relative strength of your favorite sports teams. 

IMO this season has already been a success. The weakest part of our team last year and in the first game is now being viewed at times as a strength. The coaches do things the right way. We vanquished little brother. I love the guys on the team, the chemistry. We are recruiting well and developing these kids into well rounded young men. We will win titles if these things continue. Maybe not national titles but we will have our chances. Thats all anyone can ask for.

Mike Damone

October 23rd, 2018 at 12:32 PM ^

Article is perhaps a little melodramatic.

But I do believe this team is mentally tough, can and will beat PSU and the Bucknuts, win the BIG, and will go to the playoffs.

Lot of work to do - WR need better separation, Shea needs to consistently make good decisions, OL needs to keep getting better (amazing the improvement so far) - and no major injuries.

But this can be a special year - Go Blue!!!


October 23rd, 2018 at 12:34 PM ^

I believe.  

And despite my reputation here to the contrary I picked Michigan to beat MSU last Saturday because I now have faith in our players and our coaches.  And the #1 reason why I think this team has the ability to go as far as they want is that they have a very good QB for the first time since pre Iowa 2016. 

Our defense is lights out, deep everywhere and led by one of if not the best DC in the country.  Our offense has a very good QB, a very good RB, a stable of young but rapidly improving WRs, a deep and talented TE pool and an offensive line that is improving weekly and led by an excellent OL coach for the first time in forever.  We have a great punter and once Nordin figures out what's bothering him we have a kicker that gives us a threat to score from about the 45 in. 

We have Jim motherfucking Harbaugh as our Head Coach.  A man who loves Michigan as much as anybody alive (just watch the locker room video from post game on Saturday if you doubt that) and the worlds biggest and most supportive fan base.

Who's got it better than us right now?