If RR leaves, what happens to this blog?

Submitted by Wendyk5 on December 3rd, 2010 at 7:17 PM
It occurred to me today that Mgoblog will be a different place if RR is replaced. For as long as I've been on it (2 years), there has been a general pro-RR sentiment. I attribute that to general level-headedness. Let's let the coach have some time to do his job before we make a judgment. Let's support him until, and if, there's a reason not to. Many have become staunch supporters in the process. In the past week or so, I've noticed more sniping at each other than usual. So I wonder what happens in the event of a coaching change. What will the overall tone be? Will people who were previously RR supporters become pro-Whoever in the best interest of The Program? Maybe this is too soon to post. But with all the coaching change talk, does a change in Mgoblog necessarily follow?



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If RR gets fired this blog will attract all of the MLive Harbaugh slappies. RR supporters will be reminding the Jim Harbaugh lovers who left the program with all of that talent that he is winning with! He may be losing Luck at Stanford but he will have plenty of luck coming into this loaded QB situation at Michigan. No matter who the coach is next year, I think everyone should have some high expectations. Let's not forget the RR fans like me that would come back and create RR posts when he goes on to win a national championship at another university.All kidding aside, this is all pointless because RR will be coming back so don't worry about it.


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>>he will have plenty of luck coming into this loaded QB situation at Michigan

I don't know about that...

JH: OH hai Denard I'm going to run a traditional pro-style offense.  You stay in the pocket from now on, m'kay? Oh and you'll never run the ball, you'll just be handing it off.

DR: lol whut?

JH: Serious.  You are now a drop back / pocket passer.

DR: Transfer papers, please.


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A period of "yay Harbaugh", followed by a period of blaming all losses on RR,  followed by a deep sense of dissapointment when people realize that Harbaugh is human and so are the players themselves, and that we won't go 12-0 every year just because Harbaugh is around.


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The haters will wait about 6-8 months and then begin calling for coach 'insert name here' to be fired.

some haters won't even wait that long... haters gotta hate


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1. An announcement based on good sources

2. A profile in heroism

3. A eulogy of Rodriguez's era that never saw its summer

4. Much more interesting end to the recruiting season

5. Lots and lots of possible asst. coaches

6. A bazillion threads on "what happens to Denard?"

So long as there's Michigan football, MGoBlog will be okay.


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But I'm going to have to lose about 100 pounds so I can fit in my Harbaugh jersey again, the one I wore when I was 14 years old.


December 4th, 2010 at 2:24 AM ^

If RR goes, I'll have two blogs to follow...this one and the one for wherever he ends up coaching at.  And here I thought MgoBlog was already consuming so much of my time, wait until then.