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My apologies if you're growning nauseous from all of the P. Manning praise but the dude is playng at an insane level right now.

Over the first 4 games:

TD-Int: 16-0

Completion Percentage: 75.0

QB Rating: 138.0

Ave Points: 45

Last Sunday against the Eagles, during his last four touchdown drives, three 80-yard drives and one of 65, he failed to convert a third down...because he didn't have any.

What is that?  36 plays, 305 yards, 28 points, no third downs?  What did he do in the off season, study offense in the CFL?

The web is flooded with articles singing his praises.  Here's one I stumbled across that pointed out the above stats:


If you dislike the Cowboys like I do you might be able to enjoy watching him run it up on them this Sunday (it's the 4PM game on CBS in my market).  Watching one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and see the Cowboys get a beatdown, win-win!


these wolverines

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He's a really good qb but he's overrated to me. He's always had really good wars and line and running game. Unlike our boy Tom whose always had washed up players or players he made great or rookies, hes only had a true number one wr in moss and set a nfl record. Give Tom that he would have 8 tings by now. Manning isn't even .500 in the playoffs, and has played shitty teams thus far. He's having a great yr no doubt but again we will see in the playoffs


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Now, that is a Heisman ceremony line-up.  

  • One of the greatest WR ever in the NFL.  Arguably, top 5 of all time (maybe not stats wise but he was a FREAK athlete).  
  • Then you have Woodson (7 pro-bowls, defensive player of the year, all decade team, etc...).  He might not be the greatest DB ever to play, but he was and is a gamer that will grace Canton someday.  
  • Peyton forget about it... Stud stats - Super Bowl Championship - Funny as hell commercials.  In the discussion for greatest ever.  Top 5 QB absolutely.
  • Then Mr. Leaf - the ultimate Hall of Shamer.  Anybody reading this is more likely to get inducted into Canton than Ryan Leaf.


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It may also be noteworthy that Peyton Manning is also currently averaging the most yards per attempt of his career at 9.4 YPA, and the second-highest average yards per completion at 12.6 yards (highest on this stat was 2004). In four games, he has already thrown for 1,470, which would probably put him on track to hit 5,000 yards for the season even if he eased up a little bit.

Manning's career numbers, for the board's perusal / analysis - HERE


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When it comes to winning regular season games Peyton has no equal.   

The playoffs on the other hand seem to present a bit more of a challenge to him......


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I was thinking the exact same thing. He's on track for the best season ever by a quarterback, I wouldn't even be surprised if he fights through and doesn't have a midseason slump, but regular season is just a dress rehearsal. Playoffs are a whole different animal. Guaranteed things will be different, postseason, they always are. I just wonder how different.


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STOP IT!  It's a known fact that PEDs are only used by baseball players and no one else.  The fact that they don't test for them in certain other leagues.....like the NBA for example....is only further evidence that they just dont exist anyplace else.  Because if the players DID use them we'd somehow have visual evidence of that now wouldnt we?

Players just happened to be a whole lot skinnier "back in the day".  Probably just better nutrition and weight lifting programs.......



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The clearest evidence that PEDS are a serious issue in the NBA is the fact that nobody ever gets caught using.

And that is not a joke. If effective testing existed, there would be the occasional PED suspension, because every sport is going to have guys trying to use.

That almost nobody has been caught suggests that tests are easy to evade. And if they're easy to evade, players will use them. And other players will use to keep up.


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Did you know NBA players can only be drug tested 4 times in a season? If you've already been tested 4 times, why the hell WOULDNT you juice the rest of the year?


"NBA players get tested up to four times during the course of a season. The fourth time can happen at any point from October to June, but once it happens, that's it. So if your fourth test occurs after your 71st game, you're clear the rest of the way. It's a running joke within NBA circles, something of a get-out-of-jail-free card: Once you pee in that fourth cup, you're good to go. Put whatever you want into your body. Feel like smoking enough weed to make Harold and Kumar blush? Knock yourself out. Feel like replacing your blood with cleaner blood so you have more endurance for the playoffs? Knock yourself out. Feel like starting a testosterone cycle because you might have to play 25 grueling playoff games over the next 10 weeks? Knock yourself out. Remember how competitive these guys are. What would they do for an edge? How far would they go? And why are we giving them the choice?"


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Can't the same be said for baseball? "How can PEDs help you eye a curveball or a fastball." I'm not buying any of your position arguments. A PED will give you an edge over the field if nobody else is using them. Period.

In 2007 the Cowboys QB coach Wade Wilson was suspended and fined for purchasing HGH. Was he buying this for the Cowboys linemen?


The fact is we have a 37 year old putting up numbers we have never seen before off a recent injury that many were predicting would render him a shadow of his former self. If you're not at least skeptical you haven't been following the trend in sports too closely lately. 


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...but my understanding is that the injury (pinched C8 nerve in the neck, similar to a car crash whiplash injury) is completely correctable, if the surgery works. It was a dice roll; he won.


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For the record: I love Michigan athletics and have a deep emotional attachment to this team.

I'm also a 2 decade cycling fan, and from enjoying a sport that has put in true doping controls I can't help but be skeptical when I see these sort of out of character/ human body performances.

I would love to be wrong. But I also was more than once. And with reason.

I don't think Peyton or many/ all NFL types are clean.

This is not a Lance comment.

Pick your heroes carefully and question these performances