Don Brown A Finalist for Temple HC Job

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Per the Philadelphia Inquirer


Marc Narducci @sjnard

We could find out today the new Temple football coach. Three DC's Mike Elko (Texas A&M), Manny Diaz (Miami), & Don Brown (Michigan) are thought to be in the running. Based on some conversations, my gut says Elko is the favorite, but we will see.



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Out talenting teams to those rankings. When it counts, against top talented teams, it doesn't work. His scheme is too predictable. The most talented teams can execute against it. I mean, is there any fan out there that didn't know osu was going to run crossing patterns all day? And yet... No adjustment.


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I mean you can say virtually every top defense is a top rated defense because they out-talent the majority of their competition. 

The fact is, no defense is impenetrable. Every defense has its strengths and its weaknesses both from a talent and a schematic standpoint. Every once in a while that elite defense is going to come up against a talented team that has the pieces to exploit those weaknesses. It happens to everyone. Literally everyone.

Youre not going to find many defenses that can shut down an Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, or Oklahoma level offense. You’re just not. To expect to be able to do so and to chastise a defense for NOT doing so is just asinine. 

Michigan’s defense is great at a lot of things. The weakness of this defense was slants and crossing routes. Which also happened to be the strength of the Ohio State team. Michigan tried to adjust and bring less pressure to help in coverage, but players like Brandon Watson were just too slow and were exploited by the speed of OSU receivers. 

Their strength was one which not only exploited our weaknesses, but eliminated our ability to use our strengths. 

But if you think for a moment that Michigan didn’t make adjustments in that game, you’re simply not watching. The fact of the matter is those adjustments just didn’t work as OSU routinely picked on Brandon Watson all day long. Michigan couldn’t win all of their 1-on-1 battles and OSU picked them apart by running routes specifically designed to create separation. There’s no adjustment you can make for that. 

Monkey House

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Yeah, those defenses also lost the ND game, got its teeth kicked in against Penn state and was embarrassed against osu, and gave up over 30 to osu last year. Again he is great, not elite. Building up stats against Minnesota, Rutgers and western Michigan is fine, but stop ignoring the fact that every great offense has beaten this defense.  Every. One.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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It's possible that Michigan expressed interest and reached out in some fashion to Gregggg Williams, but the consensus among many of us at the time was that the search committee wasn't particularly interested in Butch Jones, but that didn't stop Butch Jones from loudly announcing his non-interest in Michigan. 

Methinks coaches do this to improve their status at their current program - "I'm in demand, so pay me.)


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I have no clue whether he interviewed, or not.  It's possible this reporter is speaking out of his ass.  It's also possible that he has a source in the Temple AD and is speaking from somewhere other than his ass.

I don't know.  I do hope he's totally wrong.


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It’s very possible. Our defense kicks ass against inferior opponents but many times against top teams we get shredded. People love to knock our offense but the defense was a disgrace against OSU and they never adjusted during the game.  Brown is very good but there are plenty of very good DC’s Jim could get to replace him if it came to it