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08/11/2017 - 12:14pm Yep, lol.  But you could say

Yep, lol.  But you could say the same for every coach at every school at this level of competition.  At least the smart ones.  

08/10/2017 - 5:23pm Heard today Wiscy LB Jack

Heard today Wiscy LB Jack Cichy has a torn ACL and is out for the season.  Does Seth (or others who lose a player for the season) get a compensatory pick?

08/07/2017 - 12:54pm Embarrassment of Riches

A lot of mgofans seem concerned about the cornerback position.  Specifically, they seem to be dissappointed that Hill and Long haven't locked down the starting spots.  Don Brown seems to see it not as a knock on Hill and Long, but more of an embarrassment of riches.

Besides Hill and Long, it sounds like Keith Washington has really grown into a quality player.  I'm also really rooting for Drake Harris.  He was a highly touted recruit that just never seemed to live up to his potential at wide receiver.  If he can stay healthy and earn significant playing time at cornerback this year, I will be very happy for him.

08/06/2017 - 9:46pm Yes great show that gets

Yes great show that gets little acclaim.  If you like history and spy craft you will love TURN.

07/31/2017 - 7:07pm Gotcha bro.  A little hard to

Gotcha bro.  A little hard to follow but thanks.

07/31/2017 - 3:56am Right.  Armies and fleets are

Right.  Armies and fleets are moving all over Westeros fighting battles and sieges galore, except the army of the dead.  They should've been through the wall and South to Dorne and back by now.  Yet the Night King seems to be just dawdling about waiting for John Snow to travel back and forth from Dragon Stone to get dragon glass to make weapons to fight him with.

Anyway, still great episode.  Love the twists and turns of fortune.  Can't wait to see how this wraps up in the next few episodes.

07/30/2017 - 12:53pm Wtf was that?

I clicked your link hoping to see a projected depth chart heading into the fall.  Your link led to a page of dozens of links to 6-20 minute YouTube videos.  Was I supposed to watch each one and read between the lines of coach-speak and player interviews in order to deduce a mental picture of a depth chart?

Edit: (Oops, meant to reply to #28)

07/29/2017 - 12:36pm Noice, welcome Nolan! He even

Noice, welcome Nolan! He even has a great name for a lineman.

07/28/2017 - 1:37pm I must be part of the

I must be part of the pro-Filiaga mob.

07/27/2017 - 5:33pm #28 for Deron Irving-Bey and

#28 for Deron Irving-Bey and #31 for Phillip Paea seem strange to me.  Big defensive lineman should wear big numbers.  Like in the 90's somewhere.  Loved Wormley, but never got used to his number either.

07/26/2017 - 8:36am I somewhat agree with you.

I somewhat agree with you.  Five stars and high four stars are generally going to prove to be great prospects.  But as we all know, Harbaugh sees the world differently.  His board is different than than those at Scout, Rivals etc.  Look at his track record at Stanford and how many two and three star kids he put in the NFL.

07/25/2017 - 8:42pm Wow, didn't know any of that.

Wow, didn't know any of that.  Thanks.  Looks like ND could be in for another rough season.  They play #3 USC, #12 Stanford and #20 Miami plus what could be another 3-4 tossup games.

Lol @ the "secret visit" part.  This is why I love college football recruiting.  Guess I'll stay optimistic on Simon.

07/25/2017 - 6:58pm I wonder if we had room for

I wonder if we had room for Shayne Simon?  This is going to be a much smaller class and we did take 3-4 linebackers last class (Ross, Singleton, Anthony, Mason).  With Otis Reese already on board and it sounds like we are in great shape with Cameron McGrone, maybe the staff just couldn't promise him a spot at this time.

07/07/2017 - 12:21am It's hard to make

It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future.  (Yogi Berra)

06/27/2017 - 7:15am Now I want to try Big Red

Now I want to try Big Red Soda.

Any idea where it is sold?  I live in the Northeast and had never heard of it until opening the link.  From the title and the OP I thought they were talking about Big Red gum.

06/26/2017 - 1:08pm Personally, I don't like the

Personally, I don't like the White pants and greatly prefer Maize.  But I'm happy to let the current players make their own fashion choices.

06/01/2017 - 2:35pm Love his highlights at

Love his highlights at linebacker (Alim McNeill) but this kid would be a "destroyer of worlds" at fullback for a Harbaugh/Drevno offense.

08/03/2014 - 6:25pm By the way, love the Antione

By the way, love the Antione "the Judge" Joubert nom de plume.  Joubert and Gary "the General" Grant were my all time favorite Michigan guard combo until Tim and Trey came along a few years back.

08/03/2014 - 6:19pm Pretty sure the water just

Pretty sure the water just parts when he comes near.

08/01/2014 - 1:27pm Plus he looks just like

Plus he looks just like Jabrill Peppers which can't hurt.

07/15/2014 - 6:49pm Love that clip.  Everitt

Love that clip.  Everitt really wanted to hit him but probably held back because he didn't want to give that little jock-sniffer the free publicity.

07/08/2014 - 4:28pm Won't be able to call it a

Won't be able to call it a fluke when Caris Levert goes in the top 10 next year.

06/28/2014 - 6:58pm I think we are going to have

I think we are going to have a really good defense this year.  Especially the back seven.  Not sure if Jabrill will win the Heisman, but maybe in another year or two.

06/23/2014 - 3:19pm Can't comment on Justified

Can't comment on Justified but I loved Timothy Oliphant in Deadwood.

06/23/2014 - 8:33am Yeah, no GoT really sucks.

Yeah, no GoT really sucks.  But a couple of new shows I've been watching and am now really into are Penny Dreadful (Sunday nights) and Salem (Thursday nights).  And I too am looking forward to The Leftovers and Strain based on the trailers I've seen.

06/16/2014 - 12:54pm Hmmmn, interesting news but

Hmmmn, interesting news but seems to contradict other recruiting.... It sounded like we were recruiting Hjalte Froholdt (who is an interior lineman) pretty hard up until he committed to Arkansas.  I wonder what changed?

05/16/2014 - 10:24am Wow, so much negativity.  I

Wow, so much negativity.  I bet at least one of these guys turns into a great receiver eventually.  And I bet at least one of them sees significant playing time this year, not just on special teams.  I know not every recruit is going to be a stud, but I would be very surprised if all three of them turned out to be busts.

As bluekoj said, there is almost nothing to go on at this point.  Lets give them a chance before we just write off the entire 2013 receiver class.

05/10/2014 - 2:26am Rorschach Test

After reading the above comments, I'm now convinced the NFL draft is the perfect Rorschach test for Michigan fans.  The optimists see the silver lining and the haters see confirmation that the coaches suck.

05/02/2014 - 5:37pm I'd be really pissed if I

I'd be really pissed if I were the security guard.  He suffered a vicious attack for simply doing his job.  If it were me, I'd want Jayru Campbell to receive the full wrath of the law (as a minor, not the bs where they often find some loophole to charge kids as adults), not some slap on the wrist.

Counciling and anger management classes.....what a joke.

04/29/2014 - 12:10pm I have no problem holding the

I have no problem holding the coaching staff accountable.  But I absolutely insist that we give them a few years to rebuild first, then fire 'em if they aren't getting the job done.

I'm not sure RR was the best for Michigan but I definitely don't want his replacement to be run out of town before he even has a chance to field a decent team.  And I don't want to be in a 20 year cycle of rebuilding like Notre Dame.

04/29/2014 - 11:21am Seems like stability to the

Seems like stability to the program arrived with Hoke.  I hope we actually follow through and give him a chance to rebuild the program.  Otherwise we will be rebuilding for another 3-4 years if we get rid of him after this year.

04/16/2014 - 12:58pm Yep GoT and Walking Dead are

Yep GoT and Walking Dead are great.  I also am absolutely loving the first two episodes of Turn on AMC so far.  Another good one that I just watched is the first season of Black Sails (on Starz).  And Vikings (History Channel) is pretty awesome too if you haven't seen that yet.

I've heard some people say that The Black List is good.  I liked the first few episodes but it got silly when every week they catch a new super-criminal/terrorist.  I don't really like one hour self contained shows anymore.  Instead I prefer the series format.

And yeah, Project Free TV is the best.

04/13/2014 - 7:54am Not so fast.  We're still in

Not so fast.  We're still in it.  Found this on twitter:

Ryan Bartow @RyanBartow

4-star Chris Clark informing ppl he's de-committed from #NorthCarolina. Plans to visit #OhioState & #Michigan next.

04/13/2014 - 7:48am I'm surprised no programs

I'm surprised no programs have offered to let star recruits design the team uniforms as an incentive to come to their school.  Or maybe we just haven't heard about it?

03/27/2014 - 8:02am I don't have any inside info

I don't have any inside info or anything, but from what I've read it sounds like Sterling Jenkins is leaning towards Penn State.

03/24/2014 - 2:40pm I only drink at work.  My

I only drink at work.  My problem is that I am a workaholic.

03/18/2014 - 1:50pm It says the University of

It says the University of Michigan is 2.67 times more influential than Ohio State University, 3.43 times more influential than Michigan State University and is 2.94 times more influential than the Univerisity of Notre Dame.  Clearly this must be true.

03/08/2014 - 5:41am Unfortunately Stidham just

Unfortunately Stidham just committed to Texas Tech.  Hopefully this is just a "place-holder" commitment and he will still look around.

03/05/2014 - 5:31pm From Twitter

Apparently someone familiar was just a year ahead of you guys...

Andrew Dakich ‏@daycheck3 · 50m 
We haven't won an outright Big Ten championship since 1986. I think @JustJMo was a junior in high school back then.

03/04/2014 - 4:53pm Unfortunately, I saw a

Unfortunately, I saw a disheartening tweet from Steve Lorenz today saying he is changing his "crystal ball" pick to Penn State for Sterling Jenkins.

02/27/2014 - 11:31am From what I heard, Nicholson

From what I heard, Nicholson was a good athlete and had nice size for a safety, but didn't like contact.  I believe Penn State passed on him for the same reason.

02/25/2014 - 3:40pm What About Gibbons' Civil Rights?

Perhaps you guys know more about this than I do.  I live many states away and have only read a little about this but from my understanding, there were never any charges filed against Gibbons because the alleged victim did not want to pursue the matter.  Then many years after the alleged rape that never warranted any charges, Gibbons is suddenly expelled because of a change in University policy.  So Gibbons gets thrown under the bus by the university and now his reputation is forever destroyed.....and he may not have even done anything wrong?

If anyone's civil rights were violated, it was Gibbons.  Or am I missing some important legal details?

02/07/2014 - 4:05pm I don't know about that.  The

I don't know about that.  The fans demand wins or the coaches head.  Are we willing to trade our higher academic and character standards for wins on the field?  LF is saying yes, loosen the standards.  I'm not saying he's right, but he does sound like much of our fan base.

02/05/2014 - 4:14pm Shhhhh......

Don't heap too much praise on him.  Everytime we get a good recruiting guy (Steve, Tom) someone comes along and snatches them up.

Just kidding.  Nice job BB.

01/20/2014 - 10:29am I had the opposite reaction.

I had the opposite reaction.  He completely embarrassed himself and will probably regret these comments when he grows up a bit.  Now, instead of everyone talking about what a great corner he is, we're all talking about what a jackass he is instead.

01/09/2014 - 11:00am My father's words

When I emailed my dad about this last night, his reply was classic...  "Can we hire some of their players too"?

12/01/2013 - 1:05am Whaaaaaa

What a big effing baby. If you're so unhappy then don't go.  Whaaaa I'm locked in, whaaaa!  Its my career, whaaa! The ticket prices, whaaa! Jesus dude, be happy you don't have a shit job like some of us.

09/17/2013 - 9:27am What a little Diva

Mark May must really know how to push his buttons because Holtz just lost it when May said he was out of order.  Holtz yells "I'm sick of everybody jumping on coach".  I guess he's earned the right to just go by the nickname coach, but who talks about themselves in the third person like that?

09/14/2013 - 6:54am Bo almost left in '82 for money

This is in reply to you and Mr. Rager.

From Wikipedia:  On January 15, 1982, Texas A&M offered Schembechler nearly $3 million for 10 years—the richest contract in the history of college athletics at that time—to become the school's football coach and athletic director. Schembechler turned it down. "Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that there are things more important in this world than money," Schembechler said. "For that reason, I've decided to stay at Michigan."[5]

But thats not the whole story according to my father (U of M alumni graduated mid 70's).  My dad says that Bo was very close to leaving.  Three million over 10 years was an astronomical sum at the time and Bo was certainly tempted.  But at the 11th hour some Michigan alumni got together led by Tom Monighan and bought Bo two Dominos Pizza franchises (in Columbus, OH by the way) and the University gave him a 40% raise so he would stay in Ann Arbor.

08/24/2013 - 10:16am MA's and Loafs

MA's (missed assignments) and loafs.  I learned something new.  They do keep stats on linemen.

I'd kind of like to hear about those stat lines on the other lineman too.  Especially the guys battling for the other Guard spot and the Center position like Bryant, Braden, Miller, Glasgow etc....