ESPN Reports Rashan Gary to Start Own Sports Agency

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ESPN article on Rashan Gary Sports Agency.  Rashan decided to change the economic model of sports agency to reduce the agent burden.  His Mom, a licensed agent and a marketing employee seem to be involved.  He has signed one other athlete besides himself.  Go Rashan.



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I don't know; I think it's pretty smart.  NFL rookie contracts are a pretty well defined scale based on where you are selected (with only a couple finer points that end up being some sticking points like in the Joey Bosa rookie deal).  By and large there isn't a tremendous amount of negotiation that takes place where sports agent experience would have a larger impact (as evident by the overall drop in rookie training camp holdouts since the rookie cap was installed back in like 2011).  Save some money on the first deal and either (a) get an agent for your second contract; or (b) take the time to learn more about the process during your first few years in the league.  Smart young man.


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I'm continually amazed at how so may of our own fans do not understand what General Studies is.

BGS can be pretty much any course of study.  It's popular among athletes because it allows them to fit classes around their practice schedule (if you're a football player, you're practicing from 2-6 five days a week) but that doesn't mean everyone in it is taking blowoff classes.


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No kidding. When I was at Michigan I got a biology degree, which isn’t engineering but certainly very respectable looking. I looked into a BGS and learned that you actually have to take more 300 and 400 level classes than my biology major. I decided on bio because that almost exactly mirrored my dental school pre-recs. 

I know 2 people with BGS degrees. My dad, who wound up in dental school amd retired at 55 and my freshman year roommate, who went to Harvard Law. I think the BGS did ok by them 


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Depends how you define success, he’s already a millionaire he doesn’t need to be Jerry Maguire. I think the NFL caps agent commissions at 3 pct and rookie contracts are pretty constrained. I think miles garrret had a contract for 30M over 4-yrs as a number 1 pick in 2017. Say Gary gets half that. He’d save 450k by representing himself. I’d count that as a win even if nothing else ever came of it. 


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The 2011 collective bargaining agreement rendered this issue mostly moot. There is now a rookie compensation pool that basically predetermines player compensation as a function of draft slot. What remains are bonuses and minor clauses. Even then the contracts aren’t hard to find so you could look at all the contracts that are out there and understand what lies within the realm of possibility and negotiate from there. Voila, you’re an agent!

Regardless of all that, total contract value and major clauses are pretty locked down. The NFL doesn’t want their cornered market to be unfettered, this isn’t ‘Nam.


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This was good news in mid December when it hit the boards. 

Still, always good to see the Michigan Entrepreneurial difference in action. (While he wasn't a Ross grad, I think his focus was on Entrepreneurship or something similar). 


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Thanks for posting this cause I was starting to wonder if I imagined things.  I knew this wasnt "new news" but for a repeater post to go almost 15 comments with nobody posting the Dumb & Dumber "we landed on the moon" meme made me question myself.

I guess people must've missed it the first time so good on the OP for refreshing everyone's memory.  And good on you for letting me know early stage dementia hasn't quite kicked in yet.