Happy Friday "Brian had a MGoBaby" POSBANG!

Submitted by East German Judge on January 29th, 2016 at 6:45 AM

Happy Friday and the big news this week wasn't that he have a new AD, not that we had moar commits (MCDOOM! & Co.) and decommits, and that NSD is less than a week, but that there was as previously announced a new addition to the MGoBlog staff:


Little Denard Robinson Cook has joined the team!  However, reports of a name decommit are rampant with other contenders being James Harbaugh Cook, Charles Woodson Cook, and even Desmond Howard Cook.


Congrats again to the Cooks and less than 1 week left for 2016 CROOTIN!  HAPPY FRIDAY Bloggers!


Everyone Murders

January 29th, 2016 at 9:17 AM ^

That's the first thing I though of too.  And our oldest is 17, and they were still using that blanket and another softer weave blanket back then.  More white, with muted blue and pink stripes.  Third option?  There is no third option lest you want to weave your own institutional baby blanket.

Congrats to Brian - babies are great, and healthy babies are about the best blessing life bestows on a couple!


January 29th, 2016 at 7:20 AM ^

Once again, congratulations to Brain on the addition to the MGoFamily - I am sure that he's probably watching this thread develop right now, of course, as one of the first things to go is sleep, but that's fine because he can see that we do care no matter what we might say about various teams or, on occasion, the site's architecture. 

Over here, hoping for an uneventful weekend - it finally hit me this morning that a 40-hour week when you're just coming back from a medical leave seems kind of long, so a bit of a rest will be welcome. I'll get back into this 100% eventually. Fortunately, my first stop today is a followup appointment where hopefully some of the current restrictions will be relaxed a bit.