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The biggest news on Friday was the unraveling of Jordan Battle’s commitmentand the eventual flip away from the Buckeyes.

If things go as Battle — and Alabama — want them to, it seems he’ll sign with the Crimson Tide on signing day, eschewing a formal announcement of his decommitment before then.

Here’s the curious part about that, though: there’s some who believe that Alabama is asking Battle to not make a public decision prior to signing day because they fear him doing that will lead to issues with the Crimson Tide’s ability to hang on to 5-star safety Daxton Hill.

Unlike Ohio State, which has recruited Battle as a cornerback, Alabama seems him as a safety and though Hill, who is the country’s best safety prospect, isn’t concerned about competition, he’d prefer that the Tide not bring in a third safety alongside him and Maryland 4-star Demarcco Hellams.

Now, I am not suggesting at all that Battle is going to stick with Ohio State, but I will say if the Hill thing becomes a real issue, I don’t think Nick Saban and Alabama would risk losing him by bringing Battle on board. In fact, I will say that ifBattle were to end up on the outside looking in with Alabama because of this, there’s as good a chance he’d sign with Oklahoma as Ohio State, because simply put, the uncertainty around the Buckeyes coaching staff is heading into January is just hard for Ryan Day to sell, no matter how well he connected with Battle and his family.




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1) I said he’s considering it, not that he will. 


2) It’s possible one of the factors determining whether Dax signs early is whether Battle signs early and if so, to what school. 


3) Even if both sign early, it’s possible this is partly a bizarre game of chicken where if Battle signs with OSU or Oklahoma, Dax goes to Alabama. Alternatively, if Battle remains uncommitted (either signs late in the day on Wednesday or signs later) it forces Dax to either take a leap of faith by signing in early signing day hoping Alabama doesn’t just process some poor sap & sign Battle after Dax is locked in, or forces him to wait as you suggested. 


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Personally I do think we end up with Dax, and I have no idea on Zach harrison. 

Just in my opinion, there’s too much smoke around Dax Hill, and I think we’d know if it wasn’t going to be an option by now. The suddeness of his flip mixed with Harbaugh’s strong statement and the optimism around insiders makes me think that Hill has already given strong indicators of his return to the class. 


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I tend to lean in this direction as well-regarding Hill and Harrison. I believe Michigan's best ambassadors here are Cade, Chris and Giles...I can't imagine that they are not all over Daxton regarding this matter-hopefully in thoughtful ways. Here, with Dax seeming to be a thoughtful person of high integrity, I think the chances are greater than 50/50 that he re-flips. (And yes, admitting an error and returning to one's original position demonstrates good character :)  )


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I'm confused as to what smoke there is? All I've seen are some rumors around what Bama is telling Jordan Battle to convince him to flip to Bama. Nothing from Hill's camp indicates there is any smoke and non of the Michigan insider guys have talked to Hill. 

They are hoping and praying based on rumors, that isn't smoke.


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Can’t say I have any idea where Hill goes. Although I do think it’s interesting his mom keeps “liking” pro Michigan stuff. Is she doing that with Alabama stuff too? It’s also possible it’s a split household and mom is the Michigan partisan while Dax/dad/brother are for Alabama. 


As for the OSU article on Battle & Dax, there is another more positive way to view it:


1) We are pretty sure now that JH did an in home or in school with Dax on Friday in Tulsa.

2) Similarly, Sam Webb stated that last week Nick Saban isn’t the kind of coach who goes on personal visits if he doesn’t think he’ll be successful.  It does not look like Saban visited Dax at all last week. 

3) Combine 1 & 2 with the positive Michigan vibes mom is giving off on social media & I think there is a chance Dax has flipped back to Michigan as a silent. Perhaps gone radio silent with Alabama at this point. 

4) At this point, perhaps Alabama doesn’t realize that necessarily, but is nonetheless nervous about the slow or no communication from Dax. Ergo, they are in “don’t rock the boat” mode and have asked Battle to hold off for now.

Items #3 & #4 are purely speculative on my part. But assuming the OSU Battle Article is true, I think it at least let’s us know the following:


A) Alabama certainly doesn’t feel solid with Dax, despite his recent flip to them, and 


B) IF we see Battle sign with Alabama publicly here at some point, it’s a lagging indicator that privately Alabama already knows they lost Dax to us for sure. 


BTW, I don’t see this as an either/or for Alabama.  I wouldn’t put it past Alabama at all if this was just timing Battle’s committment just to dupe Dax into locking his LOI to Alabama. Then once Dax can’t get out of the class, process some other kid & take Battle’s committment too. 


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It is fine for fans to back off but not for the coaches and members of Michigan's 2019 class. Hill, especially, is a unique, irreplaceable, bell-cow player who would be a real difference-maker for Michigan. I cannot imagine the Michigan coaching staff not holding this reality in front of Daxton for his serious consideration-of how this benefits him. 

Clearly, here, Alabama can make a strong case for themselves...no  denying this.


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Y'all kill me, just move on. When was the last time you ever heard of a kid flip 'from' AL? They might lose a player here and there, but who is the last flip (that AL still wanted in their class)?

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Would be excellent to get Dax back with the goons, especially if that ensures OSU loses "the Battle".

Of course, sounds like Battle might need a spot if Dax doesn't return and I think a top100 recruit from St Aquinas in Fla would definitely help soothe the loss.