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07/09/2018 - 6:37am That be awesome. I’ll see if…

That be awesome. I’ll see if I can find you. 

07/08/2018 - 2:53pm I wonder how far back stats…

I wonder how far back stats like hurries, hits, knockdowns, etc go. Would think that style of play for various eras would need to be normalized somehow 

07/08/2018 - 2:50pm So looks like this is…

So looks like this is blending drives with individual plays. Interesting 

07/08/2018 - 2:48pm Looks very rich. Thanks!

Looks very rich. Thanks!

07/08/2018 - 2:45pm This awesome. Thanks!

This awesome. Thanks!

07/08/2018 - 9:48am Lol, I appreciate it.

Lol, I appreciate it.

01/21/2014 - 2:12am The Brand, The Brand, The

The Brand, The Brand, The Brand

06/20/2013 - 11:19am A Michigan Man…

always wears a tuxedo.

12/07/2011 - 9:05pm Correction

Turns rest of post and replies into one giant link.

12/07/2011 - 9:03pm IOS embed issues

Does anyone else have broken content from the point Brian first embeds a video? Looks like the embed tags are getting escaped, which causes a cascade of stuff after. The most obvious thing is that all the text is blue.

10/01/2011 - 12:55am


09/20/2011 - 1:09pm Wow.


09/20/2011 - 12:20pm That's me

But I am not sure why I wouldn't be mad.

06/08/2011 - 10:52pm While the final NCAA verdict

While the final NCAA verdict may not be rendered before signing day, I got to think that recruits will remember what happened at USC. Kiffin and friends insisted that they would be fine and their class seemed genuinely shocked when the bowl ban came down.

My guess is that OSU's recruits may be a bit more cautious.

05/31/2011 - 7:48pm Um?

Did the lockout end, cuz last I heard lockout means no supplimental draft.

05/01/2011 - 9:52am Actually...

It's a Casablanca reference.

04/27/2011 - 12:57am Every coach...

...murders, every coach mitigates, every coach lies about knowledge of NCAA infractions and knowingly plays ineligible players.

04/05/2011 - 12:17am And by that you mean

that somebody would start a thread and 3 others will (eventually) repost.

01/23/2011 - 9:50am Hell,

If he was pointing at things, he could be the 22nd coach in Michigan history.

01/23/2011 - 9:47am Every conference

kills people, every conference oversigns.

01/23/2011 - 9:41am Really?

That was probably sarcasm. I would bet that some of the upvotes were ironic though.

01/22/2011 - 1:49pm What did Woodson say

when you told him this 2 years ago about Rich Rod?

01/20/2011 - 10:57pm Not a spelling savant either.

Not a spelling savant either.

01/20/2011 - 10:50pm You can't put the genie back

You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

01/20/2011 - 10:44pm The Big Ten.

The Big Ten.

01/20/2011 - 6:25pm Actually

He finished 12th out of 12, even though the name is Elite 11. Confusing, I know.

01/20/2011 - 6:18pm Ah...

You do remember him cratering everywhere he went, right?

01/20/2011 - 6:07pm Isn't it obvious

The new mantra has two functions:

  1. Fictional backhanded compliment to Denard from Hoke
  2. Sarcastic platitudes to the anti-"DOOM" and Coaching Carousel crowd

At least, that is my reading.

01/17/2011 - 9:42pm CUZ WE MICHIGAN!!11!!

You must have missed the memo.

01/09/2011 - 10:38pm I hope he means...

That Manny rips the heart out of Ohioians in the near future.

01/09/2011 - 9:26pm Makes me wonder...

I wonder what the odds for Gruden have been for every other job that he has been rumored for... 10/1 seems pretty high for a guy who has "interviewed" for every job over the last 5 years.

01/09/2011 - 9:25pm HA!

I love that we should be cool to hire Miles despite the fact that he may not be a good coach.

01/09/2011 - 9:23pm You should really use SHIFT + F5

There is a chance your traitorous browser has cached out-of-date rumors, leaving the freshest bullshit hidden from your existance.

01/09/2011 - 9:13pm D Warren

approves this comment.

01/09/2011 - 8:22pm Doubleplusgood*

*Newspeak, Edition 2011

01/09/2011 - 8:18pm Wanna bet?

2:1 says that Brian posts in here before it leaves Dave Brandon's lips. Just like the firing, this will not be an Oscar surprise. Unless the new hire has no friends, family or agent.

01/09/2011 - 7:05pm Awfully convenient

That not blindly supporting his hire makes me a dick.

01/09/2011 - 1:39pm Wow

Agree to disagree.

01/02/2011 - 9:16pm Still cool for us NAMBLA

Still cool for us NAMBLA members though, right?

01/02/2011 - 9:22am Bingo!

If a true sophmore first-year starting QB hasn't learned by now, he never will. There is no chance he ever wins the Heisman, so peace.

01/01/2011 - 10:06pm WE ARE ND!!!

Slippery slope here. My biggest fear is becoming Notre Dame where coaches are consistently changed. For what it is worth, my biggest beef with hiring Harbaugh is that you are renting him. First 10 win season is the last stepping stone to the NFL. Then you are starting all over again.

Yes, we now know that Les is douche but you know he would have been the coach until he retired or was fired. I will not believe that Harbaugh retires from Michigan until I see it.

12/29/2010 - 10:05pm It rubs the lotion on its

It rubs the lotion on its skin?

12/28/2010 - 9:38pm WUT?

Half of MLive trolls are on their payroll *cough*"columnists"*cough*. I think this is a disguised cost cutting measure.

12/28/2010 - 8:48pm Probably late to the party, but...

Already stated, by Gene Smith, but "they didn't know *cough*CAM NEWTON*cough*" is going to be the backbone of their appeal. 400:1 says Thaddeus recants very soon.

12/28/2010 - 8:37pm 8 toes

in the grave.

12/23/2010 - 12:52pm Not exactly right...

It wasn't siging number 28, it was cutting number 26.

12/03/2010 - 9:21am why?

Nothing changed.

12/01/2010 - 8:50pm Didn't you hear?

It wasn't stalking, it was an overzealous autocorrect function on his phone.

11/29/2010 - 9:09am 4-7-4

It's the new haiku.

11/29/2010 - 8:03am Thanks!

I keep forgetting that second half points from behind don't count. And since we overcame a 19-0 deficit to "beat" Wisconsin in 2008, I guess we really went 2-10.