A Review of 2013-2018 OL Recruiting

A Review of 2013-2018 OL Recruiting

Submitted by Maizinator on June 14th, 2018 at 3:23 AM

I was sleepless and bored, so I decided to go back and review our OL recruiting over the past few years.  The MGOExperts are well versed in this and nothing of great surprise.  But, for me, it helped put into perspective the multi-year struggles we've had and why there should be real hope going forward.   I posted because I thought it might do the same for others.

Hypo: If Michigan football systematically paid players, what's the recruiting impact?

Hypo: If Michigan football systematically paid players, what's the recruiting impact?

Submitted by Caesar on April 10th, 2018 at 9:20 AM


I use 'systematically' in the title because I think football is about as close as you can get to clean, though I've heard some 3rd-hand things and wouldn't be surprised by 'improper benefits' going to some players through small-time boosters, fans, etc. What I don't think is going on is SEC-levels of bagmen networks actively concealing and funneling money to entice players to come to Michigan.

Hypothetical Impact?

So let's say Michigan's administration has had enough of the NCAA's garbage, and they decide to turn a blind eye and nudge the money cannon at recruits. What you're dealing with is not some good ole' boys network of car dealerships but Panama Papers-levels of ammunition. (Side note: this is why I'm pretty sure Michigan isn't doing the systematic cheating. The resources are such that Michigan would annihilate the competition for getting top players, except for maybe Texas.) Does Michigan go from annual top 10-15ish to consistent top 1-3? Does the program start dominating nationally, maybe even slipping recruits past the Mississippi event horizon? 

Return of Recruiting Roundup?

Return of Recruiting Roundup?

Submitted by Trip McNeely on March 19th, 2018 at 12:57 PM

We have not see one in a while for obvious reasons, not much content and who wants to talk football after that season and with the way basketball is playing. But my question is, shouldn’t they start up again soon? Maybe after basketball is done in April? (fingers crossed). We just had a junior day and the Spring Game will be coming up soon. We just had the a QB commit and this is the time of year when you can start to see who has serious interest and does not.

What's the Michigan sports-related hill you're willing to die on?

What's the Michigan sports-related hill you're willing to die on?

Submitted by Caesar on February 21st, 2018 at 7:17 AM

Worded differently: what's an unpopular view that you feel very strongly about for Michigan athletics? Gut-feelings are at home here, but bonus points are awarded (not actually awarded) for some evidence. Examples include stuff like, "Harbaugh is overrated," &c.

Signing of the Stars

Signing of the Stars

Submitted by scanner blue on February 7th, 2018 at 7:04 AM

11 am in the backroom of The Brown Jug. A little smaller venue this year after 3k at Hill then 2.5k at Crisler. The ESPN style analyst two top will be manned by Joey Galloway and Jim McElwain. The reserved booth in the corner is for special guests Bobby Higginson and Chyna of WWE fame. Noted signees expected to be there ---a PWO long snapper from Temperance Berford and a sophmore from Alice Lloyd they found at last months open try outs. Julius Welschof will be interviewed by Don Brown on the big screen in the corner (he'll be on break from his water bottling job). Come say HI, I'll be posted by the VIP entrance in the alley by the old Dollar Bill Copying on Church street.

Researcher's Model Predicts Where a Recruit Will Commit with 70% Accuracy

Researcher's Model Predicts Where a Recruit Will Commit with 70% Accuracy

Submitted by Caesar on January 18th, 2018 at 6:43 PM

A University of Iowa PhD candidate came up with a predictive model (link). Where it was wrong, the article says the school chosen was 2nd on the list of possible places to commit that the model generated.

Her data is based on analyzing tweets from recruits. Here's the meat and potatoes of it:

She mined data from 573 athletes in 2016 from the 247Sports recruiting database who had at least two Division I scholarship offers and public Twitter accounts. Then she pulled their tweets, followers and accounts they followed each month and distilled the data into a model that makes it all easy to understand.

She found that if a recruit tweeted a hashtag about a school, his likelihood of committing there jumped 300 percent. For every coach the athlete followed from a given school, his likelihood of committing went up 47 percent. When a coach follows an athlete, likelihood increases 40 percent.

“The most significant actions online are the actions the athlete is doing,” Bigsby said. “Who is he following? What is he tweeting? What hashtags is he using?”

Her model crunched those numbers along with other data sets — i.e.: a college’s location relative to the recruit’s home town, a college’s academic ranking, a college’s recent football performance, and more — and spit out a list of universities a recruit was likely to attend, along with each school’s odds.

4* Muskegon OT Decommits From PSU

4* Muskegon OT Decommits From PSU

Submitted by Mercury Hayes on December 7th, 2017 at 8:46 PM

Four star offensive tackle Antwan Reed from Muskegon has decommitted from PSU. Reed was offered by UM as well as Georgia, Florida, VT, MSU and some others. He is 6-5, 326 and the 18th ranked offensive tackle; 51st overall player in the state.

I would like all of the tackles, please.

Link to Reed's Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/antwan_reed?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%…

Edit: Appears 24/7 ranking may be in error as one commentor pointed out that he was previously in Florida. If he truly is a four star, he would be a top five or 10 player in the state.

Biggest recruiting weekend of the year

Biggest recruiting weekend of the year

Submitted by Modernmanshustl on November 19th, 2017 at 10:19 PM

So despite how you may feel about our season, this is our biggest (by far) recruiting weekend of the year. Lets get out there, cheer on our team, and show the future of Michigan Football why they should come here.  I've compiled a visitor's list, courtesy of landof10, of who we can expect on campus.  As an aside, our 2nd biggest recruiting weekend this season was the MSU game so unless ugly losses in monsoons are your idea of a good time, we need to hit it out of the park this weekend.

OT- Nihcolas Petit-Frere 4* #4 OT Fl

DE- Taylor Upshaw 3* #25 SDE Fl

DE- Ayabi Enoma 4* #4 DE Md

DE- Jason Oweh 4* #8 De

DT- Alim Mcneil 4* #20 DE. Nc

DT- Rick Sandidge 4* #11 DT Nc

DT- Michael Thompson4 * #2 DT Mo

TE- Michael Ezeike 3* #17 TE Ca

TE- Tommy Tremble 3* #23 TE Ga

Ath- Talona Hufunga 4* #1 ATH Or

WR- Jamar Chase 4* #12 WR La

QB- Joe Milton 4* #9 Pro QB Fl


RB- Noah Cain 5* #1 RB Fl

RB- Eric Gray 4* #2 Apb Tn

LB- Charles Thomas 4* #8 ILB Ga


OL-Justin Rogers MI


I'm sure this list is evolving, but TLDR,  this Sat is our biggest recruiting weekend of the year, get out and show future wolverines why they should make the right choice.  As always, Go Blue, and dont tweet at recruits.

-Sincerely, long time reader, first time poster.