Petrino out at Louisville

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Just came up on a yahoo blurb. Cue Brohm to Louisville


Leaders And Best

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Agreed. Selfishly and short-term, Brohm going to Purdue could net Michigan George Karlaftis and set up a monster DL class.

But Jeff Brohm staying at Purdue long term would be good for the B1G and competitiveness in the B1G West. B1G West has been the butt of jokes the last couple years, but a lineup of Brohm, Scott Frost, Pat Fitzgerald, Kirk Ferentz, and Paul Chryst could be the foundation for a competitive division over the next 5-10 years.


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Sources: Louisville fires football coach Bobby Petrino

The article is written by Pat Forde who I believe lives in Louisville and is quite plugged in to its goings-on.

EDIT (11:52a): Statement by the UL athletic director:

"We want to thank Bobby for guiding our football program to some of the better seasons we have had historically at UofL during his two separate tenures here," athletic director Vince Tyra said in a release. "However, at this time we feel the program needs different leadership and we owe it to our student-athletes and fans to get this turned around. I did not have the confidence that it was going to happen next season without a change and it needs to start happening now. We expect to determine a new head coach soon to restore our football program to national prominence."


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Your last point notwithstanding (which is obviously true), but Eastern just became bowl eligible. Minnesota is also on the cusp of bowl eligibility (ironically, as you noted, after throttling Purdue).

My point wasn't so much that Purdue was great as much as they are much better than they have been in a long time (which is relatively great for them).


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Eh, I'd say that Brohm has Purdue back to their historical norm of 6-6/7-5. Yes, the Darrell Hazell experiment was a disaster but also recall that Danny Hope went 7-6 and 6-6 in his last two seasons but was fired so that Hazell could be brought in from Kent State.


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Even if Brohm doesn’t leave Purdue this year, as far as Karalaftis is concerned, how long before he does? Florida St is a tire fire for the second season in a row, hard to imagine them being good next year, USC looks awful this year and may fire their coach by years end. There will always be greener pastures (compared to Purdue) calling Brohm offering a big contract, better recruiting pool, etc. This bodes well for us. Iin my opinion, seems like the table is being set to swoop in and take both Karalaftis and Zach Harrison


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He must be great at one-on-one interviews because he seems to keep getting jobs that will pay him millions to leave and not be there. That's a topic that some of the business schools should look at.


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Honest question:

I know he has UM as his solid #2, but if Karlaftis is committed to Purdue because of Brohm, why wouldn't he follow Brohm to Louisville?


Mr Miggle

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He's not exactly committed to Purdue because of Brohm. He committed there because his parents work at Purdue, he lives there and because he liked what Brohm was doing. 

He wants to play for a good program and preferred to stay home if he could do both. I'd be much more surprised if he followed Brohm to Louisville, than if he stayed with Purdue and their new coach.


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Purdue is losing Brohm...Louisville alum, still has a home there. It's his "God and Country" job. You cannot blame the guy.

Not to mention, Purdue gonna Purdue. They just got skull crushed by the Golden Rodents. Despite Marcus's proclamations - they aren't that good.