OT - Baker gets the best of Colin Cowherd

Submitted by UofM Die Hard … on June 22nd, 2018 at 11:22 AM

Baker was ready for him to say some dumb stuff....and he got him. LOL  Well done Mr. Mayfield 


I bet he gained a lot more fans from this little interaction 







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So Baker Mayfield has achieved the star power necessary to simply go by "Baker" and everyone will know who that is now? I saw the title and I thought someone baked Cowherd a cake with some kind of snarky message on it, like "I don't care what a cow heard, I've got no secrets from a cow." Except that's a lot of letters for a cake.


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Good life advice from Cowherd there. Don't go celebrate with the band and traveling fans on your 3rd TD. In fact you should ridicule anyone who does. What a douche.

Whole Milk

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Oh come on. You can't possibly defend Colin on this. He took aim at Baker for something stupid and Mayfield didn't put up with it. And then, clearly flustered, Cowherd starts talking about how this is a sign that he won't be able to hit small windows in the NFL because he didn't run a celebrate with his teammates in this one clip. This was a clear situation where Cowherd had an agenda that Baker absolutely shit on, and he wasn't prepared for any other material. He got called out for amateur journalism. 

Whole Milk

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It clearly wasn't his intent to have Baker defend himself. He was utterly shocked and unprepared when the response started. His intent was to bring a guy on, sit up on his pedestal, find something pointless and stupid to criticize him for, and have Mayfield fall in line and give the politically correct response. Why in the world would you give someone credit for that? And the argument of "That's what talk show hosts do" is stupid. The few good talk show hosts out there don't nitpick minor and irrelevant stuff and then change the topic just to maintain their superiority complex. Cowherd occasionally has a take that makes him seem better than the Stephen A's or Skips of the world, but this was a showing of journalistic amateurism. 

Whole Milk

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What do you mean? Every talk show host wants guests. Dan Patrick, Mike and Mike (or whatever they are now), Dan LeBatard, Skip Bayless, Stephen A., every talk show host no matter how good or bad wants to bring guests onto their show. I don't understand why you think credit should be given to Colin for bringing on a guest and berating him about nonsensical issues.

What exactly is the mob mentality that you speak of? Simply because a vast majority of people see the flaws of something doesn't mean it is a mob mentality. If you believe that he is fine most of the time, okay. Don't however act like the rest of us have no reason to base our criticisms on. For me, his John Wall rampage was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, he didn't like that he danced before his first game and carried out like a 6 year vendetta against him that often times was borderline racist.

But even if you can find a way to look past everything he has said in the past, how can you defend him with this clip staring you in the face. Your only responses to this video is giving him credit for bringing a guest onto the show. But what is your actual opinion on what he was saying? 

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June 22nd, 2018 at 12:36 PM ^

I didn't think it was possible for Cowherd to get more insecure as he got older, but he certainly has.

You know you're overcompensating when you have your set built so that you're sitting two feet higher than your guest so as to give yourself a physical sense of superiority. And then when you add in the lighting designed to literally cast the guest in a shadow? Holy shit, that guy obviously has some serious self-confidence issues.

And the makeup is just hilariously bad. When it's so thick you can still tell it's too much from the wide shot, you know what it's hiding must be really bad.


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Cowherd only showed a 5-second partial clip and was trying to hang the guy on that.  I'm happy Mayfield called him on it.  That's what the media does anymore - half-hearted attempts at 'journalism' aimed to denigrate.

The did the same thing when he stuck the flag in - they only showed the flag sticking attempt.  They didn't show that he celebrated with his teammates and fans for ~5 minutes while the OSU team left the field.  Whatever...  He earned that flag stick!


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Unfortunately, Baker had already lost by even appearing on the show at all. Acknowledging that Colin Cowherd exists is giving him too much credit.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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 That’s some good TV.

 In the typical fashion of a narcissist, when confronted with facts and logic that make him look foolish, Colin immediately deflects and changes the subject and asks, ‘where were you going to go, to the hospital?’ 

JWG Wolverine

June 22nd, 2018 at 1:09 PM ^

Had to watch that multiple times it was so satisfying. And that final jab with the "Do you see how they're celebrating in the league right now?" to destroy his stupid narrative even more is tasty icing on the cake.


June 22nd, 2018 at 5:26 PM ^

Maybe I'm contrarian, but Cowherd is just going to wait until Baker is not top 5 in the league and then break his arm patting himself on the back over ad hominem critiques whether there is causality or not.


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Colin Cowherd is the poster boy for "Sports network time filler" for when no real sporting events are actually happening.

He is literally just filler, nothing more.