Rashan Gary starts own sports agency

Submitted by Bo Schemheckler on December 18th, 2018 at 10:47 AM

Apparently Rashan Gary is starting his own agency and will sign with Rashan Gary Sports. He has hired an agent to work for him and will use the logo he has been showing off all year. Good for him and his entrepreneurial spirit! Glad that Michigan education is doing him good already!





December 18th, 2018 at 1:11 PM ^

I buy old houses, fix them, sometimes rent and sell or flip right away.  I got tired of paying realtors 6% after I did all the damn work.  So I got my realtor license.  So much easier and less expensive.  Some of my friends said that's smart, I said, no I'm just cheap.

Go Rashan!

Go Blue! 



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This is great. Do NFL rules allow Rashan to make money on the representation of other players?

LeBron has to ghost-own Klutch because of NBA rules but I don't know what policies the NFL has in place. 

Rashan can still make money on sports marketing, production, etc. through this venture either way just not sure of the details on the representation side. 


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Good for him. I recall his academic advisor talking to him about his “plans” in the Amazon series and this appears to be a big part of it. Smart guy leveraging his athletic ability and immediate earnings to establish a sustainable business. 

I noticed the logo when he declared, and this completes the picture. His decision to skip the bowl game makes even more sense now. He’s using the time well.

Good luck, Rashan. 


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From a marketing standpoint, he didn't name his agency well. Other players are not going to want to sign with "Rashan Gary Sports". I would've advised him to name it something that doesn't use his name so it doesn't detract from potential clients' names.

That said, glad he's trying to maximize his earning potential


December 18th, 2018 at 11:13 AM ^

here's a thought I had...conflict of interest potential. Not saying nor implying he nor any player would...but money can do funny things to anyone. As a defensive end, and from what we have seen at UM, a player who could develop into an NFL impact player. Also sports agent. Say he represents three quarterbacks. One of his weekend opponents, he also happens to represent. Does he let up a little to protect his client/investment/financial nest egg? He hits the qb, ends his career, does this affect his ultimate bottom line?

Again...something just processing. 

On the flip side, if I'm a player searching for an agent, do I want a guy in the league who understands very personally what I go through, what my body is dealing with, or some suit who has no clue what it's like? I'd like to believe Rashan has a better perspective on some levels. Clearly guys like Gary who have their sites on life past football are ahead of the guys thinking about the million dollar payday and nothing more.


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No. Can't see any credible player linking their potential $$$ with a non-degreed kid with a major that gives him no special qualifications. Let's control that "Michigan Difference" enthusiasm. On the other hand, good luck, RG.


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I think this is a very interesting idea and wish him well on the field and with his entrepreneurial endeavor. From a business standpoint, I'm intrigued about the structure of his relationship with the agent who is joining his company. Is Mr. Clarke a partner in this business, an employee, or a contractor? Can he work for other companies? My question is whether this model is easily exportable to other top NFL/NHL/NBA prospects? Do current agencies create subsidiaries for top athletes?

Prince Lover

December 18th, 2018 at 11:21 AM ^

Guess he won’t be honorary captain anytime soon since as an agent he won’t be able to come around the program. Just a thought....

Anyway, good for him and I wish him luck in all he does.