Jim Harbaugh Mock Staff

Submitted by Braylon1 on January 2nd, 2011 at 1:08 PM

I'm bored....

Jim Harbaugh-HC
Cam Cameron- OC/TE
Mike Trgovac- DC
Scott Loeffler- QB
Soup Campbell- WR
Fred Jackson- RB
Teryl Austin or Vance Bedford- DB's
Glen Steele- DL
Jim Herrmann- LB (yes, i said it)

S&C- It won't be the same without Barwis.


btw, im still very much in RR's corner. this thread is just for fun... im not for letting go of a premiere football coach whose oldest recruits are sophomores when he has 20 starters back and a future Heisman winner at QB. did i mention Michigan is arguably the youngest team in the Big 10 and PSU, OSU, Iowa, and MSU all get worse?



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There are quite a few former Meyer assistant that will probably be looking for a job because they aren't retained.  I wouldn't mind Heater as DC (though my first preference is Randy Shannon), though I would be against Loeffler because he did not improve Tebow's mechanics nor did he groom Brantley well. 


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We have two spread guys right now (Denard and Gardner).  As I am totally against starting over (as that would set the program back another 3 years), you have to look at what's he's done with spread guys because that's what he's going to have to work with for the next 4 years (2 with Denard, 2 with Gardner).  Tebow's mechanics did not improve and he's still working on that release.  Brantley was a disappointment.  So even though he's done well with pro style guys, his track record with spread guys (which is what we have) is questionable. 


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Because it means that Harbaugh will run Denard out of town.  Make no mistake, if Harbaugh asks Denard to switch positions, Denard is gone IMO.  He wants to be a QB, and he's been a good one at that. 

That means starting ANOTHER first year QB with NO PLAYING EXPERIENCE, who was recruited as a dual threat, but somehow will magically become Andrew Luck once Harbaugh arrives on campus. 

Look at it this way, I'd rather have a flexible Hoke who will adapt to Denard than an inflexible Harbaugh who will run Denard out of town.  Why?  Because sudden change didn't work the first time and won't work now because the defense is so bereft of talent that's it's going to take anyone 2-3 years to slowly build it back up.  In the meantime, we need an explosive offense, and Denard gives us the best chance for that IMO. 

Super J

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He may be a tool but it was Harris' fault Randy got fired. The kid regressed into a turnover machine. Next year with Golden and Morris at qb look for the canes to be a top 20 team next year and a bcs team the next. I would love him to come and be our DC. Plus the guy can recruit and do it the right way.


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Jim Harbaugh-HC  Yes.

Cam Cameron- OC/TE - never gonna happen.  Cam's ego wouldn't allow it.  He's been coordinator and head coach at the pro level.  He was a GA/ass't QB coach during Harb's senior year and I don't remember them being all that chummy.

Mike Trgovac- DC - doubtful.  he's been a pro D-coordinator.  I don't think HIS ego would allow it.  I don't think his personality fits the college game.

Scott Loeffler- QB - good possibility

Soup Campbell- WR - very good possibility

Fred Jackson- RB - the kid's seem to love this guy and he can recurit.  That's enough to keep him around.

Jim Herrmann- LB (yes, i said it).  I don't see it.  I'd bet on Mike/Doug/Curt Mallory though.

S&C- It won't be the same without Barwis. - I might be the only fan here that has not bought into the entire Barwis hype.  I see no evidence that indicates he's any better than any other S&G guy.


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S&C- It won't be the same without Barwis. - I might be the only fan here that has not bought into the entire Barwis hype.  I see no evidence that indicates he's any better than any other S&G guy.

Neither have I, but sheer effect on recruiting is absurd. Pick a player on the roster, at random. Go back and find an article on scout/rivals from when they took their official visit. I'm willing to bet they're raving about Barwis somewhere in there.


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Look at the data. It does not augur well for the future under RichRod.
<br>All offense, no defense is no way to win football games.
<br>Why do people insist on ignoring all three years of data?


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that coaches were not to be held accountable for failing to field a decent defense in three years. I had no idea that these same coaches were not to be
<br>held accountable for inept special teams too.
<br>The guy is paid millions to coach an entire team, not just offense.


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Smart coaches adapt to their rosters, while gradually transitioning toward a chosen style of play. They don't throw the babies out with the bath-water and abruptly force a rigid system onto players totally ill-suited for it. 


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Unless Brandon has a deal in place, I don't believe Jimbo is coming back to Michigan.  Dream job or not the almighty green-back will dictate his final decision.  Will DB and Mary pay up?  I think some of you would be wise to brace yourselves for the what if he doesn't want to come or a deal can't be hammered out?  I'm optimistic - maybe a 50/50 chance.  Big Maybe though!

Lots of ignoring of the facts around here lately!  The facts of life. 


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I'm still an RR supporter and would prefer him to stay, land a top DC and clean house on defense.  However, if he can't do this I'm ok wth JH coming provided he's bringing Fangio with him.  Fangio has done a great job as Stanford's DC.


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S&C- It won't be the same without Barwis.

Honest question: has there ever been a game the last three years where you thought, "Man, we're so much better-conditioned than the other team"?  I can't.  I'm sure Barwis is good at his job.  I'm also sure that just about every other S&C coach out there is good at his job, too.