META: I would like to applaud the MGoBoard

Submitted by Blazefire on October 11th, 2010 at 11:16 AM

Here we stand, the Monday morning after a truly deflating loss, and I must say, whether it be the quality of our regular posters, the quick moves of the moderators, or some combination of the two, I feel applause is called for. Why?

Because the MGoBoard has not degenerated into MLive. We have few or no people calling for a coaching change. Nobody is bemoaning, lamenting or "renouncing" their fanhood. Nobody is driving nails in the season's coffin. We appear to recognize where we are, and greet it stoically and properly, even with hope and joy.

Nobody has lost control of their grammatic, spelling, or other functions. Nobody has lost control of their bowels and smeared the results across multiple threads. Nobody has offered to fight Denard. I am thrilled. Congrats to all, and I look forward to finishing the remainder of the season just as strongly, both on the field and on the forum.

(All that said, I did avoid the forum Saturday and until very late last night, because as much as we should all congratulate each other now, when it comes to not going all manic depressive, I don't trust a single one of you.)



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...but crapping on a bunch of 18-22 year olds and the coach won't do any good.  It does help you short term to vent and get things off your chest, especially if you don't want to put a hole in your TV Saturday night.  But you may have to face the fact that unless we implode, which you should not want, RichRod will be here next year with an upperclassman heavy offense and a defense that will be more agressive and better next year.

I understand everyone wants to go back to the 3-4 loss a year glory days under Carr, but Harbaugh probably will be an expensive get.  His brother is a hugely successful NFL coach, so don't think you won't be competing with NFL teams to get him.


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Here are the other likely margins of victory, according to a certain (ANYONEBUTRICHRODARGLEBARGLE) segment of the fan base:

* Les Miles (+24, with at least one cool trick play)

* Brady Hoke (+14)

* Terry Malone (+10)

* Mike DeBord (+7)

* Ron "0-18" English and Stan Parrish (+3)

* Jon Falk (+1)


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I was nervous to venture back here, but I have a sick addiction to all things Michigan.


I went to MSU for two years before transferring to Michigan. I bleed blue. I'm 0-5 in the MSU-UM game and it feels like I got my stones kicked in this weekend.

Regardless, Go Blue Fuck Everyone.

Shalom Lansky

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Where else can you go after a Michigan disaster?  This is like a shelter for battered fans.  We'll take you in when you have nowhere else to go.   The national MSM is fickle, the local media has gone green and white, just when you think you have no more options . . . MGoblog will nurse you back to health.

Nosce Te Ipsum

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Second sentence third paragraph is epic. Anyone who watched the game with half a brain could see that we left a shit load of points out on the field. Optimism should still be high because we had our way with them on many of our offensive drives. The defense played really well, except the usual suspect, and if you take away the two long runs it's a different ball game. That's a lot of what ifs but I don't give a damn.


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Shoot,  I was gonna burn my M hat and go pick up an S hat today too.  Now that I've seen this post I'll have to change my plans.  Oh wait, I would never do that.  The only green and white I'll wear is for Eastern Michigan.  Anyways, I'm sure Denard will bounce back.  I'm not so sure we need to fire Rich Rod.  And I still hate Sparty.


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And we lost a game in which we played very poorly. 

We're building something here, and guess what, even good teams lose. 

We're 5-1, we still have 6 games left. The season isn't lost, RR can still coach, Denard is still espn's heisman favorite and a hell of a football player. 

We got out-executed by a good football team. It happens. Ask Bama, or Florida, or Texas, or Iowa, or Wisconsin, or...

We'll improve, move forward, and let's kick the crap out of Iowa


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Agreed. On the flip side, until we beat a really good big ten team, lots of opinions are reasonable. Even ones that the majority on here don't agree with.


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and only fools think their team is going undefeated every season.

MSU and OSU will get dinged at some point too.

Our soph QB choked in the biggest game of his short career - so what? So did our receivers. The dropped balls and picks killed this game. Every player at every every level chokes a game away once in a while.

We have a ligit shot at winning any of the remaining games with our quick strike ability.

I expect 2 more wins (PSU, Purdue) and reasonably expect us to upset 1 or 2 more of the remaining. 8-4 or 9-3 is realistic - go to a New Years bowl against the Gators or someone.


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Before Sat, most people's peoples' postings indicated they'd settle for 1 out of 3 victories over the next 3 games. Unfortunately, we got caught in the mix of Heisman hype, PSU losses, having Iowa at home, and having mostly all the spectators predict us to win over lil bro. Knowing that our defense is not in recoverable status this season, our fan base forgivably became too greedy. As thirsty as I am for these next two victories, if we lose again Sat, remember that just over a week ago we were ready to accept 6-2 rolling into the easier pocket of our schedule...


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Beyond a few flip-outs, etc. I also thought the board did a pretty good job of keeping things under control. Most of the MGoBlog userbase understands that it's not a good idea to judge the season before it's over. Almost every team has its fair share of sub-par performances, and at this stage in the process Michigan is still more vulnerable than many teams.


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mgoblog is the reason why I decided that the $10/month I pay for a membership to the Wolverine is a waste of money. At least the mods on mgoblog don't inject their personal bias into every recruiting update like Josh H., Anison, and Matt P.. Spath is perhaps the only mod at the wolverine I respect. Chait is not a mod at the Wolverine but his articles speak the truth. 


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Now this is the circle-jerk semi-pos-bang I was waiting for. Free hugs all around. Everyone is special.


I like the maturity of this board (it's the main reason why I went from a lurker to a poster), and it's just one of the many reasons why it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine (might as well say it now before it gets banned).


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I have to agree, the response post Sparty loss on Saturday was taken fairly well.  But lets not pat ourselves on the back to much, remember the post Illinois fallout from last year anyone?

Lets just hope we never find ourselves in that position again.  Denard please resume 200/200 (rushing/ passing) performances again ASAP.