Illinois stuns Indiana

Submitted by TheGhostofYost on February 7th, 2013 at 9:08 PM

Illinois ends the game on a huge 13-2 run to defeat #1 Indiana, making a lay-up off of an inbounds play with .5 seconds left.  Thought this deserved its own thread for the people who weren't following the Thursday night thread, and for a possible posbang to see Tom Crean and Home Depot eat it. 



February 7th, 2013 at 11:03 PM ^

They might get a couple of first place votes, but no way would that one half be more impressive then full game victories over OSU and @ Wisconsin. 

Besides, Duke is about to win by single digits in a home game where they were up by 21 at half time. Does that sound like #1 worthy to you? Only if you watched the first half. Also NC State has never been considered an elite or even a very good defense their year, it is not like Duke put those number up vs a high caliber defense. 


February 8th, 2013 at 9:24 AM ^

Maybe, but honestly, we aren't deserving of number 1 either, we are good, but I think we have some issues that better get resolved quickly. Our half court sets involve way too much standing around and watching and defensively we are far from elite. At this point, I could give two craps where we are rated, I'm thankful we are better than the last 20 years but I just want us to get better in the next few games...I think we have some kinks to work out...


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Griffey's reaction after making the game winning bucket was awesome. A combination of "did I get it off in time?" and "holy shit, did that just happen?"


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When it comes to seeding in the tournament. Similar opponent records are going to matter. We beat Illinois, they lost! As sad as Illinois athletics are, I really like John Groce.


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Also, D.J Richardson snapped off tonight.  23(?) points.  Some killer shots (& threes) down the stretch to give them a chance.  He needs to go suck on a lemon tonight, he was awesome.


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Are you fucking kidding me!!?? I turn it off with 9 minutes to go to watch parks and rec, then go on the app to see this!? To think I missed this for a food poisoning gimmick episode....


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Illinois is in as long as they go 4 - 4 down the stretch.  They should beat Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, and Northwestern.  Then they'd have 20 wins, including W's over Butler, Gonzaga, Ohio State, and Indiana.  Three out of four of those games are at home, and the road game is Northwestern... which, well, might as well be a home game for Illinois.


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"Illinois is in as long as they go 4 - 4 down the stretch.  They should beat Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, and Northwestern.  "

Yes, except they will probably lose to Nebraska and Penn State but make up for it by beating MSU and Minnesota or something.