Dick Vitale thinks Michigan, MSU both will get into NCAA Tournament

Submitted by Maizerage05 on March 3rd, 2011 at 11:14 AM

From an ESPN chat this morning:

Jason (Flint, MI)


Hi Dickie V! Prediction for the huge Michigan-MSU matchup in Ann Arbor this Saturday? Is the winner in the NCAA Tournament?

Dick Vitale


I think they're both going to get in. I think Michigan has played itself in. MSU has been one of the mystery teams this year. But Izzo has talent on the floor. This time of the year, you really want to have a positive win on your resume. I talked to Tim Hardaway Sr about his son and he's really proud of his son. 



I suppose this is possible if both teams make it to the B1G Tourney Semis.




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Your obvious sarcasm implies that you don't believe in the most important rule of all: "All good press is good for the Program and SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED". Why do you hate Brady Hoke so much?

el segundo

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Without his insight, developed through years of experience and study, how could we possibly have known that Tim Hardaway, Sr. is proud of his son?

This is why we turn to the WWL and its staff of experts -- so we can learn things like this.

Not to mention that Digger Phelps is a snazzy dresser.

And Jay Bilas went to Duke.

Duke is a really good school. 

Did I mention that Jay Bilas went there?  Along with Jason Williams.  Not the Jason Williams with the shotgun.  The Jason Williams with the motorcyle.



King Douche Ornery

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Dick Vitale: Has seen about 90 million games...Coached for a lot of years...TV analyst...world-renowned ambassador of the game...highly respected within his industry

You: Never leave basement, get all info from Michigan blog...

Vitale gets the win in a ten-second, first round knockout.

Even though Michigan Fan MUST HATE ALL MEDIA MEMBERS, I'll go with Dickie V here.

Mitch Cumstein

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Vitale is a state of Michigan homer.  Not saying he is wrong, but I think his analysis in general is off of feel and not fact.


Edit: David from Wyoming said what I am suggesting in not so many words.


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There's no way that both teams have to make it to Saturday of the BTT for that to happen. State is in, as much as it pains me, unless they lose their next two straight games (@Michigan, first round in the BTT against either Indiana or Iowa). Michigan can semi punch their ticket by beating State, with all the bubble losses. BOTH teams could end up losing on Friday and still make the dance, but the chances would be weaker.


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Were in charge ar miami the first thing i would do would be to fire the person in charge of evaluating talent for bball. How the hell does thj not get an offer from them?

Naked Bootlegger

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Translation:  I think they are talking about Tim Hardaway, Jr's (THJ...you might have thought 'thj' was a typo!) seemingly easy escape from the clutches of Miami's (YTM) - hell, even Florida's - hoops program.   It is amazing how early JB identified THJ as a legit hoopster in the recruiting process, and how seemingly ignored THJ was as a recruit (Rivals lists Minnesota as his only other major offer).


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when you ar eating a bucket of chicken skin and you sy to yourself, "Hey! that elf is on to something!" But, before you know it, an airplane lands in your driveway and Jessica Simpson climbs out of the cockpit. You try to run to the door to let her in, but your pet salamander is humping your leg and makes you trip. You are finally able to beat him off(your leg) with the spatuala you keep in your pocket. By the time you get to the door, Jessica has turned into Bea Arthur and she won't take no for an answer. Frustrating. In a nutshell, I think that is what he was trying to say.


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I think I agree with him. If Michigan beats MSU and MSU doesn't lose to Iowa on Thursday, then I think both get in. Michigan is likely past the last 4 in after all the games last night and an MSU win would put them past that. MSU will drop, but not far, and will probably be around the 11 seed with us.


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but I am the only one who thinks that Vitale really doesn't know as much about college basketball as he used to.  He used to be an encyclopedia of knowledge, now he really talks in broad generalizations and really does not offer much insight.  Once again, I know he has had things going on in his life, but he doesn't really seem that connected to the game anymore.


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There is no way that was Dick Vitale.  For starters (and really the only thing that matters), where in the hell are all the excalamation points?

I call foul!


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which was a caricature to start with. I don't think he's real anymore—he's just a loud and obnoxious cartoon on an endless, repetitive loop.


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Dick Vitale's NCAA tournament has 100 teams because everyone worked so hard and deserves to be there. He's the Oprah of college basketball--"You get a bid! And you get a bid!"


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Seems like State is going to get in after we beat them (whether their ticket is deserved or not).  I just hope they end up in the play-in game and not us.  If we sweep them...we can't be a lower seed.  Yes, they're higher RPI, but they lost 3 games in Feb by 20+.  Both teams have positives and negatives, but the equalizer is the head-to-head.

The Barwis Effect

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Sambo nailed it.  Everybody gets in the tourney in Dicky V's world.  You'd be hard pressed to find a quote where Dicky says anything negative about a team's chances.  He's just happy to be around all these hard-working kids.

Everyone Murders

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I met Dick Vitale while I was working at a restaurant about 20 years ago, and he was very friendly and engaging.  I mentioned something about him being in town for the Michigan game, and he invited me to sit and chat with him about Michigan basketball.  We talked for about ten minutes (I'm hardly a basketball expert, but had some opinions about the players), and he was great fun to chat with.  He didn't act obnoxious at all - just ate his meal, chatted with a few curious onlookers, and was on his way.

Maybe he's changed over the years, but my impression then is that the over-the-top enthusiasm is genuine rather than a schtick.  

Everyone Murders

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He just said "get me a steak right now because I'M EFFING DICK VITALE BABY!"  Then he got on his table, ripped off his shirt, and proceeded to tell (and act out) the joke from The Aristocrats to get attention.  Loudly.

Like I said, a totally regular guy.  Not one bit obnoxious, and fit right in.

(Actually, I don't remember what he ordered but he was fun person to meet and I've been a fan ever since.  The "Diaper Dandy" and "PTP" stuff grates, but he seemed like an absolute gentleman.)


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Dickie V gets a permanent free pass from me for the job he did at UD.  They sucked before he got there, and they sucked about four years after he left and the last of his players graduated.  He got to UD and said he wanted the program to be on the level of Marquette, which was pretty much THE independent at the time.  Most fans laughed at him.   

A few years later, they beat Marquette on the road.  Marquette would go on to be National Champion that year.   He also got UD into the NCAA when it was a 32-team field.  Other than the Dave DeBusschere years, UD, Mercy or no Mercy, hasn't accompished nearly what they did with Dickie V.  Most of all, he brought excitement into a "dead" program; it hasn't been the same since he left. 

Dickie V was 79-29 at UD.  That works out to .731.  Counting his record, the Titans had a lifetime record of 1291-1074 for .546 after last season.  They are 1212-1045 for .536 without him.  People can laugh at him all they want, be even those who don't remember what it was like when he coached at UD can appreciate his winning percentage being .195 over the school's lifetime percentage without him.


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It sounds Vitale is down a bit on MSU but would have UM in right now.  Just think how crazy that is when you consider where both teams were at the beginning of the year - UM is regarded as the safer lock for the tournament over MSU by Dickie V!  And UM has one of the top Diaper Dandies in the country, baby! 


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The only other male in the TV spot doesnt have a speaking role, but it is one and the same... 

THE SCHWAB from Stump the Schwab, I found it random and hilarious, keep an eye out for it...