OSU signing day whiffs

Submitted by Lancer on December 20th, 2017 at 11:04 PM

OSU singed 9 top-100 composite players and currently has the second highest rated class in the nation. It is an amazing class, but it was a strange signing day for the Buckeyes. 

Jackson Carman, the highest rated OT in the nation, signed with Clemson instead of the hometown team. Dabo employing negative recruiting may have played a hand.

Emory Jones follows Dan Mullen to Florida after slow playing the Bucks for months. He is a top 50 recruit and the 4th ranked dual-threat QB. 

Jaiden Woodbey flipped to FSU earlier this hour after an extremely strange announcement. He is a top 30 recruit and the 2nd ranked safety in the class. 

Brenton Cox, the 2nd ranked strongside defensive end, decommited two weeks back and has since signed with Georgia. 

Micah Parson the top ranked defensive end was trending towards the Bucks throughout the summer recommitted to PSU. He took some pictures with Eddie George and the NCAA doesn't approve, apparently. 



Newton Gimmick

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1998-2007 Alabama: 70-54 (.565) (includes 21 vacated wins)

2008-2017 Michigan: 74-52 (.587)

In a lot of respects, their 10-year relative 'nightmare' (actually 11 if including a 4-7 record in 1997) was worse than ours has been.  Amazing how that period in Alabama history has been wiped clean from the casual football fan's memory.  It wasn't really that long ago.  But following it with 10 years of dominance fixes everything.


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They've got it coming one way or the other. Can you imagine what that fanbase will do when they experience their inexorable downturn the way we did? They're the most spoiled fanbase in college football. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily but it's going to really suck for them when they have their own dark ages. And I'm going to enjoy every second of it.


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I want all of the stars we can get, and it is disappointing that we aren't getting a top five recruit this year (though Patterson...), but I'm encouraged by Devin Bush, Khaleke Hudson and McKeon (whose name mystifies me why it is pronounced McQue-en).      Guys that were not high four stars and/or three stars who are ripping it up.   While it is great to have a ready-made player like Mason Cole (I'll take three please),  I think our coaches can spot talent.  

Love the OSU shadenfruende.  I always want them to be the best they can possibly be so long as we beat them.   I miss the 90's and Cooper.


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Fab 5? Hell they look like field workers compared to the cars and jewelry some of the kids are gifted in some programs! I️ cannot believe people in the 21st century still believe that FAB5 were some greedy little kids benefiting illegally and we deserved it! Bullshit! We got caught. Others admit to giving kids cars, money, women, and they still own a championship in basketball, that they won against Michigan.


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The Fab5 were not paid to go to Michigan. They were given money and so were many other Detroit players that went to other schools. The reason Michigan got burned is that Ed Martin was categorized as a Michigan booster. He did not guide players to Michigan, he was not a bag man. He gave or loaned money to players that went to other big ten schools. Against the rules? Absolutely. Should Michigan have been punished? Absolutely. Should other teams have been punished? Yes.

Did Ed Martin direct players to Michigan? No.


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There is little doubt about the UGa bagmen.  

The state changed its laws about FOIA requests for Kirby (at his request), and the Lt Governor came right out and said "I hope it helps us land a national championship."

And shortly thereafter UGa goes into its old recruiting stomping grounds (cough, cough) of NYC and Philadelphia to swipe five stars Isaiah Wilson (long considered by everyone under the sun a lock to us, no less) and DeAndre Swift.   And now this avalanche of 5* talent.  

Athens is fine and all (I have family there), but come on....

They land two five stars (Anderson and Cox) in the early signing period at a position where UGa doesn't even currently have a position coach on their staff? 


By the way, they already have three of the top ten juniors in the country committed.




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They still have the #2 class in the nation. I hate those guys, but damn. Their recruiting game is pretty damn impressive. Credit where credit is due (but fuck Ohio State, of course).


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A lot gets cast on RR and BH but looking a little different into both programs will reflect, for those who can be objective, that it wasn't necessarily all those two and it wasn't all Urban in Columbus. 

i recall how Michigan fans were giddy as hell when OSU hired Tressell. i thought, why in the hell are they so happy?. This guy will take whoever he wants in that state if Carr isn't careful. Well, guess what? He did the one thing we couldn't allow. He beat us his first two seasons with sub par teams and the third was damn close, but during that period he had closed the damn gap and was inside Carr's mind. And for good reason. That man has no more reason to bend the rules than does Urban - and i have no indications that he is. He was a damn fine coach. 

When Urb took over, both the games and the recruiting were a habit,with us on the wrong end of both. This is what is so perplexing about M fans in regard to Harbaugh. For the first time in over a decade he finishes in the top ten in recruiting, and he does it back-to-back with top 5 classes. He beats MSU and although that hasn't happened with OSU, it could have happened twice and in both cases, one more time than it did if not for simply unbelievable events that bore no relection on the coaching. 

We're coming into the year i was looking at, and although i would have preferred a bit more experienced quarterback, I'm happy with the overall state of the progam. i feel we're in good position to go forward with a solid ten to fifteen years of great Michigan football. Harbaugh doens't just talk. He sees something and based on what he said after the final regular season Saturday,he gave his opinion of what he thought was wrong and he addressed it. He's not afraid, extremely confident and will not stop unless thrown out of town. Hand on because 2018 dictates maybe not so much where we're going but just how damn fast we'll get there.