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Submitted by MichiganSports3 on January 4th, 2018 at 1:55 AM

So with all of the information that is being thrown around various social media platforms, I thought I'd share this video that addresses the current coaching carousel at UM. It matches up pretty well with the information that is being discussed on the premium UM forums (247/Scout and Rivals). Hope this helps everyone organize this mess.

EDIT, Link Taken Down*** I apologize. I did not know that we banned ChatSports videos. Just recently became active again on MGoBlog. I just saw that the video information (regarding Enos, Frey, Partridge, etc) matched up with the other forums. Sorry everyone, please don't kill me.




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You're right, it is. And I understand that they aren't the most reliable source. But the information contained within this specific video matches up well with what is being discussed on Rivals/Scout. Sorry for trying to help those who may not have access to those other sites.


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Regarding Roman - just because contact was made doesn't mean a contract is going to be signed. I know Michigan is still kicking the tires on that side of the ball. JH is looking at some of his personal favorites, some with Michigan ties, and maybe some out-of-the-box types that may or may not carry some baggage. Furthermore, think back to how he found Don Brown. That is a good starting point.

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"and maybe some out-of-the-box types that may or may not carry some baggage"

Hugh Freeze to Michigan, confirmed.  Which honestly...does make some sort of sense.  Especially if Shea is eligible.  Hugh had a good offense, knows Shea, needs a reclamation project to get back into coaching.  There's no way in hell they'll go after someone like Briles' kid, but Hugh I could see.


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My Dad has been a Uconn season ticket holder since the year before they went to 1A. He’s a big fan of the guy. Still can’t believe at one point they had Joe Moorhead at OC and Don Brown at DC. No wonder Edsall actually looked like a competent coach in his first go round there.


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That would be the exact opposite approach.  Don Brown had no prior to connection to Michigan or Harbaugh, but Harbaugh researched who had the best college defense statistically (and a history of success as a college DC).  Loefler's name would not pop up with that type of search.  (Boston College's offensive S&P+ ranking this year was No. 101, even worse than Michigan's.)


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Honestly, there is only really one way to read it.  He is definitely pointing to how he found Don Brown, not where he came from.  If he was stricktly looking at BC's OC he would have just said that.  There is no point in being cryptic about that.


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I'm glad to know that you feel so certain in your view that there is only one way to read the comment. My observation was that he found Don Brown at BC and I found it interesting that Loeffler is now at BC.  You can say "you're wrong" one more time, though, if it makes you feel better.


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Seriously, look at the wording that he used. He says, "think back to HOW he found Don Brown." We all know the story of how he found Don Brown.   If he was hinting about a BC coach he probably would have said something like "Think about WHERE we found Don Brown.


So after assessing that, you're wrong.



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So, I have a buddy that believes Pep and Drevno survive this debacle. He is well connected. We have a bet on the outcome. This is going to get really interesting. With the Enos hire and division of responsibilities I say no way they survive. Let the games begin.

I don't mind being wrong at all as long as the staff is solid and we win!