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Submitted by dieseljr32 on November 24th, 2010 at 11:30 AM

This topic may be too weak to be considered Board worthy.  I felt like I needed to get a consenus from masses here at MGoBlog.  So, instead of posting comment after comment on separate posts I wanted to centralize my confusion into my own post.

My question I am proposing is this:  What the heck happened this week? How did it turn into hate Ohio State week to bash on Rich Rodriguez and speculate on whether or not jokes like Lynn Henning are right in their assumptions week? 

I just do not get it.  For those who are mad that we lost to Wisconsin by 20, why are you mad?  The vast majority of Michigan fans expected Michigan to lose.  We lost.  Yet the day after, people are mad we lost?  Why?  Wisconsin is a good team.  They have three RB's who could be a starter on any team and be productive.  They went up against Michigan's defense who we already knew was going to get ran over and they did not surprise us.  They got ran over. 

If you take a look at Wisconsin's worst rushing performance this season it was against Iowa (142 yards on 38 carries, averaging 3.7 YPC).  Wisconsin's ground game put up over 200 yards three times and had 300+ yards three separate games.  They are a brutal team.

Can't we focus on the positives?  Michigan is bowl eligble for the first time since 2007, guaranteed a winning record, and they have the first QB in NCAA history to rush for over 1,500 yards and throw for over 2,000.  Yet people are mad?



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(as an aside i agree with you that it is dumb but it's likely emerging as people realize OSU is not likely to be a winnable game which means 3 losses in a row which means OMGZ cat butter)


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Not saying I agree with this sentiment, but it's probably because right now there's more hate for people/fans/coaches inside this program than hate for any other institution. 

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Herbstreit is saying this because the Detroit media is begging for everyone to pile on.  We have the offense for the future, we are better than last year, and this week we have a game that we still have a chance to win.  Let's get behind our team and our "Michigan Men", dis out our hate for our rival, and root for winning a great game.


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Some people have argued that they are mad because RR has yet to beat an opponent that is ranked at the end of the season.  Therefore, beating OSU seems like a silly proposition, and a normally fun week becomes a fucked prism of fear and uncertainty.   


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I think much of this is due to the fact that it doesn't appear that we have much of a shot to beat, or even stay close to our rival down south. I can't say I'm even excited to watch the game. While it may be true that before the season we penciled this one in as an L, it serves little purpose to post 50 threads on "damn, we're gonna get pasted on Saturday".

I don't know if I'll take the points Saturday, because it seems as though we might lose by a large margin, and I absolutely cannot put money on Ohio State.

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How did it turn into hate Ohio State week to bash on Rich Rodriguez and speculate on whether or not jokes like Lynn Henning are right in their assumptions week? 

This is a reflex to those likely fearing the upcoming blowout and assuaging the feelings in advance.


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People are probably excited to have the team be the story again which is what a change would immediately accomplish. They also want to feel like we are building towards being great again.  Maybe they know that the big picture issues are more vital than 1 game where we are severely outmanned?

I read all the posts on this topic and come away pretty unconvinced that deep down even the most ardent Rich guys totally believe he can deliver when the excuses are used up.  These fans are intensely loyal but obviously uneasy.

When they lament the job discussions and attack people who question this direction as being "disloyal", they show their lack of confidence.

 Rich has been an interesting story in an unsettling non-stop issues sort of way.  He is actually really likeable.   He is also a quality football coach. That all said, if he gets bought out of his contract, it is because he didn't get the job done.  If he doesn't, then he should consider himself lucky with a big time quality candidate with Michigan ties lurking out there.

He'll have my support no matter what they decide to do.  I think that is true of every other fan too.

He is the story Saturday. The word is the Ohio State fans are going to give him a standing ovation in the pre-game.  It is likely going to be savagely ugly all around.  Probably best to lock down the threads pro and con on his job status, because it is going to keep coming up.

It is a more interesting story then this year's game or else it wouldn't keep coming up.


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The rumors and discussion for or against Rich Rod have been unbearable all week long. I've actually stayed away from MGoBlog and other boards because of it. It's unfortunate because Michigan still has 2 games left this season, and I'm excited to watch both of them. I'm proud of this team this season. They've had to go through a lot of crap, and I think they've put up with it admirably. It would be nice if we could put all this crap aside for the next month and root for our Michigan team, no matter if you're for or against Rich Rod. 


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It may have something to do with the proprietor of this very site writing this on the front page:

I find that I don't care about Ohio State at all. They're a very good team that's going to win in a not-that-competitive game on Saturday, like they always do. I get irritated at the hurr hurr coming from the Ohio State blogosphere but mostly because Michigan's so far from their level that it seems like a waste of time.

The fact that the very people who are supposedly optimistic about Rodriguez are the ones saying we have next to no chance underscores the absurdity of it all. 


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I have to say Brian's comment pissed me off.  This is a college football game, absolutely anything can happen.  The only reason someone says something like this is that they are just trying to distance themselves from this game already.  

Of course this game will be tough but I don't see why that means we lose.  We will win or lose by doing the same things we've done all year, it all hinges on execution.  Do it and of course we can, give OSU any help and it'll be tough.  Giving up now is pointless, the game isn't going to be canceled so I'm going to go into it believing.

Trader Jack

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"The fact that the very people who are supposedly optimistic about Rodriguez are the ones saying we have next to no chance underscores the absurdity of it all."

That is not true. Brian has states many times on this blog that he supports Rodriguez and believes he should be retained next year. What he's not optimistic about is going to Columbus with the worst defense our program has literally ever had and beating the Buckeyes. No one likes losing to them and we're all frustrated. But how about instead of bashing Brian, we support the team the week of their biggest game of the year?


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I'm all for supporting the team.  I'd appreciate not being attacked and called a "lunatic" by someone who depends on my support, though.  And I refuse to accept the idea that we have no chance.  RR certainly wouldn't agree with that.  It's one game.  We don't have to beat them four times out of seven - just once. 

Trader Jack

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did you read Brian's post? He didn't say you're a lunatic if you don't support RichRod. His entire point was that if you are actually questioning whether Michigan has a good offense, as one poster did, then you are a lunatic. He obviously feels like it is pretty stupid to ask that question and I have to say that I agree with him.

Brian lives and dies with this team. He roots his heart out every saturday, like many of us do. He's not saying that we "have no chance," he's just being realistic. He's not optimistic about the game. So what.


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Talking about how we shouldn't be upset that we lost to Wisconsin. It's getting old and really farking annoying. Were they good? Yes. Did we play a good game? NO!!!!! Not even close.

If we played a good game and lost, I think everyone could live with that. Most "haters" think that we haven't put together a complete game against a quality opponent and I am inclined to agree with them!


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Michigan lost by 20 points at home in front of 110K friendly fans to the best scoring offense in the Big Ten conference (Wisconsin).

This week Michigan plays it's "*IMPORTANT!!*" rivalry game against Ohio State, the Big Ten's second best scoring offense on the road in front of 100K hostile fans.

Most reasonable people predict an uglier loss for Michigan against Ohio State in Columbus, because Michigan's offense has not played well on the road most of the season, and the Michigan defense has gotten worse against better offensive competition.

A 20+ point loss to Ohio State and the third straight for Rodriguez has some people thinking "last straw" and that Rodriguez will be officially shit-canned by AD David Brandon on Sunday or Monday.

I think they'll be disappointed because David Brandon is not an emotional basket case. He's a fucking business man, which means he's conscientious, will review all of the facts and results.  He also understands the importance of subtracting emotions from important decision-making. Firing Rodriguez and hiring Jim Harbaugh has some considerable financial costs for the University of Michigan, not to mention other short and long term costs associated with the players on the football team (roster attrition, recruiting continuity, etc.)  Not an easy decision. There may be strong benefits to consider Harbaugh for the future, but I think Brandon is going to take his time, take a broader look at the work (after the bowl game) and eventually ride it out some more with Rodriguez.

I could be wrong.