Laquon Treadwell eliminates Michigan

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Down to Ole Miss, Oklahoma & Oklahoma State. Not unexpected but still disappointing he didn't make it to Michigan for an official visit for a final shot to change his mind.

Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

#Sooners meet expectations for 5star WR Laquon Treadwell, who has trimmed his list to three schools

Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

5star WR Laquon Treadwell has taken officials to #OU and #OleMiss. Now has 1 scheduled to #OKState



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He's going to be exposed 8 years into his career? Isn't picking good assistants what coaching is all about? Hoke isn't exactly an offensive mastermind and has one of the best DCs in the country. Oklahoma won the B12 this year and won plenty of big games. Don't understand the Ole Miss hate. 

Leaders And Best

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The twitter feed of 17-18 year old often times not the best sources of information. Maybe he changes his mind, but I trust the information coming from an interview with a reporter than a 140 character response to someone on twitter. Best to just move on as the writing has been on the wall with this one for awhile.


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Standifer and Treadwell had similar rumors re academics. I suspect the coaches cooled after his standing didn't improve with Junior grades and no summer school.

These coaches know the importance of an elite WR. They held a spot for him unlike other recruits. He knows Shane is elite and will get him the ball.


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He stated just a couple of weeks ago that Treadwell had slipped with UM and ND based on grades.

I'm not saying our inability to land him was solely grades, but our coaches chased him relentlessly for a year and then cooled in Aug/Sept after we were named a front runner in July?

We missed on Ty Isaac, Drake Harris, Kendall Fuller, Brionte, ad nauseaum simply because we couldn't close the deal.


December 16th, 2012 at 4:28 PM ^

Ty Isaac was just waiting for a commitable USC offer... once he got that he immediately jumped on it and we were only in on Brionte Dunn because of the OSU mess and scandal.  If it wasn't for that there wouldn't have even been a a flirtation.  Those 2 had NOTHING to do with some inability to "close the deal".


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that I heard a few weeks ago. Lemming seems relatively trustworthy, but I blew off the comment as ND propaganda about their high standards.

It's bazaar that UM coaches would ease off (per LaQuon) from the #1 player at a position of dire need who already named UM as his leader.

My post was meant to question our coaches' easing when we were so close. We need playmakers.

Best of luck to LaQuon.


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And we got Kalis, Shane Morris, Kugler, Dymonte, Bosch, Tuley-Tillman, EVERY FUCKING OTHER PLAYER because they CAN close the deal.

Why do people think we're going to land every high profile player we pursue, just because they state they're interested? There's only so much the staff can do. 

San Diego Mick

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If he indeed is an attention whore(for lack of a better term) then I say let's move on and not pay any more attention to this guy. I want guys that want to go to U-M, not have be begged and coddled into coming.

He just seems like a guy who is a candidate to be a prima donna, that doesn't work well under Hike & Co., maybe the coaches noticed too much of this from him and cooled off pursuing him.

U-M program will survive and so will I, personally, I don't like guys like that, no matter how good they think they are


December 16th, 2012 at 4:05 PM ^

He doesn't want to come to Michigan, so he's a prima donna?  If we're being consistent, I assume that makes Will Campbell a prima donna too, since he took a bunch of fake visits?  No one on this board has ever spoken to Treadwell, and no one would be calling him a prima donna if he ended up at Michigan.  It's really pathetic the way people think they can glean a kid's character based on whether or not he wants to attend their school.

And, for the record, I want the best players we can possibly get who don't have genuine character issues, even if the coaching  staff has to beg and plead to make it happen.  

San Diego Mick

December 16th, 2012 at 4:12 PM ^

Sorry if I seem like a sore loser here. That's why I said "if" on my comment.

I want what you want, the best players we can possibly get, however, I don't want to beg these guys, I want them to want to come to U-M. I believe that keeps attrition down eventually.


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If Michigan misses on Green, there will be a growing trend of missing on skill position players.  I think part of this is our two best recruiters are DL coaches.

I think the other part is that skill position players like to see how they will be used on the field.  Since our offense needed to adapt to Denard, these kids couldn't really see how the offense will look during a game situation.

Seattle Maize

December 16th, 2012 at 4:24 PM ^

He did not recruit a ton of offensive talent. In fact he didn't really recruit much talent anywhere. You build championship football teams from the inside out and Hoke and his staff have been pulling very talents OL, DL and linebackers. Eventually, the skill positions will come, though I think the guys we have been getting are pretty good.


December 16th, 2012 at 5:04 PM ^

What a dumb statement. We have a 5 star qb and good talent at TE but since you want to see wr and rb you ask a question that eliminates all skill positions except for the two you want to talk about. Lets also ignore the coaches ability to recruit a 3 star nose tackle that blew up to be 5 star and contributed as a true freshman. Shame on hoke for bringing in a top class last year and an even better class this year. What a joke. Also we have another 5 star at a skill position you specifically want that I will eat my hat if he doesn't commit here.


December 16th, 2012 at 4:44 PM ^

This is Hoke's first full recruiting class, and the poster you're replying to is making a valid point. The rumors were that Devin taking over at QB sparked interest in WRs looking at UM because they could see that without Denard there was going to be a whole lot more airing the ball out.

And the Hoke regime is recruiting a ton (literally) of talent on offense. It's not that a monsterous O-line makes second tier skill positions great or anything, but it changes a lot when there are holes to run through and time for receivers to get open. Or, it's difficult to build the roof of a house before you lay the foundation.


December 16th, 2012 at 4:58 PM ^

I couldn't disagree more.  Hoke has already brought in a top quarterback, several talented TE's, the best set of OL over two classes I can remember, a stable of RB's that fit his offense (and possibly Green).  The only offensive position that's missing is WR.  I think Dukes is going to surprise a lot of people and Chesson and Darboh could be very good players.  Give it time - he just got here.


December 16th, 2012 at 4:09 PM ^

Ouch. Please refrain from trashing the kid, he's making the decision he thinks is best for him. Gonna have to see the final(ish) product on offense before we can really show some of these skill guys what it could look like with them involved.


December 16th, 2012 at 4:11 PM ^

LT has been signaling for awhile that UM was no longer at the top of his list; several people on this board just refused to hear him.

Keep calm and carry on - we are still in on Green, who is a huge offensive talent.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I was just on the free 24/7 message board and someone copied and pasted an LT tweet from three hours ago:

Laquon Treadwell ‏@SuccessfulQuon
“@ShaneKTTM: @SuccessfulQuon you officially visiting Michigan?” Yes

Hmmmn.........I sure hope this report is wrong.