Michigan football leads B1G with 48 Academic All-Big Ten players

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Title says is all.

Article in Detroint Free Press. Someone please embed.

This is the M difference. Go Blue.



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It’s great to see these kids putting in the effort towards their schooling. Not only does it give them career options outside of pro football, but it gives them a chance to apply the lessons they’ve learned through football in the classroom and chances to apply lessons learned in the classroom to football.


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Sophomore defensive end, Rashan Gary.  Wow--that is impressive.  He is the one guy on the team that is going to be a guaranteed millionaire (short of an injury requiring amputation--and even then his insurance policy would likely be worth several millions), and he's still achieving All-B1G academic honors.


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Indiana = 18

Maryland = 18

Purdue = 20

Rutgers = 25

Wisconsin = 25

MSU = 26

Illinois = 32

Minnesota = 32

OSU = 33

Penn St = 35

Northwestern = 40

Iowa = 41

Nebraska = 42

Michigan = 48



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guessing the 'class book' in some of the classes, say, at ohio or sparty, looks a lot like this...

Image result for images of coloring books

and that the syllabus has entries like:

1.  knowing your colors

2.  using colors together

3.  coloring inside the lines

and when you get to the 400 level classes, there are really challenging themes like:

1.  what to do when your crayon gets dull

2.   how to safely peel the paper from your crayon

3.   why you shouldn't eat your crayon



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Totals are probably correlated to number of walkons in the program. 


For example Michigan has 49 walkons and 33 of them were academic all big ten.  I got total walk on number by counting total on roster (134) and subtracting 85 scholarships.  I'd imagine that Nebraska and Iowa are probably similar to Michigan in that they have large number of walk ons that boost their academic all big ten totals.


Outliers in my estimation would be Northwestern and Wisconsin.  I'd think that Northwestern doesn't have many walk ons and yet they have 40 academic all big ten players.  Also that Wisconsin has a similar number of walkons to Michigan only produced roughly half the academic all big ten players.

Everyone Murders

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That is great to read, and should help this coaching staff continue to recruit quality student athletes.  If I were recruiting a bright 4 or 5-star athlete and speaking with his parents, it would take me about ten minutes to bring up this stat, and to tell that parent that we're happy but not satisfied with the result.

Great job, men.  You've done Michigan proud on and off the field. 

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The big reason Stanford didn't want to open up early signing  on the 20th and summer visits was allegedly because it hurts their ability to get academically qualified players (by their standards). It will be interesting to see academic trends over the next few years as this starts to take effect. 


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I don't see how that hurts their argument. By my count 15 of the 48 are Scholarship players.  The remaining 33 are walkons.  Scholarship worthy athletes that can hang at tough academic schools are tough to find.


Scholarship Players
Sophomore left guard Ben Bredeson, LSA undeclared
Redshirt junior tight end Ian Bunting, organizational studies
Sophomore linebacker Devin Bush, LSA undeclared
Redshirt junior linebacker Noah Furbush, aerospace engineering
Sophomore defensive lineman Rashan Gary, LSA undeclared
Fifth-year senior defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, master’s management of human services/child and youth
Sophomore defensive end Carlo Kemp, LSA undeclared
Sophomore tight end Sean McKeon, business administration
Redshirt junior defensive tackle Bryan Mone, general studies
Junior left tackle Grant Newsome, American culture
Redshirt freshman kicker Quinn Nordin, LSA undeclared
Fifth-year senior quarterback John O'Korn, American culture
Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Stephen Spanellis, LSA undeclared
Redshirt junior fullback Jared Wangler, master’s accounting
Redshirt junior wide receiver Maurice Ways, international studies
Walk On Players
Senior fullback Joe Beneducci, political science
Sophomore running back Jared Char, business administration
Senior fullback Brian Chu, economics
Sophomore defensive back Tyler Cochran, business administration
Sophomore defensive lineman Dane Drobocky, LSA undeclared
Junior linebacker Jack Dunaway, sport management
Sophomore tight end Conner Edmonds, undetermined
Junior tight end Kenny Ferris, neuroscience
Junior tight end Joseph Files, biology
Senior kicker James Foug, sport management
Grad student offensive lineman Greg Froelich, master’s public policy
Redshirt sophomore safety Jordan Glasgow, business administration
Junor defensive back Louis Grodman, movement science
Redshirt freshman punter Will Hart, LSA undeclared
Senior running back Joe Hewlett, business administration
Senior tight end Bradford Jones, general studies
Senior linebacker Alex Kaminski, political science
Junior defensive lineman John Luby, economics
Sophomore wide receiver Jake Martin, industrial and operational engineering
Senior safety Matt Mitchell, business administration
Grad student quarterback/holder Garrett Moores, master’s management
Sophomore defensive tackle Carl Myers, sport management
Junior linebacker Jameson Offerdahl, mechanical engineering
Sophomore offensive lineman Greg Robinson, LSA undeclared
Sophomore wide receiver Nate Schoenle, business administration
Sophomore quarterback Michael Sessa, LSA undeclared
Redshirt sophomore kicker Ryan Tice, sport management
Sophomore offensive lineman Andrew Vastardis, undetermined
Senior fullback Nick Volk, international studies
Fifth-year senior wide receiver Jack Wangler, psychology
Junior safety Jacob West, biology
Junior wide receiver Brendan White, mechanical engineering
Fifth-year linebacker Mike Wroblewski, health and fitness



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Wow.  Impressive list, and far fewer general studies majors than I'd have thought.


Business Administration, Any Engineering, Biology, economics, Master's accounting.  Very impressive.


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When facing down a trash-talking rival who is gloating about some victory over UM, I have always enjoyed having the retort: "your team may have prevailed this time, but my university has always been and always will be academically superior to yours."
The fact that I sound like an elitist ass-wipe doesn't bother me that much.