TCU to join Big East

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Texas Christian University has accepted an invitation to become an all-sports member to the Big East Conference, industry sources told FanHouse.

The Horned Frogs will join the league beginning on July 1, 2012 and begin play in the Big East in the 2012-13 school year.

An important Michigan-related domino effect of this is that we are unlikely to be able to blow up the Big East by adding one Big East team to the Big Ten, making it less likely in turn that Notre Dame would join the Big Ten (Notre Dame has stated that they would only join the Big Ten if the Big East blew up).

UPDATE: Here's a report from the NY Daily News:

In a move designed to prop up a weak football conference, The Big East has convinced TCU to leave the Mountain West and join the league as an all sports member, sources told the Daily News early this morning. Commissioner John Marinatto and Associate Commisioner in charge of communications John Paquette both flew to Dallas yesterday for the official announcement at 1 p.m. today...

For all we know, this could be just the first domino to drop in expansion. With TCU, the league now has 17 teams. The Big East has offered Villanova a chance to join in football, b ut the Philadelphia school seems to be dragging its feet about a decision and there is always a chance the Big East could invite Central Florida or even re-invite Temple to create a 10th football team and an 18th team in the league.


Wolverine In Exile

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for Georgetown being a country club atmosphere (more in the wine and cheese and latest Christopher Hitchens tome party vibe than the big ass BBQ and cadillacs with steer horns on the front hood that TCU represents), but then G-Town not being a 1A football school is a factor. Face it, the Big East has more personalities and disparate goals than a weekly meeting of Schizo's Anonymous.


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Actually, TCU already has to travel significantly in the MWC. I doubt the travel costs as a member of the Big East will be much higher than what they already are paying. But TCU is taking a big risk considering that the Big East barely avoided death a few months ago. TCU might be be joining only to watch the two or three semi-decent football teams get picked off by the B10/ACC/SEC over the next five years. If people think the Big East is bad now, imagine it without Pitt, WVU and Syracuse.


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With BYU and Utah leaving the MWC, the level of competition in the MWC will not be improved and the TV deal for the conference will be a lot worse. Moving to the Big East means that at worse, they'll be no better off than they were previously if the conference falls apart.

Well, that and their basketball team will not be particularly good for quite awhile.


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If two or three of Syracuse, Pitt and WVU get picked off, the Big East will collapse as a football conference. It will not just be a third-tier football conference, it will implode. The basketball schools will break off and the remaining football schools will go to CUSA or other conferences. TCU will have to go hat in hand asking to rejoin the MWC or follow the Big East leftovers to CUSA etc.


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Why would ND only join the Big Ten if the Big East blew up? ND is not a member in football. Surely, the Big East baskeball conference is never going to blow up, they have 16 (now 17) teams. ND needs to just get it over with and join the Big East in football, making it a legitimate conference.

Communist Football

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Since his candid comments to reporters at the Big East basketball tournament set off alarm bells throughout college sports, Swarbrick has been more measured with his words. Still, he doesn't deny that Notre Dame could find itself at a crossroads soon. "I probably need to have an absolute script when I use this," Swarbrick said as a warning to listeners that he had carefully scripted the next few sentences. "In the context of what's going on, we have to monitor the environment. There are things that are large enough that might challenge our ability to do those two things, stay independent and remain in the Big East. But we're not planning toward it."


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An important Michigan-related domino effect of this is that we are unlikely to be able to blow up the Big East by adding one Big East team to the Big Ten

Insert joke about Michigan being a Big East team/champion here.


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The automatic BCS bowl for the Big East is supposed to go to a team that doesn't deserve it.  this is gonna screw that premise up completely.  On the positive side, maybe this will help spread out the disgusting amount of talent in Texas that don't want to leave Texas.  congrats TCU!  Welcome to the big leagues (kinda sorta). 


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But if I were a recruit, the prospect of long weekends of travel and playing against mediocre competition week in and week out, especially against a bunch of teams that no one outside of the northeast cares about, wouldn't seem that appealing to me. At least they get to go to the Sugar Bowl every year?


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should be enough to convince at least a couple of recruits to go to TCU over Texas.  It won't work a majority of the time, but I am willing to bet between TCU's recent success and this news, you will see a bump in the overall recruiting classes at TCU.  Also, Mediocre competition can alloy a good player to appear great for those NFL scout types.  Yes, some recruits will think like this. 


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Dave Brandon said recently that the Big Ten would likely expand again in the next couple years.

He said they would add teams with big markets.

That could mean Rutgers and/or UConn leaving the Big East for the Big Ten.

So perhaps the Big East is beafing up before it takes a big hit.......


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This was my first thought, as well.

Boise attempts to make itself more credible and joins a more difficult league with tougher opponents in Utah, TCU, and others.  Utah and TCU promptly leave said conference. Boise moves back to square 1.5 (The MWC is still slightly better than the WAC).

Sucks for Biose.

Communist Football

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The Mountain West was building a good league -- one that deserved to supplant the Big East as the last BCS AQ conference.  TCU shifts the balance of power in a big way.  It's unfortunate, and goes to show how the AQ system is distorting incentives.