Kareem Walker concedes "Game Atmosphere Was Tremendous" in official release

Submitted by MayOhioEatTurds on October 12th, 2015 at 12:35 PM

After attending the Michigan-Northwestern game, everyone is trying to gauge Kareem Walker's interest in Michigan.  In order to quell rampant rumors about his interest in Michigan, Walker released the following statement: 

I had a good trip to Michigan.  It’s the second time I’ve been there but the first time with this staff.  I have a friend on the team so it was good to see him as well.  The game atmosphere was tremendous, fans really love the team.  I enjoyed speaking with the coaches and meeting everyone.

I know people are trying to figure my situation out and are creating rumors all over the place.  I’m humbled that many people care about what I’m doing but at the same time I’m a low key guy and not looking to make a story for someone when there really isn’t any story.  Yes, I will take all my visits.  Right now, I don’t have the dates to where I’m headed next.


While the purpose of Walker's statement is ostensibly to quell rumors of interest in Michigan, I'd have to say the above statement sounds as positive as one could hope for Michigan's chances.  That he made a statement at all suggests he may be feeling some pressure to clarify his intentions. 

Just win, baby.  Do so and everything--including recruiting--takes care of itself. 



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Not a problem.

Actually, a lot of threads were buried rather quickly in the flurry of threads that is inevitable after victories, particularly conference wins where we shut out an opponent that not very many people thought we might shut out. I wouldn't blame anyone over next couple days for missing something. 


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But is there a way to front page all the threads that have been posted since the game on Monday morning?  I feel like a lot of readers don't check it Sunday and log in on Monday.  They're also probably the type of readers who don't know to click Mgoboard at the top of the page and see what's buried (not showing up in the right hand bar).


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The way to do this is broken. If the page down function worked (where it says "1 of 14" followed by >>), this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, this is a free site, the proprieters are busy with Draftegeddon and other things, and there is no one around with the coding cahones to fix it.


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Personally, I would chip in $25 to a kickstarter to get that thing to work.


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Before posting any sort of breaking news, facts, quotes, etc... It's always proper to search and see if it has already been posted.


In your case, this info was posted yesterday and had it's own thread with many replies to the OP. Upvoted for good Monday morning vibes and Harbaugh.


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that's the best thing he could have said other than "I am decommiting from osu and committing to Michigan."  To steal such a high calibur running back from osu would lead me to...cackle with knowing glee. 

True Blue Grit

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this very low-key also.  For one thing, he probably doesn't like getting death threats from nut job Ohio fans.  So, saying he's favoring anyone other than OSU right now, isn't something he's going to do.  Also, he hasn't taken any other visits yet, so he can honestly say he hasn't decided anything.  But I still think there are some very positive signs for us.  The fact he is taking an official visit here is pretty significant.  That means he has some interest and is open to other schools.  Also, since he is "tight" with Rashan Gary also, that may work in our favor too.  


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acknowledging support for his buddy, recognizing the great atmosphere, which Duh, and reiterating he is a low key guy and don't read into it. Nothing to see here, but I liked the statement.

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I'll be really kind of surprised if we can't bring in a 5-star type LB for next year. With Bolden and Morgan gone, the only guy with experience will be Gedeon. Who else is there? Wangler, Gant, McCray (is he hurt?).


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 Sometimes it's all about what wasn't said. He said everything except I'm 100% commited to the ohio state university. So game on #GoBlue


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Weird he needed to make a press release, but I have a feeling he was catching tremendous grief.  

I really liked what he said and how, seems like whatever team gets him will be getting a pretty great media days representative.


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I like the last part of his quote. Seems like a great kid who is just genuinely interested in what other schools have to offer without seeking attention from the media. Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.


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Dylan Crawford seems like a perfect fit for harbaugh's scheme. He loves to block, and looking at his film it looks like he has just as much fun jacking someone up to help a teammate than catching a touchdown. That seems like a great fit for what Harbaugh is building here. A receiver who loves to block that can make plays. Sign him up now! Also, great timing for his official! Beat Sparty!

Wolverine fan …

October 12th, 2015 at 2:15 PM ^

and the way he likes to pressure these kids, especially running backs (see: Weber, Green etc.) it wouldn't surprise me at all if Kareem ends up in the Maize and Blue next season. He's not bending to Urban's demands, as he knows he can go pretty much wherever he wants. Let's hope the young man chooses wisely.


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Everyone has been saying for a while that "just win and the rest will take care of itself." That is what is happening right now. Recruits loved the Harbaugh hiring but most were waiting to see how he would do. Kareem Walker was very outspoken on the Harbaugh hiring and now he's seen it live. Kareem Walker sees the opportunity for carries here and this will only build after another great performance this week.